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  1. Great Idea. One year one wishpoint sounds good And alts...if players took the effort of signing in for a whole year. I think that is pretty impressive. Maybe reconsider alts.
  2. I like the new items. Still waiting for the black shirt with fiery MD logo
  3. puzzle contest every Monday at 22:00:00 server time.

  4. yep yep Can't wait to get my hands on some of those.
  5. I favor a black T-shirt with the firey MD banner. Looks awesome to me
  6. Maybe host a design contest for the T-shirt? Encourages new designs and gives an idea of how many players like what through voting. Really want an MD T-shirt to show my friend show I can encourage them to join hehehe
  7. Dang I am up for ordering a few T-shirts! Hook me up some yall.
  8. The Festival is great Mur! Thanks for everything I am looking forward to the next festival already hehehe....this one hasnt even end yet lol
  9. I love the elegant things you say about Manu, Logan. But lets not forget here; what you have said is pale in comparsion to the appreciation Manu should have. Even with such elegance in tone, not even half of the community's appreciation is shown. I just want to make this fact known. Well said, I love it. Appreciating you, thanking you, loving you. Manu
  10. AqlBeast Title: The Bat Sage (Ability to fly and explore lands in Magicduel to gain the knowledge and perception on the land) The Bat Sage has no home. Everyday it wonders here and there. To the gate of Necrovion and Golemious and the entrance of Loreroot, The Bat Sage finds no liking. Yet behold the path that is reveal after he has unlock the Berserker's device; the path that leads him to Marind Bell's Underground Crosspath. There is source of light there but not too much that the light would drive the darkness away. The darkness that The Bat Sage welcomes for its protection. Within this U
  11. Sage, I will have to disagree with you. Grey is NOT "impossible to get." In a sense, we, as players, are the grey. Some players choose to be Light. Some players choose to be Dark. Some players just do not care. But all players have one similarity---they have the ability to sway, to adapt, and to influence the outcome of Light and Dark. Grey is probably the most abundance out of balance. Generally, our world is balance. But specifically, our world is not. THere is light and dark. But for those that shows neither, there is grey. With that sense in general, there is a balance but not as CLEAR as
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