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  1. MD’s dashing overlord, Muratus del Mur Recently purchased a nice knator fur He too bought a mirror, for he’s rather vain Then quickly realized he wore Fang Archbane A pompous old man named Ivorak Came upon a filthy abandoned shack It dripped with dust, Pompy made a big fuss For dirtiness left him nonplussed A froggy sort of man, BFH the White Nibbled a Christmas cookie, only a bite The Wookie said it was fine, “Here, take nine!” But BFH fell ill and died
  2. Rendition of Antonio Lauro's "Registro." Thanks for listening!
  3. I'm well, thanks. I've been logging in with Hedge for the past couple weeks, getting back into the swing of things. Hope you're well, too. Is this an official decision? Would be good to know. Hedge
  4. Playername: Hedge Munos ID: 208332 AD: 740 I am an active user of most social media formats (including Twitter and Facebook, as you've mentioned) and as such have a solid understanding of social media culture and formatting. I have adequate writing and editing skills, as well as an ability to gather and organize information. Though I was fairly inactive for a while due to adjustments IRL, I have stayed up to date on the going-ons of MD and am now able to dedicate more time to the game. Thanks for your consideration, Hedge
  5. Angien sold to Aethon for 2gc. Toxidendrite is still for sale.
  6. Confused, are you still making this offer? If so, you are the highest bidder as miscellaneous offers are accepted
  7. Not much. Bumped with heat & angien is level 3 *correction angien is lvl 3
  8. Angien ID: 668618 Age: 1684 Heat: 195530 Toxidendrite ID: 736404 Age: 1489 Heat: 332690 Also free pimp if you want it Hedge
  9. *Nimrodel*   Sold. Seek Keep for for the burned book, jewelled pin, and poker chip, as well as the scents (to be talked about in person). See Hedge Munos for the small pouch and angien card.   Change   Sold. Keep for the blue ink and wooden bowl. Hedge Munos for the pet rock and fungal mass.   lashtal   Sold. See Keep
  10.   Not sure how others feel about it, but making all crafted items rare would confuse me. There's quite a difference between the two in function. If it would be a pain to go in and change all of them then there's not much reason to, but if they are to be changed I personally think they are better suited as 'personal' items rather than 'rare' ones.
  11. I (Hedge Munos) have a pet rock I'll sell if you haven't traded for one already
  12. Looking to sell. Goes to highest offer:   http://imgur.com/N2dkZta
  13. Updated   * means I'm reluctant to sell unless the item suits you better than I   Kitchen:   Wooden bowl Packet of Marshmallows Yang's fortune cookie #3   Scholar:   Blue ink Burned book Brass monocle   Animal/Body:   Canine teeth Fungal mass Bloated Knator Head   Scent:   Lavender sachet Knator essence after shave Musk Incense * Incense burner *   Pet:   Pet Rock   Cards:   Angien Card Miscellaneous:   Jewelled Pin Poker Chip Blurry Shard of Glass Small Pouch Brass Key Chain * Mosa
  14. Tried not to replicate anyone ID: 251010   Small toothbrush - Useful for the cleaning of teeth; it looks used Ceramic monkey - A small ceramic monkey without a tail Laundry bag - Masks the smell of your dirty laundry Shoe plant - A small plant resting in a shoe White plume - Just needs a hat Black plume - Just needs a hat Green plume - Just needs a hat Purple plume - Just needs a hat Boring book - Zzz... Tiny mittens - Too small for the average hands Shrunken bed - Suitable for a pet rock Used tape - A piece of tape with hair stuck to it Plain lampshade - Just a lone lampsh
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