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  1. [quote name='Manda' timestamp='1282927355' post='67176'] 5 silver each [/quote] Thats to little and i wont sell any of them for that.
  2. Hi, Im selling 5 Angiens with Age 451 of today. The have no tokens. This selling will end at 04/09/2010
  3. Freedom does taste good..

  4. 5 gold and 50 silver, 3 max angiens, 2 max gg dragorns and 2 max rustie for the Dark
  5. Shoeps

    Quest Rewards

    [b]*From: dst (ID:17096) [/b][i]*sent 17 hours and 50 minutes ago[/i] Quest I don't want the wp or the spell pages. I want the drach. And my name on the winners list. If I don't get what I have asked for then I will sabotage every little quest DS or you will ever put up. And you know that I am smart and I can do it. This is not a threat but a warning. If by the time I wake up, I don't have the CTC...well...I will begin my little plan.
  6. Simplyzero, leader of DS guild has refused your request to join.
  7. Yeah Pampy is mine, mine mine mine and mine...
  8. OH there you are! I put dots in front and back of your name. Silly me.

  9. hi there hows it going =)

    *pokes Shoeps*

    take care

    ^ ^

  10. Hi shopes :)

    how are you

    *gives shoep´s a slight poke*

    take care ;)

  11. He just might save the internet one day ;)

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