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  1. Freedom does taste good..

  2. Buy them and ask me to change it... Could be a idea..
  3. Or you could trying to push CTRL key and the F5 key on your keyboard together. That could olso help.
  4. Did you used a CTRL+F5 and or did you delete your browser temp/cookies manuel? Did you try it out without your firewall/antivirus?
  5. Hi, Can you send me a screen shot of the code please... Shoeps@magicduel.com
  6. Mur knowes of this problem, i have told him about it... when in alliance you can not see howmutch honor you will get or lose...
  7. Yes reinstall the latest flash player and clean all the temp files by hand and cookies..... That should work, i hope...
  8. Those new voting system is out of Mur his hands.. He can not control it in any way.
  9. Hi, LOL. Just use Firefox and all will be fine..... i hope..
  10. June 13th, 2006, 03:54 AMTo any RPG fans, W3C recommandations lovers, Firefox addicts, members of this community There is a game called Magic Duel (http://magicduel.com) This might be one of the best browser based RPGs to come. Even if it has not been released yet, the developers are not interested in a standard compliant game. They will be satisfied if the game performs well under IE. I try to explain them how wrong is to be browser-centric (even worse, IE-centric). But it seems to me that I'm the only one in that small community supporting W3C recommandations. The others say they
  11. Usely CTRL + F5 would help...
  12. You mean the sleeping beasts... :lol:
  13. Same here, already beaten those carracters... ps:there is a way in willow shop...
  14. Nice nice. The game stays online...
  15. sms is a good idea and i guess that that will happen but when i dont know....
  16. I will donate next month to.
  17. Paypal is free to make a account.
  18. Hi, Let us all get our wallet and pay him what you can mis at paypal. I will donate to. Who's next???
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