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  1. Hi again did i mention i LOVE this game
  2. I like ur nightshade, i fed him...hope i gave him the right treat lol

  3. Helloooooo every one I love this game
  4. I never recieved word if I'm in or not I'm Mind Power 4 In Game Name: SilentShade1 Group: A or B Please
  5. I would like to be in group A or group B Mind Power:4 In Game Name: SilentShade1
  6. if any one is talking about the statue in marind bell's park i got rid of it if you want to know tell me ill post the answer
  7. what happend? i said the answer was death yesterday and my comment is not here any more was it deleted cause the info bar said thats wat STF used as an answer do i win anything for saving STF? it doenst really matter i mean im kinda his friend
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