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  1. One extremely selfish use: tell me how many hours till Free credits are available Ooor...a more useless feature: make an item somewhere where anyone can enter a message (ann, status, joke, etc). The item resets randomly during 24 hours so it will be a first come first served based: whoever gets there first after the item resets can add their comm. Use it as a reminder/player: you have to brush your teeth tomorrow morning between 8 and 9. You have to pay the internet bill - yeah useless and without any connection to MD but I am brainstorming Make him yell a hall of fame...sort of
  2. Thank you! Please keep the shmsh for future quests. And if you come by me I will give you some additional stuff to sponsor your quests.
  3. Has certain age - a new player might not be able to perform the same way as a veteran Has X as friend - should be an interesting addon - there have been quests where you were encouraged to find and talk to some players. This feature might be proof of at least "searching" of the search Has Creature or X amount of Creatures - for example you could have a quest where the number of crits of a certain species can give you a class: you have 5 dragons -> dragonslayer/dragonbreeder etc; you have 10 barren souls -> healer; you have 10 Imps -> Paladin etc etc
  4. I was unable to find a pattern so far.
  5. I have it as well. On 2 distinct laptops. On FF (up to date).
  6. What is the status of this auction? Are the crits being sold or not? If yes, are the bids accepted or not?
  7. Madhorn 10GCs and 5 SCs.
  8. shade - 9 gc + 15 sc + brilliant diamond
  9. Shade 9 GC + 5 SC + brilliant Madhorn 9 GC + 5 SC
  10. Shade 8 GCs and 5 SCs
  11. Madhorn - 6 GCs + 5 SCs
  12. Dark Angien - 7 GCs Madhorn - 5 GCs Shade - 5 GCs Santa - 2 GCs Reindarch - 6 GCs
  13. dst

    Ann 4268

    Lately (meaning the past few years) I have become a collector. More spell docs? Bring them on! At this point I kind of lost hope for any old work beeing finished so I will take what I can no matter what the process of getting that (automatic or with human intervention).
  14. Exactly: can help. But in the end, unless it's a brilliant post, and even then, the entry of a less popular person will NOT win no matter how you count the votes. Especially if people know their vote can help someone earn something, they will not give the vote that easily. Human egotistical nature.
  15. Too complicate to invest time and energy only to be "validated" by forum rep.
  16. One thing that I would really like to see is an achievement for level 3 clues and why not? for upper levels (4? 5?). It would really give us an impulse to re-start the clues hunt AND maybe to use some of the wishes in the Wish Shop. It's not a new idea but I feel it's something easy to implement and would benefit to both researchers and collectors.
  17. Today I wanted to play a bit with the Toy Box combiner and I discovered that it is quite hard to use it because in order to identify an item I have to click it and then scroll down in order to see the image saying its name, id, etc. Would it be possible to add a tool tip thingy so the name would show when you run with the mouse over the item? Especially since most items don't have picture and they appear like empty boxes.
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