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  1. Mmm... I think there were some modifications to this from August (post of king manu) to December (when I started playing).... "Recharging a creature To revive your creatures go to the creature inventory page and click the little orange button that will appear under each creature that lost vitality. Like this you will give 8% of your available vitality each time you click and loose one action point." So, with no adepts = 8% I think the bonus is 1% per adept, I have 1 adept and I healed just 9% to my creature: Current vitality: 2526 Amount healed: 202 (202/2526)*100 = 7.9968% Shouldn't
  2. Don't worry, I'll not get scared by Mur, in fact I'm learning more about the master mind behind this game (maybe later that knowledge may come handy)
  3. ... That's exactly the kind of logic of this game that make me like it so much...
  4. Good day, happy new year, I only wish to say Hi. I'm from Venezuela, I think there aren't much people from Latin America here, but if anyone read this, please answer, it could be nice to speak in Spanish with someone from time to time I Statrted playing a few weeks ago, but everytime y find more fascinating thing in the game, I enjoy a lot the "quasi philosophical" explanation of King Manu (aka Muratus del Mur) about what are the creatures, and like the concept of the "balance" between wins and losses. Well, It is my first post here, I hope to get 100 fast :lol:
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