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  1. Nothing more I can say. Thank you Liberty. Best of wishes in RL.
  2. Great Idea. One year one wishpoint sounds good And alts...if players took the effort of signing in for a whole year. I think that is pretty impressive. Maybe reconsider alts.
  3. I like the new items. Still waiting for the black shirt with fiery MD logo
  4. Just to clarify misunderstandings. This is not a quest. It is a contest. Real time contest where you have to solve a puzzle I post on my Comment on Self paper. Contest starts today at GoE 22:00:00 server time. Thank you for PM-ing. If you have any question please post here as well
  5. [b]WISHPOINT REQUIREMENTS: 1) Solve a total of 9 puzzles[/b] [left][b]2) Last 3 puzzles must be solved within the same day[/b][/left] [size="2"][color="#000000"][b]RECORDS OF WINNERS: [/b] Contest starts today Day 334 at 22:00:00 Server Time Located at Gazeebo of Equilibrium [/color][/size] [size="2"][color="#000000"]Onee Silver for each winner of each puzzle. Also meet the requirements to obtain a wishpoint.[/color][/size]
  6. puzzle contest every Monday at 22:00:00 server time.

  7. Find me ingame Totenkopj I will give you then. I want to be sure I give it out. Thanks.
  8. Contest starting in 15 minutes at Gazeebo of Equilbrium to make up for yesterday's.
  9. Thank you for understanding. I will be able to host the contest today at 23:00:00 server time for sure. Please come by anyone who wants to participate.
  10. Dang it. RL problem is halting me. Sorry Olando. I will schedule it for tmr. My deepest apology everyone that looked forward to this. I am very sorry.
  11. Just a reminder of the upcoming puzzle contest at Gazeebo around 23:00:00 server time. Contest may be very short depending on how well and how fast the players answer. This week's puzzles are includes both easy and hard. Silvers that were gathered from my Chess Contest is now being used for rewards. Each puzzle winner gets one silver for a total of 3 silvers for 3 puzzles. Hope to see you there.
  12. Sure thing Chewett I am only suggesting an idea, and so I understand both yours and No One's view. I wish to speak out for others that share my view as well based on the number of votes wanting this wishpoint item. And so against your reason I have refutation. Not that I am challenging you or anyone else. I simply want to voice that others have share with me. I didn't start out wanting an unbalanced profile. Many MP5 was already unbalance when I first got into MP5 (when there wasn't any penalty in place). It seems acceptable for me to set easy defence rituals and idle in public area to be a
  13. Totenkopf wins a silver for being the first to answer This is actually the simplest puzzle. Any player wanting a challenging puzzle is welcome to come to Gazeebo of Equilibrium. By the way, no requirement what so ever. But don't forget to have some fun roleplaying as well. CHEERS!!!
  14. yep yep Can't wait to get my hands on some of those.
  15. Sorry....(don't think Mars is Mars hahahaa jk)
  16. Not quite the right answer dst Keep trying everyone.
  17. Almost there Aelis. But generalizing the possible set of questions does not work. Be specific please so what do you think Mark asked? hehehe
  18. Nice try By the way, there is no limit how many times you may attempt this puzzle/riddle.
  19. I would like to hear other player's idea/opinion as well Since this is just a suggestion.
  20. This is just a reminder about my contest. Since it is about two days away. I am going to give a sample puzzle/riddle to warm up for the contest [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] [][][] After his spaceship landed on Mars, astronaut Jonathan Mark disembarked and approached the first Martian he saw. "Am I headed for the geolocial dig?" he asked. The martian rubbed is stomach. Mark knew that Martians could understand some Earth-talk, but were not able to speak it. And astronaut Mark, like so many Eartlings, could niether speak nor unders
  21. I favor a black T-shirt with the firey MD banner. Looks awesome to me
  22. I really like the story line in the Chapter about MB providing light proctection and stuff. Really intrigues me and encourag me to protect the land. Been in both SoE and KoB so MB sounds the best option for me I didn't it would be a surprise to others though ahahah By the way I am waiting for a pending on my citizen request. I click once but it didn't seem to go through. And so I click on it again but it seems that my reason for being a citizen did was cleared the first time I submit. In all regards to the link you kindly provided above, the citizenship implement is in place right? Thank y
  23. Hahha Chewett. Now you are an honest one as well
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