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  1. @po: that's because you're a mentally challanged person who can't read announcements

  2. Drilling holes in your own walls at hours when people rest is RO's national sport! I NEED to buy one of those drilling tools and start practicing!

  3. I got my Active Day muahahahaha!!!!

  4. O.o.....http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/aoEBOjn_700b.jpg

    1. Sunfire



    2. dst


      OMG :))). I can't stop laughing :))))))

    3. dst


      And watch this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9Uz1icjwrM -------10 Freaking Hours :))

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  5. To do List: 1) Buy a sword; 2) Name it Kindness; 3) Kill people with Kindness

    1. Shemhazaj


      1. Buy a sword that's way to heavy for anyone to use; 2. name it Truth, 3. go around shouting "You can't handle the Truth!"

    2. Jubaris
    3. Dan


      1) Get an Elu; 2) Name it Problems; 3) Give it to a caretaker. Now they will take care of your Problems.

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  6. RO government wants to send 10 (ten) soldiers to Mali. It may not seem much but they are level 34, fully armed and with magical potions. They would send also half of our aircrafts but the pilot is sick...

    1. Chengmingz


      LOOL. It's ok. Canada sent a single cargo plane. It's too far and we're running out of people as it is.

    2. Maebius


      I read this status to my son and he just LAUGHED, and eyerolled about how 2 planes is NOT a real army. I had to explain, that -was- the joke. :D

    3. dst


      Actually the part about sending 10 soldiers is true. Meaning they want to send 10 soldiers...

  7. Saw Life of PI - I still can't take my mind out of it. Trully amazing movie!

    1. Tipu


      Iam going to watch second time this Sunday.

    2. Lazarus


      You were there too Tipu.

    3. Maebius


      I missed it in theatres here, but REALLY wanted to see it. :(
      Now, patience for NetFlix!

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  8. Holy BFH Cow! -20 Celsius degrees during the night! Brrrr...

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    2. purplebunny


      lol I think I'll stay where I am, though thanks for the offer DD :P

    3. BFH


      Visit me! :D You will never freeze on the Caribbean! :D Beach & Surf 365 :D

    4. Nimrodel


      i start freezing at 18'C. -.-

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  9. Cloudflare, I HATE you!

    1. Rasiel


      Im having trouble with it to :/

    2. dst


      And I hate it again!

  10. Sore losers try everything they can to ruin someone's reputation but since they are sore...they NEVER win. And since I don't the guts to name the sore loser I will:nadrolski

  11. Cloudflare is again being an

    1. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      I also can't log in. Same problem: 400 Bad Request Cloudflare.

    1. Nimrodel
    2. The MoM

      The MoM

      would take me a whole hour to watch with my connection speed >.>

  12. I don't care what you think of me, because it can't be half as bad as what I think of you.

  13. Konfushus Kitteh sez: Goggie dat run in front of car get tired. Googie dat run behind car get exhausted. Either way, googie stoopid.

    1. Jubaris
    2. Maebius


      Disapproving Rabbit just roller eyes and frowns, at the silly other pets and their hyoomans.

    3. Pipstickz


      Authoritative Human corrects all grammar and spelling mistakes, and punishes all animals because they never seem to learn through any other means.

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  14. @Amoran: since you deleted my reply I will reply you here: You are NOT THAT important, you know?

  15. Dear Chuck Norris,Please close the door of your refrigerator. sincerely, Whole of Europe

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      That's where he keeps his slimjims. Chuck Norris can't exist without slimjims.

    2. J-D


      Or he could throw the refrigerator over here. It's not nearly cold enough over here.

    3. Mallos


      Kick it into outer space, make us reach absolute zero faster.

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  16. Dum di dum di dum dum dum...

  17. Headache,sore throat, tired. Stay away or I'll bite!

    1. Pipstickz


      The zombie apocalypse has begun!

    2. Sharazhad


      ...and this is not even a pms day....sheesh! :P

  18. I do not belive in gods.

  19. Maebius asked me this morning for a rant topic to eclipse Greedo spamming. I ALWAYS deliver! :D

    1. ChildOfTheSoul


      I need to prepare myself for more neg rep. D:

    2. xrieg
    3. Maebius


      thanks DST! worked better than I expected. :)

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  20. Maebius asked me this morning for a rant topic to eclipse Greedo spammin. I ALWAYS deliver! :D

  21. Jesus promised the end of all wicked people. Odin promised the end of all ice giants. I don't see many ice giants around...

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    2. Dragual


      Yes Grido, Jesus was real. But so was Saint Nickolas. :p

    3. Maebius


      What has Lord Tipu promised to rid us all of, I wonder?

    4. Chewett


      Himself, however he is incapable :D

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  22. How are my dear hypocrites and cowards today? Good I presume? Great!

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