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  1. Maybe if you finish chapter 2 and you are friendly with the city it will open?
  2. In all honesty I'm not sure if this will work... Personally I would prefer to see a system where you can't buy/learn the spells like you said but have to find the words in the story. But once you have typed it out like your idea, you wont have to type it to cast it again making life a lot easier.
  3. hey hey! hope you enjoy your stay here XD
  4. Aha I think I get it! I wont explain it as I will probably be wrong so I shall save my foolishness for another day
  5. If these story's are half as good as the in game text I can't wait. When the game gets really popular you could release a book! It'd be awesome!
  6. Stop with all the food already! It just isn't funny anymore!!!!11!11!!!!!!! *panting* now I've got that out of my system...I don't wanna wait I want answers!
  7. What is the wizard waiting for?!?!?!?! It's been long enough! Tell us already!
  8. I know Ive kinda been one of the long time members or a Veteran as such XD but I just noticed today my hello message only got one reply from another user so lets pretend I'm new and show me some god damn gratitude for being so awesome people!
  9. Awwww well kill my last guess hmmm.... The wizard is the guardian of the desert and all things that reside upon its land, all creatures from the stirring snake to the silent cactus he stops all beings from harming them.
  10. The wizard is awaiting for a hero to rise (Us players) and beat the rising evil which is revealing itself upon us In short: for the game to begin!
  11. Im actually 15 but thanks for the virtual gift!!
  12. Yeah i know but that's the one he was doing so yeah I just used the obvius meaning to xplain
  13. Rp stands for roleplay which is where you play a certain charecter on the internet and act it out by typing. If that makes any sense?
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