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  1. I don't know how MD came up tonight in my mind. Maybe cause Christmas is close by and omg how I looooved MD's Christmas. Or maybe my haunted and tired mind needed a break from reality. Don't know..but the fact is that here I am once more to say hello and then fa rewell. I don't know how I drifted away from the game. I never thought it will ever be possible but you know :"never say never". I miss the game, I miss the thrill, I miss the quests and mostly I miss my friends in here. It's been a very very long journey. I grew up with MD, I've learned with MD and I've evolved with MD. I'v
  2. It was jailed so cyberers would not get the much needed privacy for cybering in jail. So I can say that I was jailed in order to...kill the mood. MD-iority Report. Reference: Permalink
  3. The items given from the Toy Box. 1 of them is not working and considering the cooldown and how hard the toy box is to make, if i draw the line and do the math it's totally worthless to try and get the item(s).
  4. Since so far I trusted Aia, I will bet on her: her answer is correct.
  5. Answers: Aia - 1) true 2) true 3) true 4) true Nep 1) true 2) true 3) false 4) true
  6. Ok. Let's see if I understood it now: Aia: 1) true 2) true 3) true
  7. So, 3 cards, 3 bets, right? 1 - Aia 2 - Nepgear 3 - Aia
  8. I'll give it a try although I don't know how much time I will have...nor do I remember how to fight. However, if I can, I will be there. So: dst
  9. Surprisingly, I don’t but I am sooo freaking bored! Plus I secretly hope we have auctions for other things than cash.
  10. I would like to see ANY kind of auction.
  11. One issue that I see is that past winners cannot win a second time or a 3rd time or etc times. This way the competing population decreased over time. Maybe, let past winners compete and win again with a certain "lag" meaning for example that if I win this round, X amount of rounds from now I will not be able to win. Or if you want to be really sadistic, make X random (between I don't know...0 and 10?) meaning that I can be eligible for win the next HC or 9 HCs from now.
  12. dst

    COtE disbanded

    CoTE is once again disbanded.
  13. Yes, the issue disappear. I can play now without issues.
  14. Update: I spent today a bit of time in MD and I am sorry to say that it is unplayable for me. It seems there is a huge delay between the action and response in MD after the last update. I tested it from 2 different laptops and 2 different networks and the result is the same: I click for example the inventory wait for more than 30 seconds, click again on one of the categories of the tools, wait more than 30 s, click the tool I want to use (I've tried with the Bones gatherer and Toy Box) and again wait a lot until the action is ack. The response used to be almost instant bu
  15. Heads up everyone: this is (at least for me) a scam or at least a very very poor customer. I’ve talked to fang some time ago about selling him shmsh crits. We agreed to the price but said he’ll get back when he’ll have the coins. The result? The above.
  16. Cause it makes as much sense as the non-sense in the AL. Actually I wrote the above just for the pun. I would ALWAYS choose an AL with events like the ones No one described to the usual boring mambo-jumbo that is currently the adventure log. AL was fun in the beginning but the moment it fell into the wrong hands, everything took a turn for boredom and for a way players would use to boost (or sooth) their ego. Or to abuse it. The Al. Not the ego 😜. And in the end, it would have been fine. I care about it as much as I care about the influence of the moonlight on rubber slipper
  17. Oh..I think I am the most patient person in this whole MD but this is not about that. It's about the fact that I called on your bs and now you are trying to bs me some more. Basically what 95% of MD population is doing: bragging with no real support. Because why not? Words don't cost anything.
  18. We cannot see something that does not exist. Or that will not exist.
  19. Yep. You CANNOT do anything . You're just bragging. I've seen this sooo many times. People like to brag with that they WOULD do, you included. I never do that. I brag AFTER I do stuff.
  20. I'd like to spend some time and explain to you what I said above (the same way like I do with my less gifted peers) but why bother? You still cannot do anything although you've named yourself the puppet master (the ones that cannot do, teach ).
  21. That's bs. It doesn't adress the current issue. Plus, as lashtal and Lintara said, we are waaay behind today's events in the AL. Although I am like Burns here with little time to play (meh...sometimes I believe that it's also a lack of motivation but that's my fault) I still don't think the current situation is helping the game. Personally I think AL is a bunch of cr** and that we could do just fine without it but if you (=whoever resurrected/written/maintained the story) started it, it would be common sense to continue and eventually finish it.
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