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  1. MD’s dashing overlord, Muratus del Mur Recently purchased a nice knator fur He too bought a mirror, for he’s rather vain Then quickly realized he wore Fang Archbane A pompous old man named Ivorak Came upon a filthy abandoned shack It dripped with dust, Pompy made a big fuss For dirtiness left him nonplussed A froggy sort of man, BFH the White Nibbled a Christmas cookie, only a bite The Wookie said it was fine, “Here, take nine!” But BFH fell ill and died
  2. Rendition of Antonio Lauro's "Registro." Thanks for listening!
  3. I'm well, thanks. I've been logging in with Hedge for the past couple weeks, getting back into the swing of things. Hope you're well, too. Is this an official decision? Would be good to know. Hedge
  4. Playername: Hedge Munos ID: 208332 AD: 740 I am an active user of most social media formats (including Twitter and Facebook, as you've mentioned) and as such have a solid understanding of social media culture and formatting. I have adequate writing and editing skills, as well as an ability to gather and organize information. Though I was fairly inactive for a while due to adjustments IRL, I have stayed up to date on the going-ons of MD and am now able to dedicate more time to the game. Thanks for your consideration, Hedge
  5. Angien sold to Aethon for 2gc. Toxidendrite is still for sale.
  6. Confused, are you still making this offer? If so, you are the highest bidder as miscellaneous offers are accepted
  7. Not much. Bumped with heat & angien is level 3 *correction angien is lvl 3
  8. Angien ID: 668618 Age: 1684 Heat: 195530 Toxidendrite ID: 736404 Age: 1489 Heat: 332690 Also free pimp if you want it Hedge
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