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  1. for the most part everything seems to be running good.... moving around loads faster, keep getting the multiple windows open thing, but I was getting that before.attack logs seem to be a bit better to view. I think that the heat thing was the only issue. Of course most the improvements i'm noticing are prolly because going from a single core processor to a quad core and from 2 gigs of ram to 6 gigs lol
  2. i'll agree with that... this new computer is confusing the crap out of me.... took me 2 days to figure out how to get to the desktop... windows 8 is definitely out there as unique
  3. switching to a different browser doesn't solve the issue, it looks away from it. Oddly enough the compatibility view doesn't come automatically on. Once I set it to autoon my heat returned. Thanks!
  4. cache cleared. I went and checked to make sure I have flash and I do and it's up to date. Still nothing and I cannot accumulate heat either as I just found out.
  5. I posted the picture to show that my store heat isn't just empty heat... it's physically not there at all. I did ctrl f5 it already. I have a new computer with windows 8 on it and the explorer version is 10
  6. thanks everyone!!! and yes shadowseeker, I did read this lol
  7. why can't you guys(girl) make a masked screenname(s) ingame and have a realtime questionairre? Why bring popularity to the forum and not the game?
  8. same issues here... thought it was me... glad it's not
  9. i understand how real life makes it hard to feel truely active sometimes in here... Hope to see you get more free time soon!!! lol
  10. I am not sure if there is this in pubic veiw already, but having a population of each land would be cool. It could go where the rebel page is or something.
  11. at tarq: while the posts dont really have anything to do with mur interveneing(it's too early to know how to spell big words) I think the Topic Title is the big provoker. Also your last statement is oh so perfect!!! If you cant take heat don't dish it out!!!
  12. [quote]Closing your eyes, or sticking your fingers in your ears will not make it go away [/quote] not being there makes it go away lol... that is, until someone pm's you telling you to go to the location only to see all the bullying going on for yourself... hmmm sounds familiar... oh yeah that type of bullying and harrassment is why i dropped RPC!!! I wanna say something like this in different context but same thing gets broughten up like every 4-6 months.
  13. i do wanna say here that if this is added then the meetings could happen more often... Well not in the context that brought it here, but a general thing would be cool, maybe like once a month or something. People can talk about issues freely and such, kkiind of like a "Ask God thing" lol
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