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  1. Yes, I ran into that problem now... Funny thing: I cannot attack the shop guards, but I can enter the shop. The statue has reappeared, also the tenst (also the text speaks about them missing)... Currently I am meditating in a mode that only allows for long meditation times. If that is chapter 3 (I cannot get the cimplete story due to a bug), then I am in chapter 3...
  2. I was thinking sleep at first... but is it someone`s war? it could also be the past or the future, both are close yet far and the future might be someone^s fear... unless it is a play on words in different languages: war in german means "was", but I guess we can exclude that...
  3. what about "garlic" any steal life life attempt results in a low Vit loss... or "blood straw" get the double amount of life out of your Steal attacks...
  4. I think it is pretty clear, that the wizard is waiting for the implementation of magic in the game... it is not much fun being a wizard (i.e. forfetiing armor and weapons - you tried to fight with a splintering staff once?) and not having any spells, so he looks beyond the mountains to find the creator of his world to implement magic for him...
  5. Kybernetiker

    Story mode

    yes, but this is the state I am in right now. I lose nearly every fight, and my XP are dropping instead of increasing, my creatures do not learn, and I am pretty much messed up, indeed... So how can I continue playing when there are no incentives. I like the idea of story dead ends and player classes, but it all happened during the third rerun of the story after having played the nice way twice (since there was no punishment earlier, the sense of risk was unreasonably low here (I would have acted differently if I had known about this possibility - I did not even now, that options in the world
  6. Kybernetiker

    Story mode

    I guess what I mean is that getting killed was unpredictable and being punished for a choice before the dynamics of the story part are known will make people stick to the nice routine that let them live and get all bonuses... at least this is how I would react...
  7. Kybernetiker

    Story mode

    The only problem is that the story has very REAL dead ends... I got penalized for trying a different character aspect, now the weapn store is blocked, I got point deductions etc. If "nice" is the only way to succeed the story becomes a pure fairy tale, while I liked the devlopment up to my death... it discourages exploring and gives you a survey of social desirability, but there is not much shaping involved...
  8. I have to agree that the story mode needs some brushing over and I do not like the reactions to a valid point brought forward in constructive language (troll etc.). This will make criticism disappear and lead to a weaker game than possible. In general, I am impressed with the range of new ideas and nice balancing rules, but the story mode (apart from the first intriguing interactive part) feels more like the old playing by numbers book RPGs, the story-line is - just for my taste - a bit stale, filled with redemption, the unexpected transformation theme which is also mirrored in the language
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