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  1. I seem to have a problem making my rituals to work. Since I have to many wins I thought of making rituals with only one weak creature. I've tested it several times now and it always ends up the same. When I attack with that ritual then for some reason it's not the ritual i created, and it seems to be random what creatures get in the ritual. At first I thought that maybe I had forgotten to choose the ritual, since it's random by default, but that isn't the problem since it keeps happening, no matter what i choose.
  2. It isn't working for me either which sucks since I didn't notice it until after I sacrifised a monster in order to get up to the amount I needed with the free credit VP. Has there been any development in this problem? And it isn't that the statusbar hasn't been updated since I get the VE that i should.
  3. Then how am I supposed to fight the loreroot guards? I have to be able to mix the ingridients somehow, right?
  4. Hi, I seem to have a problem getting into willow's shop. I defeated the guards a long time ago and now when I need to get in there i can't click on the door. There aren't any guards in front of the door so it shouldn't be a problem. I've tested refreshing the browser, emptying the cache and cookies and logged out and in, but nothing seems to work.
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