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  1. Sign me up: Manweor MP5 ID:3620 Days:385
  2. If I had to choose I'd say fire, or maybe sand or stone, but I also thought about something less material: Fear, for one One could be blinded by it or it could help keeping the eye ready to see. It can be used to force people into building a castle or defenders into flying from it. Not really a perfect one, but I think worth of some consideration.
  3. Well, I think you're right, but the fact thet you cannot "recover" exp by killing the regenerating creatures is really nasty. with my ususl rituals I don't care, but when it comes to training my joker, it remains at 0 exp all the time for this. I think that the idea behind the ritual is good, but with some adjustments it would be better, I think... Anyway, the game is not complete yet, so let us not complain about temporary things so much, they'll probably be fixed when time comes for a more complete version...
  4. As Lovecraft esteemer, Iwould like to say well done to Tarquinus for the intervent, I like it.
  5. now that the main part of the translation is completed, we should create a team to keep translating the adventure log and similar things, I will be avaible for this from the 15th of september
  6. I haven't found my name among the added ones, so I'll repeat it for your use, no problem Manweor, MP5, Any side, thanks
  7. I'd like to join if there's still some space. Any side, the one with less players, just tell me. I'm Manweor in game, too
  8. We are with you, BigC, down with the shades!!! If there was some kind of spell to callus there and give some lessons to those shades...
  9. That's why I said "a bit at a time"... If you say it's so big, maybe we could work separating the parts among different Italians...
  10. what should the last sentence mean? even more with "?" there are not so many italians, but if you think it could be useful, just tell me
  11. I can translate the game to Italian, or at least some parts of the game, but I study at university and don't have much time to spend on this; anyway, if you want it turned in italian I can slowly start a bit at a time tranlsating fro0m english
  12. At the Howling Gates there's a symbol stating "Path of Yog-Sohoth". this reminds me of the time god frm HP Lovecraft's novels, is there something about those mythos in the game? If so the name should be Yog-Sothoth or at least, as I found somewhere, "Yog Sothot".
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