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  1. I’m in if it’s open to MP3 level.
  2. Time. The time past left the existence you could never touch. You know everything about it but you just can’t do anything to reach it. Also the love you accept the fact of fruitless yet cannot stop missing the one ever. It drains all your mindpower, silently.
  3. I think 3 wins are not enough to design a strategy against strategy. as you have to observe at least 2 rounds to guess your opponent's strategy. So one cannot do better than random.
  4. Good tournament. Should we know the list of the participants before submitting the strategy?
  5. the tokens on my horseman don't display correctly. I don't remember how many tokens are on the horseman. It just shows a blank bracket. or perhaps the issue happens to horseman only. as it's picture never shows in the creature interface.
  6. Tissy

    WTS Angiens

    Yep. And with random tokens
  7. Don’t forget the MP3s. Too many limitation barriers and too few peers.
  8. BTW. Steno and Tyche, how are you? Are you still there?
  9. Became a normal angien when it was upgraded? that would be so frustrated after a long time sleep.
  10. I was supposed to be there as I applied. But sorry I’ve been snowed under recently in RL. I guess I cannot take the job for a period. I discussed about the state and my opinion of the island when I began to take the job. I thought it’s about the details of the guidance and rewards on tasks and the thought keeps the same. Please PM me if someone wants to take the position as a guardian or tour guide of the island. I’ll pass the tools to next one.
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