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  1. Did you see the new episode of Avatar that came out? It was so cool! :D

  2. That is a good question. Water WOULD be pretty cool. They all have their good points. I would want to be Avatar and bend them ALL! ;)

  3. I was looking for any posts relating to the new Archive section that opened up and found this one. Just wanna say, this new area is HUGE and complicated and I SOOO look forward to figuring it out and working it out. I am so excited and I cant even say. :lol: I play a lot of games and read a lot of forums but its not too often that I post so something really either has to get my goat (I was going to yell about the change from NPC's having a win/lose count to being changed that they dont count but I decided not to argue about it) or something really has to inspire me and this is one of those things. Now, about what this thread involves, I would LOVE to research a topic. If you would allow me to do so I'd like to do a topic about either spirites (ghosts, polterguists, etc) or space, astronomy, something to that like. Let me know and if so, send me more info like you said so I know what youre looking for, want, and need for this project to grow. Thanks! -TheBlueSpirit
  4. By the way, which element would you like to bend? I would like to bend water :P

  5. Yay, it's Zukos alter-ego. I love the show too. Thanks for your comment.

  6. The Blue Spirit from Avatar the Last Airbender right? I like that anime.

  7. I voted for more NPC's, Casters, and Necrovion. I haven't opened up all areas yet, it just recently finished all the story that was available.
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