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  1. If nobody wants it, I'll choose the Grimy snake skin.
  2. Shmsh sold then. I've PMed you the CTC.
  3. Ok, yes, maybe I should state some starting or "desired" prices: For wiiya I would like 3 or 4 items (or around 1 GC). For the shmsh I am looking for around 5 GCs.
  4. dst

    Trade Thread

    That means Want to TRADE/lend. Hence why my question.
  5. dst

    Trade Thread

    So are you renting/leasing or selling the bone collection?
  6. You don't want my opinion? Though luck! I am giving it even if you want it or not. What I believe: you chose the dead because it's just a cool new toy and you think you can be "special" (see the SS thingy, the stat damage). Also, if I remember correctly, none of the current lands want to have Fusioneers IF they are led by you. So win win situation (for you). I don't like the idea because imo it means a LOT of coding and a lot of new rules just to humor one player. But it has been done before so it might be done again. I hope not. You don't really deserve it. At least not for the mome
  7. @blackshade: yes, I wanted a bit more. I have updated the first post with the current status.
  8. Indeed, it will stop when I like the price. I'll update the first post to say that. Sorry for forgetting that.
  9. I'll use this topic to sell/trade stuff. I don't want to open new ones every time I have some things to sell/trade. So today's offer: - 6 wiiya - 1 shsmsh - 29 memory stones Sold! I accept: coins, credits, common items. Bidding stops when I like the price. I am buying; - Bones - Death spores - Rare crits - Common items I am offering: spell stones, coins
  10. dst

    Selling shmsh

    This can be closed as well. Thank you!
  11. This is a bit of a bs. And I will be frank, as always: we have a person who was willing to code for MD without any payment. And he's really good at it and with a lot of experience. Yes, I am talking about No one. But he was never allowed to because Mur "didn't trust him". Almost every suggestion he has made was dismissed or was later implemented without giving him the credit he deserves. He was willing to even code bits and pieces without having access to the whole. But heh...he's not good enough for MD. So whenever I see this issue brought up I feel how the level of hypocrisy r
  12. As title says: I want to 2 Tree Totems and the Trees must be max level.
  13. dst's voice is simple: casts from both players should be replaced with a different type of bring in similar to the one created for the rest of the monarchs meaning a bring it that would work, in this particular case, only on the nomads. Or if that is too much coding (I don't really want to take precious coding time from really important projects) then at least the people killed should be revived by the higher powers as soon as possible if the "victims" require so.
  14. At the moment, the inventory items are ordered based on the "creation date" which for common items (for example) is the date when they were bought from the MD Shop. Searching for a specific item is horrible (especially if you have more items). Could it be possible to have them ordered alphabetically?
  15. How to get an avatar without going through the shop: 1) Draw one yourself and submit it for approval. If it's good enough, it will be accepted. 2) Commission one from our in game artists (hmm...do we still have them?). 3) Buy one from a player that sells some avatars (those are still from the shop but usually they are good quality).
  16. False! There is no way to check if a player was online or not other than with a print screen. So at this point all I have is your word. And of course you will "swear" that he was online. You also tend to forget that idle players cannot do anything because they are IDLE. Furthermore, there is a well known bug which shows a player as non-idle for a period of time before they vanish. Now, one thing that is not clear to me: YOU were in night mode??? So aeoshattr helped you even more to set this up??? So not only azull and sy are involved but aeo has a finger in this pie... Good for you l
  17. And if we are talking about shared tools, how about some shared tools for mineral water? Currently only the dowsers have such items (and some who got them from Drach cave).
  18. Read what I wrote blackshade and don't try to twist my words! I said "would lend" meaning now, not that you haven't done so in the past. You made that stupid thread then something happened (cannot remember what to be honest and I am too lazy to check) and you stopped. Don't get me wrong, it's your tool and you have the right to do anything you want with it but it's also my right to ask for a shared tool or another way of getting head stones without depending on begging from others. And why ask for recallers for your tools when we could have shared ones? The monopoly would still be t
  19. Exactly! DP kills anyone entering necro.Who can drag anyone and I mean any freaking living or dead thing in MD except Chew and Mur inside necro against the player's wish? Syrian and azull of course. How did you know No one was in? Simple:azull or syrian did because you went EXACTLY at the place where he was and you had to pass an item to him to "check" he was there which tells me he was prolly invisible due to him being offline. The explanation you gave to me or Mur is childish at least and I never bought it. So don't waste your breath trying to show people you don't work with your buddie
  20. Heat stones are available only as a finite product and for that you need to beg one of the 2 holders for some sort of a trade. I, personally, don't have much use of heat stones but I would want to use the tools for the skills they give. NONE of the 2 would lend the tools hence why I want some shared ones.
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