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  1. Great Idea. One year one wishpoint sounds good And alts...if players took the effort of signing in for a whole year. I think that is pretty impressive. Maybe reconsider alts.
  2. I like the new items. Still waiting for the black shirt with fiery MD logo
  3. puzzle contest every Monday at 22:00:00 server time.

  4. yep yep Can't wait to get my hands on some of those.
  5. I favor a black T-shirt with the firey MD banner. Looks awesome to me
  6. Maybe host a design contest for the T-shirt? Encourages new designs and gives an idea of how many players like what through voting. Really want an MD T-shirt to show my friend show I can encourage them to join hehehe
  7. Dang I am up for ordering a few T-shirts! Hook me up some yall.
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