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  1. Speaking of promotions... Most of the sites we are encouraged to vote on are for MMORPG's or other PC games. Since this is a PBBG you may wish to have the players vote on sites that are strictly devoted to PBBG's too. As far as I know, there are only two: http://www.pbbgwarp.com/ http://www.topwebgames.com/ Relating to PBBG Warp, don't get turned off by the low numbers, the total number of votes is divided by a high number in order to keep the vote "score" lower and easier to rate. BTW, as far as accurately rating a game, I'm very much against the voting system because they do not portray the best games, but only the games with the most active voters. But for promoting a game they work well.
  2. Could you clarify this please? You begin by saying we dont earn XP but then follow that up with "...The experience points you gain..." Do you mean to say "The experience points your creatures gain..."? When I click to view another player, I see their XP, is this also creature XP? Isn't it true that creatures are not physical things and therefore their XP is really mine? Would that explain why there is an XP value visible when we click on players? If I sacrifice a creature ... will XP value associated with my character decrease too?
  3. That must be it because I get attacked often and as a result, I'm in a near state of perpetual ritual forgetfullness. Thanks again.
  4. Is there a way to set up a combat ritual without engaging battle? Also, I set up my initial set of creatures for defend and recruited a new set .. yet when I get attacked my "defend" set is not invoked and instead the creatures that are invoked during the combat seem to random. If the invocation of creatures during an attack is random, then I'm not sure that I'm clear on the benefit of having two teams, one for attack and one to defend.
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