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    1. Nimrodel
    2. The MoM

      The MoM

      would take me a whole hour to watch with my connection speed >.>

  1. Oh noes!!! My signature is gone!! My Decalogue!!! Noooo!!! The horror!

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    2. Muratus del Mur
    3. Aeoshattr


      Uh... speaking of, can we not have sigs anymore? I can't see them anywhere in the settings...

    4. dst


      I've neg repped you Mur! How can you SAY THAT?

  2. @Amoran: since you deleted my reply I will reply you here: You are NOT THAT important, you know?

  3. @Lania: of course it is! Especially if we talk about king nadrolski.He's special :D

    1. Lania


      Without a doubt. :)

    2. Lania


      By the looks of it, something or, better said, someone else is...itchy.

  4. @po (since she deleted my reply to her): Too bad you spoiled the day by showing up on the forum (and game apparently). You said you quit. Remember?

  5. @po: find a better reason. Copying tearjerker movies doesn't work anymore.

  6. @po: spamming means also pos repping everything not only neg repping.

    1. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      ...nahh, I don't like seeing all those colors, will frequently neutralize a +1 or a -1 when I feel like people shouldn't actually be caring

  7. @po: that's because you're a mentally challanged person who can't read announcements

  8. *grins* Z, you commenting to my status just broke the curse :P I'm logged in muahahahahaha!!!

  9. dst

    *pokes back*

  10. *yawns like there's no tomorrow*

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    2. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      Dont worry Dst!! I'll find more beans!!

    3. dst


      Before that feed Nimmy something cause she seems way too hungry!

    4. Nimrodel
  11. 12 more to go...

  12. 645 and the dark age will begin

    1. Indyra


      even if i pay my electric bill ?

    2. dst


      Even if :D

      Oh...609 now...

  13. A spoiler would be to add:and then you'll die! or and then you win MD

  14. A spoiler would be to add:and then you'll die!

  15. Are you behaving?

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    2. Shemhazaj


      I am! badly tho...

    3. dst


      I don't behave when I am NOT in a vacation, what do you expect from me when I am in one? :D

    4. Darigan


      We'd have to ask whoever you go on vacation with :P

  16. Axe in the tree already? Where? Where? I don't want to miss it!

  17. Bah! I need a 48 hour DAY!!!

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    2. dst


      Oh...I would loove an assistant :D

    3. Chewett


      Im sure redneck would be your assistant :D

    4. BFH


      Only 48 hours...?? Why not a longer one?

  18. Bah! you removed my Konfushus Kitteh saying!

  19. Bah! Z's condition is contagious! I can't log to MD either :(( And I just came from outside!

    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      mwah ha ha....I've passed on the virus. Blame sasha lilias for attacking Bob :P

  20. Bah! Z's condition is contagious! I can't log to MD either :((

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