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  1. As someone who purely watches with no intention of collecting or gaining wealth I find your point very amusing Sasha.   It will be interesting to watch you try and alter peoples actions!
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    From the album: General

  4. The top one has been my background for the last few years now :L
  5. I still hold most heat given to protector! i think it was close to 300k :L
  6. Without me Magicduel was only Aweso

    1. Sasha Lilias
    2. Sasha Lilias
    3. Rex


      why thank you! note the close to 5 month late reply ;)

  7. yep count me in seeign as i had an idea abotu natures sword 1 and a bit years ago and its in my commens on self list for anyoen who can go to fenths weilder
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    Forum Game

    Burns: while suffering from terrible pain, but all of a sudden, he has THE idea to save his life: Glaistig: he shoves his finger down his throat, so as to induce a gagging reflex to purge the his system Lulu: but the cruel laughter of Jonn and Hannah makes him choke on his vomit as his eyes fill with desperate tears--he can'tbreathanymorethevomittastesrealbad and THE WORLD IS CRUEL--gone--and he is dead. Either oblivious or uncaring, Hannah and Jonn... Grido: continue their laughing. They soon remember that there's still the strange man in the room (you know the one with the brother, with t
  9. Rex

    odd acryonyms

    hehe IAM doesnt get the joke xD
  10. Rex

    odd acryonyms

    love this one anyway DNA National Dyslexic Association
  11. .Rex Umbrae Killer. :drinks: to the winners :good:
  12. sweet this page is still going i will make a kind of winners page soon and see who wins in different sections
  13. But if it has levels then thats going to be hard.At the first 3 levels i think it can be doen but in later levels it will just e another cute bunny it has to go soem where and you cant just work on its cuteness. That is why i ask if it can then turn evil because that gives the artist somethng to work on. rex
  14. yh otherwise they should log out you still get the regen timer
  15. I know it is wanted as a cute creatrue but can it also be evil ? it makes it hard to make a creature which fights non evil
  16. Awesome love the idea EDIT: - Bunny creature, fluffy cute bunny creature to be colored afterwards in soft pastel colors. yes to bunny yes to cute and fluffy yes to colored pastels?!?!!?!?!?!?! Why? Sent this by a friend in 2006 wouldnt fit in because it has a gun so ill just show for laughs
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