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    Wherever I want to be
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    BMX, books, and blowing stuff up. Anymore magicduel is the only online game I play regularly, for the simple reason that is makes me think and there always seems to be something new going on.
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    Rand alThor
  1. I am currently stuck in a wooden box(again) because I moved up to mp4. But once I get out I will aid you and the necrovion guard.
  2. Try looking in willows shop. you might find something.
  3. sounds like an extremely plausible answer considering what it does.
  4. That really is quite interesting. I had noticed some similar things like being attacked by someone who's not there. but I just thought they had moved.
  5. welcome to the game. I've found the community in this game to be very helpful also. very unlike other mmo's I've played.
  6. heres one for everybody. A woman at her mothers funeral meets the guy of her dreams they engage in pleasant conversation but never do swap numbers. A week later she kills her sister. why did she do this?
  7. Or give them subtle hints to send them the right way. like if they need a water elemental tell them to "get the enemy wet" or something like that.
  8. Yeah, I'd say that less than half the people in the game use the forum.
  9. I think that seeing other people using the spells and hearing people talk about them is enough to make people want to reach mp6 so they can use them, Thus keeping more people active. If you let people preview the spells before they are supposed to be able to get them they will be annoyed when the preview is over and already have explored that aspect of the game so there is less to discover later on making it more likely for them to get bored with the game. I think people should have to wait.
  10. Will there be a map of the archives? Because I went in there and now I'm lost. Never mind I found my way around. Now I'm taking the path to loreroot but I ran out of exploring points. Someone also attacked me while I was in there so I'm guessing it's not finished because you said it will be sanctuary area.
  11. Woah, nice personal statement mate. ;)

  12. I want a head banging thingy. :)

  13. I chose balance, Darkness and Enthropy. do you think those would be a good combo? It seems like balance might compliment enthropy while darkness undeshadowed both, does that sound right?
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