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    Tissy got a reaction from Aelis in Trickster's ball   
    Hello mind crusher. 
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    Tissy got a reaction from Demonic God in Rock, paper, scissors!   
    I think 3 wins are not enough to design a strategy against strategy. as you have to observe at least 2 rounds to guess your opponent's strategy. 
    So one cannot do better than random.
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    Tissy got a reaction from Pipstickz in Tokens display issue   
    the tokens on my horseman don't display correctly. 
    I don't remember how many tokens are on the horseman. It just shows a blank bracket.

    or perhaps the issue happens to horseman only. as it's picture never shows in the creature interface. 

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    Tissy got a reaction from Trola in The Guillotine Merchant   
    I won’t go that far in the beginning. 
    All I want is a convenient place to trade, like the auction house in WoW. 
    the lack of fluidity in our ecosystem is partly caused by the inconvenience that one has to pm or post topics, which happens only when one feels necessary. 
    put everything you don’t need in a house. Set a starting bid price or a buyout price and leave. The purchase happens not only when people need but mostly when they see. 
    if you want to introduce risk. There could be blink bidding. 
    the guillotine concept sounds more like a gamble to me. I like gamble, people like gamble. But I prefer implementing it after the market is more active and complete. 
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    Tissy got a reaction from DARK DEMON in Hello for the last time, for a long time   
    Hello DD. I love your touching yet beautiful words. 
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    Tissy reacted to DARK DEMON in Hello for the last time, for a long time   
    Hello my friends. 

    This is what most people would call a goodbye, but not me, for I do not believe in absolute decisions.

    I know this post is quite out of the blue. I have been meaning to get to it for quite some time but kept doubting whether I should actually do this.

    For me, MD is no more. 

    I say this because MD was never magicduel.com for me.
    It was my friends, my family, my sparring, my land, my quests, my drama. And for a long while now, every single one of those things has ceased to exist.

    I cannot count the number of beautiful memories I have spent with you all. I want them to stay beautiful memories rather than become tarnished by the current state of the realm. 
    Not that this is anyone's fault. Chewett, Mur and countless others have worked tirelessly to give us the experience we have loved all these years.
    I just think that this concept, this idea, this story that is called MD... was never meant to last forever. It just isn't built to be sustainable. Like every little project within it, this entire project as a whole is meant to be left incomplete and eventually abandoned among a long list of other never-ending tasks. Every inch of this website that is called magicduel.com is screaming every day to free itself and end its pain. I have now decided to play my part in that, because I wish you remember it and you all in the best way possible.
    I hope one day, many many years from now, my kid browses the net trying to figure out what game they should treat themselves with on their 16th birthday, as their father once did. And they come upon a familiar face called magicduel. And by that time it's an insane next level 'game' that we all hoped it would be. They would show me what its like and I would pretend I had never heard of it and tell them to enjoy. I would then cry that whole night in silence in a mixture of sadness and happiness.

    Thank you, all of you. Every single one. Those who are closest to me, the ones I spent my best memories with and had the dearest of conversations with - I hope you read this and know who you are.
    Thank you for creating the world's most beautiful prison. Its now time to set myself free.
    "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain".
    Hello everyone, one last time. 
    Yours forever, 
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    Tissy got a reaction from Steno in WTT tutorial shade   
    What is a “tutorial” shade?
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    Tissy reacted to Mallos in VP decreasing continuously   
    Being the negative stats opposite person that I am, my VP has never been better. Although my vitality is steadily decreasing

    well one regen later and it is fixing itself, but i'm not too sure yet, will check back soon

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    Tissy reacted to Ungod in Xie He's Six Canons   
    Today I found about this Chinese painter who laid out 6 laws for drawing:
    1. Engender a sense of movement through spirit consonance.
    2. Use the brush with the bone method.
    3. Responding to things, depict their form.
    4. According to kind, describe appearances [with color].
    5. Dividing and planning, positioning and arranging.
    6. Transmitting and conveying earlier models through copying and transcribing.
    To me, these are pointers on how to draw, how to compose and how to train yourself in the art. However, this might be wrong, because as I read, this was written using a small amount of characters. If anyone knows more...feel free to correct me.
    (why these laws are important...I read DaVinci describing 'good drawing', talking about perspective and shading, but his observations were not only more technical, but also involved mathematics. It's not like the basic theory is that much different - for example, DaVinci talks about the importance of knowing the underlying structure, the skeleton, just as Xie underlines it in nr.2. It's that these older tenants can be taught easily, while Renascentist art has added dimensions to drawing)
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    Tissy reacted to Dhyone in Xie He's Six Canons   
    "Spirit Resonance,"  "Bone Method"  "Correspondence to the Object" "Suitability to Type" "Division and Planning" "Transmission by Copying" 

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    Tissy reacted to Muratus del Mur in A new value unit - donating hours of my life :)   
    Over the years, in MD, many people learned things that eventually changed their life.
    In 15 years of MagicDuel, this is probably the most valuable thing thing one could obtain, along with lifetime friends.
    I want to revive this "MD spirit" 
    So...what is this about? Let me try to explain it
    People can be divided in two categories, and all people belong to both  so how is this ? Each one of us has questions but also answers. In your line of work, you might be paid with 100Eur/hour or 2Eur/hour, its still an hour of your life. There are many young people that might spend years of their life searching for something they love to do, or discover that something in the most unexpected place. Myself, i teached things i knew to md people, sometimes "pro-bono" other times because i needed them to do things, but either way, in the end, they learned something new.
    I wish to introduce a new value unit, lets call it "lecture coins". 
    One lecture coin equals one hour of your life sharing knowledge from your line of work, regardless what your work is. You might be a good programmer, or a doctor (and yes we have several in md), or you might be simply a delivery guy thinking you have nothing valuable to share. One lecture coin equals one hours of your life, and in that hour you must share your knowledge from your field of work, as best as you can, as if your life depended on it.
    The person "listening" and learning from you, will discover the tips and tricks of your particular line of work, and might love it, or might just expand his knowledge about it for other use, regardless, that person, the pupil, will pay you one lecture coin for that hour of your life. With that coin you can "buy" time from someone else, equal also one hour of their time, sharing detailed and valuable info from their own knowledge.
    You might think...some peoples time values more than others, and thats true...but knowledge is knowledge, and if you are looking for it, its valuable, regardles how much it costs as monetary value its still an HOUR of someones life.
    The rules are these:
    For one full hour, you will try to answer any question, but  also provide unrequested info from your personal expertise, as if you would have to teach someone to do your job the next day. 
    You will put all possible effort into this, during that hour, and that person will rate you at the end, telling if you provided info that was valuable, or not.
    In exchange, you receive a lecture coin, that you will be able to use for same purpose yourself.
    Also, you will have a "menu" presenting all possible knowledge fields you could cover, regardless how stupid or valuable they might be. You could be a SEO expert or lawyer, asking for 600$/hour, or a pizza guy that could share tips and tricks about how to do that job better, its equal value. Think that you might change lives forever, losing just an hour or two of your life, you might make someone a better person, or earn a lifetime friend.
    I will be the first to donate time of my life to this. I will sponsor lecture coins to anyone that wishes to participate, and get people that want to listen to what they have to say, for one hour, and these lecture coins are payment i will accept for my own time, sharing information the best i can, from any field i might have something to say about.
    As example, i will show you my menu, for anyone interested:
    My current "Menu" is this:
    - Learning programming in general
    - Tips and tricks about webdevelopment and webdev tips and tricks accumlated over years, not easy to find online
    - How to start to learn python (:D i am new to it too, but i will share an hour with you, guiding you through the best and most time saving info i can)
    - Any question you could ask a webdeveloper with 20years experience paid with 50$/h, i will consider you paid me 50$ and act accordingly, but will do only knowlede sharing, not work in your place.
    - neural networks, robotics, and anything related i might know
    - a random choice of art related activity i will pick, that you could replicate
    -  Anything else i might know and you know how to ask, to the best of my ability
    - a mix of all of the above, trying to the best of my ability to find something that interests you personally. I will consider you pay me double my hourly rate, only if you are satisfied in the end, even if its all for free.
    - psychological adice and personal experience share of how to overcome addictions (why not, i've become an expert from my own experience and from others)
    - cooking lessons of my favorite food adapted to your resources
    I will start sharing 3 hours of my life to either individuals, or groups, and expect other professionals out there to contribute the same way.
    Do you want to participate and learn new stuff. Either participate as a student or as a teacher.
    Thats it.. i hope this initiative resonates with you, because i think MD is about knowing people and learning from them, so if you are here, lets get organized
    Overall i plan to put in motion 100 lecture coins, that will circulate in exchange of hours of your knowldge. 100 should be more than enough, but i will start with sponsoring you if you offer to share hours, or learn, and with hours of my time, each valuing one symbolic coin. 
    These coins will be also given as items in your md inventory, and medals will come for those that gather most.
    My time is very limited so i will select the people i wish to dedicate time to, but just ask...or offer.
    Thats all.
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    Tissy reacted to Blackshade Rider in Auction part 2   
    Sorry for such a late reply. Ive been very busy in RL. 
    I have a lot of free time on my hands again and will be back. 
    The winner of the imprinted dark is Dark Demon. He guessed 600000 and my number was 666666. He was the closest without going over. Congrats. 
    All others who are waiting on their items or waiting to pay for their items please message me as i will be giving a one time discount for the troubles.
    Thank you all in partaking in my Auction. Another may yet to come. 
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    Tissy reacted to Blackshade Rider in Public apology   
    Hello all.
    This is a long over due apology. I havent been the best of a player recently. There are a lot of people i have done wrong to and i regretted it. Ive burned a lot of bridges here and lost some good friends.
    My first apology goes to chewett. For those who dont know ive spoken to chewett on personal levels. He has been trying to be there for me even in my rough times and ive been nothing but mean to him. For that i am sorry. He has still to this day tried to work with me and help me and i let my personal issues get in my way and id explode on him. Blaming him for things that really isnt his fault. Chewett id like to say thank you. Youve put up with a lot of my bullshit and still tried to help me. Your a good person and i am sorry for the way i have acted and treated you these past years. Please forgive me. I am trying to better myself.
    My next apology goes to golemus. It was i that played the hand in destroying your guild and in turn it seemed to silence your land. I was mad at the king grido and was mad about a lot of things. Dst and others made promises that were never fulfilled. I regret that as well. Miq you did a lot of work to earn it back and i respect that and i really am sorry i ever handed it over to dst. You are also now king and you deserve it more than grido did. Your a good person. All hail king miq. Long live golemus. I hope the people of the land can forgive me. 
    To all others and there are many , id like to say i am sorry. Some i have been rude to for no reasons. Others ive been mean to because i couldnt get my own selfish gain. Im not always the best of person. I have some RL mental issues that yes ive been battling with among other things. Though this should not be an excuse. I am trying. Ive been getting help and working on myself. I want to rebuild the bridges ive burned and i want to dedicate myself to the dead entirely as many know my character has always revolved around the dead. 
    From this day i swear to try my best to be a better player and mend broken friendships. I know its not something that will happen over night but i hope all can forgive me and give me a chance to fix my wrongs. I thank you all who have been patient with me. Chewett most of all. I love this game and plan to stay as long as possible. I hope we can mend the broken ties. Thank you all. I wish you all the best. 
    I am terrible with apologies i hope this is meaningful to you all. Thanks for your time. 
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    Tissy got a reaction from Steno in Auction part 2   
    I haven’t seen BSR ever since the jail tour. 
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    Tissy got a reaction from redneck in Auction part 2   
    I haven’t seen BSR ever since the jail tour. 
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    Tissy got a reaction from Demonic God in A game of co-operation and deception - Official thread   
    Me the same. I already had some annis and am short of the slots. 
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    Tissy reacted to Aia del Mana in Do you wish to become a Knight or Priestess?   
    The structure of the alliance has not changed, although none have taken up knighthood within our ranks of late.
    If thou shouldst find interest in the Eclipse and our ways, I would that thou dost approach myself within the realm, or with a message upon the Forum, and we shall make discussion on thy role.
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    Tissy reacted to Steno in Treasure Hunt/Race (Shop Keeper's Lost his Marbles!)   
    If you are in the middle of this quest, I made MAJOR changes to this quest today and will likely do so again going forward. I request that until you see an update here that you pause in this quest.
    I apologize for any inconvenience. I am trying to turn this quest into a permanent quest, and that means I must change quite a lot so it doesn't need my involvement.
    Thank you.
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    Tissy got a reaction from Steno in A game of co-operation and deception - Official thread   
    I’ll ask for the same. 
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    Tissy reacted to Demonic God in A game of co-operation and deception - Official thread   
    Apologies for the long delay. Here are the final results of the quest:
    Sunfire            -        Jester            -        1
    Jakubhi            -        King            -        0
    Steno            -        Peasant            -        0
    lashtal            -        Knight            -        0
    Tissy            -        Bishop            -        0
    Ailith            -        Servant            -        1
    Aelis            -        Empress            -        0
    Demon            -        Queen            -        0
    Mirus            -        Merchant        -        1
    Ledah            -        Footsoldier     -        0
    Total- 3
    Aia                -        Princess        -        0
    Lashtal            -        Knight            -        0
    Ledah            -        footsoldier        -        0
    DD                -        Peasant            -        1
    Tissy            -        Queen            -        0
    Ailith            -        Sservant        -        1
    Sunfire            -        Jester            -        1
    Aelis            -        Merchant        -        0
    Jakubhi            -        Empress            -        1
    Mirus            -        General            -        0
    Total- 4

    Aia                -        Bishop            -        0
    Lashtal            -        Queen            -        0
    Ledah            -        Captain            -        0
    Steno            -        Footsoldier        -        0
    Dark Demon        -        King            -        0
    Yokin/Tissy        -        Knight            -        0
    Ailith            -        Servant            -        1
    Sunfire            -        Jester            -        1
    Jakubhi            -        Empress            -        1
    Mirus            -        General            -        0
    Total- 3

    Aia                -        Princess        -        0
    Lashtal            -        Bishop            -        1
    Tissy            -        King            -        0
    Ledah            -        Knight            -        0
    Steno            -        Footsoldier        -        0
    DD                -        Peasant            -        1
    Jak                -        Captain            -        0
    Mirus            -        Merchant        -        1
    Sunfire            -        Jester            -        1
    Aelis            -        Queen             -        0
    Total- 4
    Aia                -            Priestess    -        0
    Jakubhi            -            Empress        -        1
    Yokin/Tissy        -            Knight        -        0
    Mirus            -            General        -        0
    Sunfire            -            Jester        -        1
    Dark Demon        -            Queen        -        0
    Steno            -            Peasant        -        0
    Ailith            -            Merchant    -        0
    Aelis            -            Princess    -        1
    Ledah            -            Captain     -        0
    Total- 3
    Aia                -            Knight        -        0
    lashtal            -            Bishop        -        1
    Ledah            -            Priestess    -        0
    Steno            -            Queen        -        0
    Dark Demon        -            Peasant        -        1
    Ailith            -            Servant        -        1
    Sunfire            -            Jester        -        1
    Aelis            -            Captain        -        0
    jakubhi            -            King        -        0
    Mirus            -            General        -         0
    Total- 4

    Aia                -        Priestess        -        0
    Sunfire            -        Jester            -        1
    Dark Demon        -        Knight            -        0
    Jakubhi            -        Peasant            -        0
    Lashtal            -        Knight            -        0
    Tissy            -        Bishop            -        0
    Steno            -        General            -        0
    Mirus            -        Merchant        -        1
    Aelis            -        Captain            -        0
    Ailith            -        Footsoldier        -        0
    The total award points are as follow:
    1st/2nd/3rd Tied! Steno, Ailith and Tissy all receive18 spending points!
    4th/5th/6th Tied! Aia, Aelis and Lastal all receive 4 spending points!
    7th: Ledah won the 7th spot :P, he shall receive 3 spending points
    Since I did not receive submission from Dark Demon, Sunfire, or Jakubhi, they are disqualified for the rewards

    Please PM/reply here to let me know what reward do you desire
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    Tissy reacted to Steno in Looking for idioms   
    Ungod: No translation I could find wasn't offensive... so I didn't make one
    Tissy #1: 
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    Tissy got a reaction from Jubaris in Tutorial Campaign Quest - Quest for new players   
    If you are in the mainland, you could type “tutorial “ on the signpost of Marble Dale Park. 
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    Tissy got a reaction from Steno in Tutorial Campaign Quest - Quest for new players   
    If you are in the mainland, you could type “tutorial “ on the signpost of Marble Dale Park. 
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    Tissy got a reaction from Steno in A New Room has been found in Sage's Keep   
    Thanks  Steno. It was so much fun and motivating. 
    I planned some symbols like Taichi Ying-Yang at the very beginning. 
    but the more I thought about it, I felt they are less necessary. 
    almost all the symbols are similar to what we’ve seen or just another form.
    So it turned out to be a void in the end. 
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    Tissy reacted to Lazarus in Cyrus Siridius & the long wave of plushies   
    Thank you for making this quest lashtal, the artwork submissions were all great! Though I felt really overqualified for this, so I wish to part 15 of these plushies and give 5 each to Ungod, Steno and Ailith, I was planning on doing it myself but since the Plushies had become non-transferable I thought it would be helpful if I declare it. 
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