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  1. well...it is the codes written by the programmer. The concept is you decalre a name for a variable, *like in maths you let a specific factor as a simple algebra x, y ,z, (like let my age be x) and you can also decalre the variable size, (like let x < / = 100) so the variable will store no more than the decalred size info. If the name (info) we typed exceed the bandwidth size of the variable set by the programmer (like i rename x = 121), the outcome name we see will be "not completed" as what dst pointed out. *the example is a way to let you understand more but may not precisely represent t
  2. i have played some games players dun like spoiling too, like Runscape... they have rules that not letting players to say any quest details and such...but usually most online games in hk (my country) encourage/do not stop this kind of info telling...and even more the posts with detailed info can sometimes get rated and add thumb-up and reputation points...ok..i believe it would be some of the different cultures and i surely respect and be no problem with it
  3. i have an idea...why not you guys and girls make a seperate or sub forum which is logged to those team members (of co u need to group them together) so that i can be shown more formal and dun have to declare each time to others not to enter...ummm...ok..i will leave this post now lol
  4. what i mean is the C++ or html codes variables declaring bandwidth size...its totally different from what i am talking for instance the variable for referring the attacking creature name is declared as a size of 10, when we rename the creature name as "sky3838rocks" then the name will be more than 10 words and when the programme runs in the battle log the name shown to us will be "sky3838roc" and other words will be excluded
  5. I believe at this moment it might be a bit unbalanced for that because PRINCIPLES are not yet functional and pose no effects nor bonuses on us. Later on, i think DARK principles might be of greater power or wider applications on spells and magic so as to compensate for the little bounses awarded during story mode...therefore i did not vote at this moment to preserve there may be a critical change that may lead to a balanced outcome later. I started my story at the dark principles and actually it would be a bit unadvantageous for me to explore and fight against others around at the beginnings.
  6. omg...today's your bd!

    happi bd to u~

    happi bd to u~~

    happi bd to STF~!

    happi bd to u~~!

    ok now blow the candles and make a wish :D

  7. what took you so long lol...i cant believe i add friends in forum faster than in game lol

  8. lol if you say spoiling i think it would be too harsh to say it coz i sometimes see the info related discussed in game chat...i am making a list on that too lol...but as Mur said it would be infinite many spells so it would be impossible to figure them all by oneself
  9. 1.2 i think a reset button should be added for the forgotten rituals, at that point all combos can be reset without letting us to set the ritual manually again. 4. this should be the bandwith limit set in the programme...shold be consider a bug lol 5. haha...yea thats really a love and hate feature available...also when the creatures become low in vital you can hardly identify what is the actual creature of it unless you stay your cruser there and look at its id but as Steno said you have to memorize the id # of all creatures that scks also. 6. im setting rituals discribing the creature ty
  10. Hi sky3838... I finally figure out how to work this forum function. It took me a few hours to find out how to add a friend.....

  11. hey there! why not post your drawings here to share :)? i cant wait seeing more nice drawings :D

  12. becoz not many of us can actually test the spells while they act quite important rules in the game... and i kept hear many players, especially mp3 players asking their function when they see someone cast the spells... a brief preview would be enough actually..maybe the list of spells currently testing...no need to be as detailed as that post
  13. i think it would be great to let us preview some current testing spells and their details to all of us, though they may be changed or modified later on...so as to give us a brief introduction as well as knowledge on those new stuff
  14. Hello bunny kid :D I am also in story mode too!

  15. Lol... nice pic, for a 21 yr old :P

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