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  1. The 7th Scroll

    Lazarus Avatars

    100% original HQ hand-made drawings I've drawn for some players. For pricing and infos: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13210-customized-drawings/
  2. [b]The Killer's Lament[/b] Oh my dear, dear Marind, To you I gave the world, Brought the sinners on their knees, Did everything through your words. Tonight I sharpened my knife, A dark entity roams around you, My wound could not heal by itself, And so as yours will be too. My face is as drenched as the oceans, Oh my dear Marind, I beg for your forgiveness, Your blood is so sweet, I could not resist You wished your life to be spared as you insist. As I went inside the house next to the sign, I see your naked body as it make trails on the ground, Your beautiful face makes me shiver, And it will always be now that you're here with me forever.
  3. Lazarus, 24 days, also drives to a library, not to read but to use the internet to play MD. I accidentally boiled my phone after I misplaced my fridge. I have a fly named "Fly", it flies often even when on a leash. I LOVE meeting new people same as you, but above all, I also love attention and be a drama Queen. I mean King...
  4. The 7th Scroll


    Thank you Kiley, more will be uploaded soon
  5. I remember MD back in 2009 not as a game, but a thriving community, always seeking for new challenges. I remember the RPC's, the Dojo, MR's Training Grounds, the Statue, the Puzzles, and its incomparable uniqueness, the arts, the strategies, the unusual fighting system, and above all, the MYSTERY. MD has a built-in filtering system for the players, separating the different kinds of players, and they get the exact rewards that they deserved, today, it seems like that filter is gone, everybody can grab the freebies, the game lost its magic. Since I took this game from a brand new perspective, the things that really captured me is the inner magic spells, the principles and the adventure logs, what happened? I thought by the time I came back the docs can be usable if not complete, and the adventure logs should somewhat be progressing, and all these major changes that have happened, some are good, some are just plain dumb. If I were to make a change, my two major things that I will do: -The continuation of the AL; atleast 1 log a month can suffice -And the research and implementation for Inned Magic Docs/Spells. Today, this has become a piece of paper that does nothing. Additional ones would be: -Killing item effects should have an expiration date, not really removing the item itself, and it should have a set of rules to follow. -MP3's should be able to participate the HC again, because personally I think it's really dumb to exclude them, we're a community after all. -Complete removal of Tokens, or change it to something new that won't affect our ability to strategize. -Set a limitation for the stats like Burn says and reset it, just compensate them with crits or whatever they like. -For the love of Mur please choose a proper leader for an Alliance. Trolls are born to troll, not lead. -100% of what Liberty says
  6. After the merging, the world will come into a new phase, they will call it the "Magic Duearth" in which Mur, along with the Illuminati's and the tribes from Apocalypto will take control over the world, resurrecting corpse after corpse and enslaving mankind using Adolf Hitler's toothbrush. The Chickens won't cross the road anymore, everyone will be able to speak in Braille and Hieroglyphs, the Mayans will summon King Kong to end the Alien colonization of the moon using tampons.
  7. The 7th Scroll


    Thanks Darth, I think you should be the one who should remind me lol I dunno when you're gonna decide
  8. An empty soul with a broken heart, brings my army to a deadly march. "Consult the Elders" as my father says, to war, I brought my men to a deathly chase.

  9. Oh I didn't get the context the first time. That's a great idea, I'll make my own quest then probably next summer, it'll be Lava man making contest (only available to players living beside an active volcano. Summer 2013)
  10. Why don't you just change the snowman to lantern making / unique Christmas Tree decoration competition? Atleast everyone has access to both.
  11. Apparently this "confirmation" of my avatars are taking so long that my hair is turning white already, it seems that the end of the world is gonna happen first before it gets confirmed.

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    2. The 7th Scroll

      The 7th Scroll

      Alright I'll just wait for it then. I was advised to wait 24 hours for the confirmation. It's been 4 days now.

    3. Chewett


      Then send a follow up, why does no one use follow up emails???

    4. The 7th Scroll

      The 7th Scroll

      I did but there's no response yet.

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