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  1. Oh oh pick me!!!! I know this for sure this time ok so you countinue to chapter 2 and the town is invaded by shades and they destroy the statue and make the underground passege there stronghold by expanding it farther with there slave army to save the town (should you chose the "be heroic and cleave the darkness from the land" option) you must defeat 3 guard shades and 1 master shade if successful the town awards you +300 Vit and +150 VP and a special weapon then the underground becomes a duel arena for random shades thats pretty cool ya? if u think so quote a reply for this post please or lea
  2. Im thinking about some sort of ultiment dueling weapon (could be sword, staff, dagger, or claw set) that adds 15 attack and 4 defence bonus but you can only get it on 7th mind power for 5000 VP Discription; A weapon of dark origens purified by a paladin who's name is lost to time this incredable weapon has leveled entire fortresses with one stroke it is said it is forged of an ancient metal so hard it can break even the hardest armor and cursed to kill with one cut/bash.....don't slip while carrying it
  3. well this brings in a new consept Raising creatures (leveling up creatures to get princi points or other things) im working on it a bit myself we will have to see if this brings any unforceen probelms but for now i dont see anything wrong with it it just turns creatures u dont use into max vit and VP or princi points and attack defence or other things I really dont see the probelm with it the note in the change log for alpha verson 4 said anything you can do to make yourself strong without cheating so if you exploit the max thing then more power to ya (and i mean that literally and figuraltiv
  4. Hey me too hope you make it to the big time Flameheart
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