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  1. Didn't even realise that there was a command for everyone.
  2. Maggot is entitled to air his or her views just like the rest of us. And please continue as it is good to hear others views whether we agree or not
  3. Faraday

    Help phrog

    Yes and was it a convo on the forum, or a convo at the Howling Gates lol
  4. Faraday

    Help phrog

    Do we know how the portal works, how to activate it? And who said 'it'would be his? Isn't Wodin in control of GG, does he know anything?
  5. I always thought realism was looking at all the positives and negatives that can affect the situation. Whether you want to face up to them or not, like stripping away the rose coloured glasses. And with personality, i thought it was who ur r as person. For instance on some things i am a stagnator whereas others i am a go getter. It just depends on how much i am feeling. If that makes any sense lol
  6. I think that Zleiphneir is doing a great job of looking after Bob.....he has never looked happier...lol
  7. For myself personally, i would like someone to document in the forum as to what actually went on. The AL is very vague and it is obvious that a lot of people knew what was going on, like the background. But i am sure that there are even more people who love to know the story.....the real story.....
  8. Yes i agree with stating that u need to research and know more about the Berserkers. I personally don't think that the name should change, i think of it more of the resurrection of a mighty honour bound group of men who risked their lives in the fight for good. Honour in Memory.........
  9. Welcome, i have missed my history lessons with the calendar, look forward to reading more of ur work
  10. Well i must apologise i am guilty of leaving u. I was asked to help u become MP6, so i agreed, i just presumed that once u were at the level, that u would not need me as ur adept anymore, as u had worshippers......Sorri
  11. Udgard, this may seem a strange question and a bit off course, but when u dream, do u dream vividly and as your dream sequence is unfolding, its like another part of u is telling you, that u r dreaming. U r asleep, not awake. I also have dreams that i have had for many years and as i am dreaming it, a part of my brain is aware that this is a dream i have had before many times and a bit more gets added on each time? ......twilight zone lol
  12. I have tried, but have found that i am thinking to myself think nothing, there is no images or colours just the sound of think of nothing......does that make sense lol Or i have had moments when driving, and i come alert and think how did i come to be here (i am like on autopilot driving my route), i have no memory of passing familiar landmarks at all......scary lol
  13. If its a rendition of the Park, where's the fountain?
  14. Yes i would like an opt out button as the heads contest lost its 'fun' when it went from individuals competing against each other to tag teams lol
  15. Does it have to be called a dojo, everytime i read the name it makes me cringe, as it does not seem to me (my opinion only) to fit in a fantasy game.
  16. Hmmmmm as a cow i never misunderstand anything lol How can i, i am a cow. At least this land has lovely grass to graze.......MOOOOOOO
  17. Ummmm where did i state that i wanted ur sympathy. I am not standing here, saying 'Entertain me'. You stated "You might consider taking it upon yourself to add to the story. Start a guild of your own. Be a villain, or a martyr. Make enemies. Start a rumor. Tell lies. Say things you wish were true, and see if anybody else wishes the same thing. Do something interesting. The game's in alpha. It's up to us, as players, to bring something to the table" and I have stated, why should I have to. There is nothing wrong with me making this statement, how u have chosen to interpret it, is ur choice.
  18. Maybe he is now the Book of Principles, who's to say it was a book in the first place, maybe it takes someone of pure intentions to be able to access the principles? Who knows, but good on him
  19. As i have replied once before to another thread, why should i have to. If u want to actively play a role in this game, then that is your choice, why should it be forced on me, to able to enjoy this game. From the start of the game i understood that my choices in Story Mode would affect my gameplay in the game. At the moment, because i am not an active alliance member or running around character role playing, i must be a cow. After all this game does need farming of win/losses, so i must be in the paddock....fodder for the masses lol The game was supposedly set up for the enjoyment of all,
  20. As suggested in another thread, i would like it if u could click on a specific storyline in the adventure thread and it gives u their whole story from start to current. Its too higglety pigglety for me........
  21. I think ur idea of adding RPC avatars to certain locations is a great idea. For me personally the game has gotten so boring, nothing changes apart from the Adventure Log. Please implement something new.
  22. Alche's Alley Mysterious Statue-it has a face, one of the few i have seen apart from the two in Loreroot - why is it a mysterious statue?
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