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  1. i solved this problem with sacrificing my maxed creatures. i got 200 honor points from sacrificing them
  2. i have -675 honor point. when i attack some1 who gives me positive honor i cant get any exp or honor points from him. it says " your honor point is too low you cant get anything from this fight". and second question is i have reached max exp what should i do? 12062591 Total XP and my creature exp is 3m now ty
  3. darknessado

    Story mode

    http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/852/42228375uc5.png is it normal???
  4. forums color is good now . its color suits with game too
  5. if possible i would want to be in evil group
  6. if you see MUR pls tell him i am looking for him
  7. hey still same i can open forum but not main game page . ((
  8. Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage ????? what does it mean? game page is active or not ?
  9. E lost: -9119vit; A lost: 20165vit; Casualties: Defender:-551.997%, Attacker:73.08796%
  10. its very very bad idea Trophy Heads stats idea. i dont want to see who is where and i dont want to be seen too. pls mur ( project leader) delete Trophy Heads stats link. its senseless. i know its the test but we can do this contest without Trophy Heads stats link better. pls consider it
  11. i fond that room and i dont understand how could i missed there
  12. where is the marind room ( 4_1*2_18) i looked everywhere in MDA. 4_1*2_3 4_1*2_10 4_1*2_20 4_1*2_22 4_1*2_23 ....... but i cant find 4_1*2_18 pls help me
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