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  1. thanks everybody who answered in this topic, i only need to defeat the guards and i can get in again
  2. *sniff*...i only need night shade *runs away crying*
  3. i have been in marind bell a thousand times before and never saw anything even looking like a cave or an underground cave...
  4. yes? on what? i didn't ask a yes or no question...
  5. 2 more questions, how can you make a land your homeland and where are the underground caves under marind bell?
  6. what do all the lands do? i've been playing for quite a while, but i never have understood the lands, like how to get into Loreroot, wich suddenly was closed of by a riddle, how to get into necrovion or how to join a land or an allaince. nothing is explained! sure there may be things i have missed in times of inactivity but nothing makes sense!
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