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  1. Don’t forget the MP3s. Too many limitation barriers and too few peers.
  2. BTW. Steno and Tyche, how are you? Are you still there?
  3. Became a normal angien when it was upgraded? that would be so frustrated after a long time sleep.
  4. I was supposed to be there as I applied. But sorry I’ve been snowed under recently in RL. I guess I cannot take the job for a period. I discussed about the state and my opinion of the island when I began to take the job. I thought it’s about the details of the guidance and rewards on tasks and the thought keeps the same. Please PM me if someone wants to take the position as a guardian or tour guide of the island. I’ll pass the tools to next one.
  5. Item 2 - 10 plushies Item 3 (x2) - 50 plushies total: 60 plushies. with 53 from me and 7 from Eara.
  6. I won’t go that far in the beginning. All I want is a convenient place to trade, like the auction house in WoW. the lack of fluidity in our ecosystem is partly caused by the inconvenience that one has to pm or post topics, which happens only when one feels necessary. put everything you don’t need in a house. Set a starting bid price or a buyout price and leave. The purchase happens not only when people need but mostly when they see. if you want to introduce risk. There could be blink bidding. the guillotine concept sounds more like a gamble to me. I like gamble, pe
  7. Lol I missed that one. Thought no one is interested in an angien.
  8. 1 plushy on Item 7 - Angien Egg (normal), 2836 age ID: 793911
  9. Are you sure you're going that high so fast!
  10. What is a “tutorial” shade?
  11. It happened to all land cleansers
  12. I’m not sure if I misunderstood. I already bought 6 erolin devices and they became my heat slots. So I thought they are the same thing.
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