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  1. Freedom does taste good..

  2. OH there you are! I put dots in front and back of your name. Silly me.

  3. hi there hows it going =)

    *pokes Shoeps*

    take care

    ^ ^

  4. Hi shopes :)

    how are you

    *gives shoep´s a slight poke*

    take care ;)

  5. He just might save the internet one day ;)

  6. Buy them and ask me to change it... Could be a idea..
  7. Or you could trying to push CTRL key and the F5 key on your keyboard together. That could olso help.
  8. Did you used a CTRL+F5 and or did you delete your browser temp/cookies manuel? Did you try it out without your firewall/antivirus?
  9. Hi, Can you send me a screen shot of the code please... Shoeps@magicduel.com
  10. Mur knowes of this problem, i have told him about it... when in alliance you can not see howmutch honor you will get or lose...
  11. Yes reinstall the latest flash player and clean all the temp files by hand and cookies..... That should work, i hope...
  12. Those new voting system is out of Mur his hands.. He can not control it in any way.
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