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  1. It isn't a problem, but when you want to close the map, you have to click on "close" correctly.

    I see it was made in flash, so i have an idea.

    On the Hit frame you should change the name with a simle rectangle, that is so heigh and weight like the name (and no one will see this frame). It would be much easyer to use it after the change.

    (i hope it was clear, what i wanted to say. Sorry: I'm not to good in this language)

  2. LOL, did you not read my spoiler? Or are you just acting in a really bad bad way? :P

    I don't think it was omegaweapon. This would be too easy :)

    Btw. there are more players, whos name begins with Ome... (ok i know, they are not so active like omegaweapon...)

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