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  1. As someone who purely watches with no intention of collecting or gaining wealth I find your point very amusing Sasha.   It will be interesting to watch you try and alter peoples actions!
  2. Rex


  3. The top one has been my background for the last few years now :L
  4. I still hold most heat given to protector! i think it was close to 300k :L
  5. Without me Magicduel was only Aweso

    1. Sasha Lilias
    2. Sasha Lilias
    3. Rex


      why thank you! note the close to 5 month late reply ;)

  6. Granos

    Happy Birthday!

  7. sweet this page is still going i will make a kind of winners page soon and see who wins in different sections
  8. - you read page 1 in a book then go to page 3 because you think your going to get killed on page 2 and at the end of each page you decide which of the next three pages you want to go to - you go to a supermarket and see they still havnt got any new weapons - you go to 5 supermarkets to get all your items - you ask god when the next godzilla(creature) is coming along - you go to the statue of liberty and try and move it to get to the underground - you go into a gazeebo and tread on the floor only in certain places to see which part of the floor turn orange and which black - you set light
  9. ha love them all love it how my 10 seocnds to think of thing is liked i mean a long time thinking on it and no time at all thinking which player i next want to make a living hell
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