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  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday :) Keep up the fantastic artwork

  3. wow cool paintings im glad to see people that can actually paint not just make digital paintings cause thats where the talent is i think

  4. I love the idea of an art section... not only for sketches but for other things too .. maybe signatures.. and ow.. i dunno home made art .. I think there are lots of people with skills like the artists allready working for the game, and maybe with the art section people might notice it better... and show them their own talent maybe.. every review has something written about the artworks in the game, and it feels very good that people still apprciate real art in stead of 3d graphics and pictures.... it's what making this game special. And in the future, I will be more carefull with uploading. I do think, even if on the forum they are still unique... i don't see the difference in people seeing them next to a name or here... there is only one player that owns one of the above avatars... only one player can say that and here, you can see that some of them have a lot of detail in it.. in the game they are very very tiny... ow and people can allways pm me about ideas for avatars... if they have a request i'll do it but chances are very slim that you will get that avatar like muratus mentioned, you'll just have to wait untill you can get those level 2 avatars
  5. So, I have to say it's an honour to sketch for the magic duel game, I enjoy doing the avatars If anyone has suggestions, ideas.. they are allways welcome here are my latest sketches *edit they have been submitted in the avatarshop... sold out though, but in case you want to see them *
  6. WOW!!! your very talented


  7. an evil tree... 10 minute sketch .. but the avatar sized one looks great the dragon lady revisited... lots of details.. spend a lot of time on this one.. I know you don't see the details in the avatar size... but .. I just like it this way
  8. I love the wind's sanctuary place... so this is what kind of character i imagened with in that theme It's a very quick sketch ... aprox. 10 minutes...
  9. hi ! I'll add you as a friend :P

  10. Don't really like this one ... I just couldn't get it right .. and i gave up ... I am not that good at drawing anyways ..... I do love this one though .. . It could pass as an avatar i guess....
  11. Thanx everyone! I am enjoying my time here allready . I just recently reached mp4 grtz!
  12. So, Here is some of my sketches.. I have to say.. I never draw like this.. I am used to digital painting and doing photomanipulations, so this is very new to me.. some sort of dragon female thing a dragon . I used 3d reference images here.. I used to draw a lot of dragons but .. I thought it was like riding a bike and I could just draw them again.. .... well.. was I surprised... Really needed reference I did this one for me.. I wanted it in my 'comments' section in the game... I just love chicks with bigass swords This is what I normally do .. digital painting and photomanips.. Ow and sorry if I posted wrong.. I didn't see an art section here.. or I might have missed it??
  13. I have been playing for .. I dunno two weeks? And I have to say... LOVE the game.. and a big hello to everyone ... :lol: I am Jamie from Belgium (female) .. I called myself Valentina because it's my middle name I am a chef and I enjoy doing a bit of art.. mostly digital paintings and photomanipulations .. I love movies and I enjoy the sounds of heavy metal and soundtracks ( epic orchestra's etc...) I am going to try and submit some avatars for the game, I just have to see if mur likes them I guess that's it for now... Greetings!
  14. hey there! why not post your drawings here to share :)? i cant wait seeing more nice drawings :D

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