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  1. Third Eye Time Principle, Principle of Darkness and atleast 3 more XD Reveal the 'Targeted' Persons Monsters. You cannot attack that person for 8 min. you can see the enemys monster, but have to whait atleast 8 min untill you can attack. Conclueds that he/she May have Healed its creatures after that. and even tough you Revealed the enemies Monsters, you still don't know what will happen once you attack. But then you can still see if the Enemy is to hard for you, and if its worth attacking. Curse - Rust Dunno wich Principles, help me with that. All defencive and attack bonuses Gained by A
  2. I don't know who you are.... But afc I care!
  3. Damn... I made a Quote instead of edited it... -.-'
  4. Don't think so... too tierd to Search for the answer now. night! Thank you all!
  5. Hi! First i woiuld like to give my Thanks to the makers of the game. (who ever you are) Its wounderfull. Mystical. and the Drawings are just Fantastic. I've made 2 chars to see how it ends up if i take different options then the first one. how the Story revolves differently. It haven't disapointed me so far. as when i press the same thing, different stuff is displayed on them. My First Char is Baldr Second son of Odin. hes 3 Princeples are; Time, cyclicity, Enthropy hehe... at fiurst i didn't realy get what they meant, so i took things hat sounded interesting. Time: is one of my
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