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    John Constantine reacted to dst in Christmas Cards in October yeeey!   
    Yes, this year, again, I plan to make my own Christmas Cards. And as usual time is limited (this year more than ever).
    So, if you want one, let me know.
    Nimmy, Princypuss, Miq, Chew, Eon will all get one (unless they started hating me in a course of 1 year).  Oh and I shall ask again for addresses just in case you moved. 
    The rest...you know the drill.
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    John Constantine reacted to Kyphis the Bard in R2D2 speaks out   
    Given the current climate in MD, I figured I'd share this video. Someone altered R2D2's message to Obi Wan in Episode four, and the comments he makes are rather apt for what has been going on the last few weeks, so I thought people would get a kick out of it.
    Offtopic because Starwars.
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    John Constantine reacted to Muratus del Mur in Message to Mur   
    Umm, dear player,
    The good news is that YES you can have all of the above!!!
    The bad news is .. i am not sure how.
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Confessions   
    There is indeed contradiction, and like I said it is impossible to please everyone. I'll reply the same which I sent to you in our PM:
    "I'll obviously try to find a grey area, and I'll share it with you
    What I plan to do is that I do EVERYTHING I can to go for my role. If someone says against it or dislikes me for it, I will not try to reduce my role or not do what I want to go for, so that I can please them. But at the same time, I will not be rude at all.
    On the other hand, I'll definitely try and be more appealing and friendly to those who DO want to help me and don't want me to move away from my role (unlike the past when I was rude to everyone and hurt even those who tried to help).
    I think Ailith meant that I ignore all -negative- external input (that which discourages me) rather than being completely contradictory, and I will do that to the fullest."
    And something else, which seems obvious: You cannot expect me to suddenly forget my past.
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    John Constantine reacted to dst in Here, someone take these!   
    Great drawings, TERRIBLE photos.
    Do something about the quality please :D
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    John Constantine reacted to Chewett in About PMSing and stuff   
    Nim is subjecting me to electro therapy, But since she doesn't classify me as human thats fine.
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Confessions   
    The following is a VERY long, personal and emotional post. I knew I had to end up making it sooner or later. I know that many of you will not change a single thought, and will misinterpret it, and will make a mess of it. This is for the few people that don't do all that.
    I’ll start by saying that if I didn’t have faults, I wouldn’t be in the position I am right now. Some of you see more faults than there are, some see less, some are vocal about specific ones and make them a bigger issue than they are, and some you don’t even notice.
    Throughout my time in MD, there have been two…. “phases” I’ve experienced. Sometimes they run separately, but sometimes they overlap. When they overlap, they either result in a lot of anger, or a brief period away from MD. What are these two phases?
    The first is one in which I try really hard to fit into MD, tried to play “the good guy”, tried to do community stuff, and listened to way too many people. This was usually the time when I didn’t know my way around stuff. What did this cause? It caused “lack of self-respect” in me, “no guts”, “lack of sticking to one thing and constantly switching from one thing to another”, and a definite sense of “you can’t do anything in MD without help from XXX”. And of course, I ended up not pleasing anyone since people expect too much, and then all this was further multiplied by humiliation.
    The second is when I did my own thing. This happened usually because of failure of the first phase, and hence mostly resulted in overlapping. I did just what I wanted to do, and it undoubtedly caused hatred against me because people are just too used to the old ways. They complain about and ask for change but don’t want to see it at all. What did this cause? It caused “wrong initiative”, “stupidity”, “lack of judgment” (what, to choose my own path? Should I start saying everyone’s judgments and interests are wrong because they don’t match mine?).
    Then I’ve been asked what my motivations are. Why do I do this, why I act like this, and why don’t I just submit and become as the elite vets say "the proper MD ways"?
    Since almost day one in MD, I’ve seen a horrible system in which a few people have the power to do anything and drive anything in MD the way they like if they choose. They can make life hell for someone they don't like, and they can ensure (or the famous word: approve) a person they like becomes very "successful" (I don't like to use this word since I believe everyone in MD is successful at some thing or the other).
    Yes, I threw myself at the dirt and got myself ground on the floor and spat upon, because I will never be one to submit to this, that's just not me. I will never accept these "MD ways", because every way a person can forge in MD is an "MD way". 
    What played a part in urging me on? Well it was the constant hate itself. I realized many things, some of which may be entirely wrong, but they are still things I believe in. What are these things?
    First came the mere acceptance of the fact that whatever I did, I would always have people hating me for it.
    Second came the hypocrisy of the people who accused others as hypocrites, just to hide their own. They convinced me that we lack judging skills and what not, and then we see them judge people based on their backgrounds, lands, and false assumptions. They say we don't know how to do anything right, and then we see them constantly becoming and being displayed as a bad example, someone not to follow.
    And last of course, what hurt me most... that nobody tried to ignore my faults. You think I don't know that public speaking and community talk and "good explanations" is something I'm very bad at? And then you further rub it in my face by constantly twisting meanings. Everybody who judged me deliberately by the worst meanings, and not by my intentions, was shunned by me.
    And then you force me to do community stuff, rather than letting me do it on my own without pressure, etc. Why? So that you have more ways to get at me. "I absolutely need community approval for this sort of thing." Oh really? Well maybe if you actually let me try, I might have had a small chance.
    I'll stop here and move on to specifically Curi's post.
    Know that I have nothing to do with vengeance and I hate every moment of this bickering. My intention was always to prove a point, which I'm sure is pretty clear. I would have reported anyone, not just dst and Eon. The fact that they actually were dst and Eon made no difference to my desire to end this pathetically horrible system I was talking about. Its something I'd been observing for a very long time and I finally got a chance to report it now (because earlier I was told that why do I care about something that's not my business).
    Now comes Chew. The guy did more than anyone else has done for me, though he doesn't know the guilt I feel of being unable to repay him, or even convey how important he is to me. Yes, I told him not to speak to me for a while, and I still want that to continue, because things were getting very hurtful for both of us. If it makes him feel any better, I would have left MD long ago without him.
    This is all I can speak for now. There's a lot more, but I just realized how long this is... so yeah... that's it. 
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    John Constantine reacted to Ackshan Bemunah in [SIGSEGV]   
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    John Constantine reacted to Neno Veliki in Show me your nightmare!   
    Here's what you need to do..
    Draw your nightmare, frame it and back it up with a short story to get an awesome prize!
    You can't draw? Do not despair. You can collage your nightmare out of other images or mixed media be it MD related or not doesn't matter as long as its enough effort put in it to make it look good.
    After u drew or collage your nightmare scan it or take a picture of it and give it a nice fitting frame that can be found on internet with one of the image editing programs like Photoshop and write a short story to back up your artwork. Styles and techniques are all up to you.
    Your pieces can be MD related or not it doesn't matter what matters is that they are scary, funny or any other adjective that will make them interesting to spectators.
    Please no funny stuff or stealing other peoples art and presenting it as yours.
    Post your works in this thread. Forum votes will be taken into consideration while evaluating your submissions.
    The one that puts the most effort to its piece gets Rustgold Drachorn.
    Second on the finishing line gets 5 credits pack.
    Third one gets 5 silver.
    Rewards are sponsored by Necrovion.
    Contest ends on the midnight of 07.11.2014.
    All artworks will be evaluated by me and any number of judges that will be picked by me. All disputes regarding this contest matter are solved by me only. By entering this contest you agree to these terms.
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    John Constantine reacted to Fang Archbane in Redacted   
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    John Constantine reacted to Chewett in Collecting Addresses for Title Distribution   
    Mur can get my home address directly, Im not sending it to some google form that anyone could have access to.
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    John Constantine reacted to dst in Otherarmy Rituals   
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    John Constantine reacted to Chewett in Otherarmy Rituals   
    Allow cross mp farming generally?
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    John Constantine reacted to Rophs in Otherarmy Rituals   
    Allow us to bind rituals with Summoned Army's creatures when attacking, or pick from a few predefined ones. Also allow cross-mp attacking.
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Powerful land items and abilities   
    Laby was/is never considered a proper land since it has had absolutely no plans/development whatsoever.
    But that will change :D
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    John Constantine reacted to Chewett in Redundant location removal   
    Actually it looks like the reason is that each scene was coded to do "one" job, and therefore to have the additional stuff popup Mur needed another scene.
    Will talk with Mur about them.
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    John Constantine reacted to Ary Endleg in Redundant location removal   
    I've been wondering what's the purpose of some locations, mainly interiors of capitol interior.
    Such locations don't have artwork of it's own, rather they have dimmed capitol interior one on top of which is generic shop icon. They don't have chat or online list or anything that makes them real locations, they are just a useless excuse for additional scene that fulfills no purpose.
    Let me list it. Aramory interior, Oak Fort interior, all of generic interiors of capitol interior such as shop, alliance list, rebel count and citizen application.
    I don't understand why people have to enter inside those locations that don't even have MD feel to them, they lack their own artwork as well. Why not make it instead that when you click on Aramory you don't enter inside but rather creature recruitment page pops up? Same for capitol, interestingly enough, one of such things is already done that way in capitols. It's item pickup place, you don't enter into yet another interior, instead you get popup.
    I suggest that all those generic locations be removed and replaced by popups.
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    John Constantine reacted to Jubaris in Powerful land items and abilities   
    Currently, the mainland kingdoms have no abilities specific to them, other than an amalgam of their individuals who might or not have some roles. Which is weird considering that when kings were introduced, they were supposed to be epicenter of our realm's activities.
    Several years later, there is still no gameplay difference between mainlands and other lands.
    Others can speak about their own lands, I am curios about everything and eager to provide thoughts, although I will be addressing Marind Bell here specifically.
    If you look at the sign at our gates:
    Marind Bell Gates
    The remains of a once flourishing town, Marind Bells real name was forgotten, and its current name is given after Marind, the protector of these lands. Its power lies in deep mysteries and powerfull protective magic developed in time to withstand Necrovions constant attacks. This land was once peaceful but is now tainted by the fury of war and hatred against darkness.
    There are no such things in the gameplay. We've been talking around in MB trying to figure out the best way to manifest land natures.
    For now, we think that the easiest solution that will have a point will be introducing new land shared items, powerful ones that will require a lot of land loyalty.
    In our case, protective abilities. For Necrovion, it will most likely all be offensive oriented, etc.
    Due to MB's isolationist nature, maintaining sanctity is what I am thinking of.
    Abilities that prevent teleporting you (while in Marind Bell at the very least), perhaps in a form of an item that assigns a nosummon tag for a period of time in a scene where you are at.
    Also, healing abilities. Resurrection items, for example, 2 of those with at least 1000 land loyalty points requirement, and maybe a month longer cooldown than the normal resurrection items.
    It sounds a radical change from this point, but it fits the general balanced system, and it is something that was long due, together with other mainland item equivalents of course.
    Calling for support on the matter, looking forward on conclusions from the discusions and welcoming suggestions and expansions.
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    John Constantine reacted to Ary Endleg in Land Structures   
    Why does there have to be anybody who points people to right direction? Wouldn't it be simpler to have a detailed list in which everything is explained and said about where and who to turn to if you need X thing? In such case everybody would be able to point out clueless person to that full list and problem would be solved.
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    John Constantine reacted to dst in The Labyrinth - continued   
    From my point of view, the item is just an item. Not related to the player or to a land (there is no player name in there and no land name). It's not even script-able. So I don't see the connection to the Labirinth.
    Second, I haven't heard of any description of an item to be ever changed to match a role or a player. Once the description was set, that's what it remained with. So good luck in getting that description changed.
    Third, you DO need the community approval because that was your task. And a task you failed at because the community didn't actually support you since you alienated almost everyone and were rude and cocky as you always are although you have absolutely no reasons to feel you're better than others.On contrary :d (but this is just my opinion :D).
    Going to Council to get your item done rather than waiting for a crafter was a smart move but somehow I don't think you were granted EXACTLY what you asked for. I mean if you wanted an item FOR Labyrinth, why not ask for a description that contains that word in it and make it a land related item (also maybe mention your name to bound it to you)? Wouldn't that be more logical? Or am I the only one seeing the logic in asking for such a description? Or were you that incompetent that you never thought of that and just went for the generic description thinking it will grant you more power (or simply didn't think to include the "Lab"  word or your name)?
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    John Constantine reacted to Ary Endleg in The Labyrinth - continued   
    First: Why would it need to have connection to Lab? I can have savelite dagger and nothing stops me from using it in role of Assassin from East.
    Second: True. Items are after all just items, no matter what it will always be possible for others to adapt to the item if they come into it's possession. You can't etch in stone the exact role and user of it. IRL even things such as wedding rings get reused, either by being passed down as family heirloom or being stolen. In my opinion the only thing DD will be able to change in that description are fixing those errors, but semantically no change will happen.
    Third: obtaining community approval has no deadline, he didn't failed as long as he doesn't give up.
    Crafters are inactive they only show up at xmas, impossible to get item made from them. It's actually quite bright idea to ask council, I don't know why nobody thought of that earlier, it's also interesting that it all went fast and smoothly, that should mean everybody else won't have problem getting items either since it appears as simple and routine thing that council is supposed to be doing. Now community knows that they can make items by emailing them, there are a lot of people waiting for very long time to craft simple common rp items, so council can expect many requests soon. It would be nice if there were a detailed public list of exact services that Council provides. I wish I knew this long time ago; I wouldn't be spending my WPs for useless stuff in WP shop.
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in The Labyrinth - continued   
    As for the description, yes, I couldn't have any mention of the Labyrinth added because that would make it into a land item not a player item. But that doesn't stop me from requesting to change it after its seen that I've played the role a while.
    The description even now is not wrong and does match the intended use, but it is also mysterious because its incomplete. The fact that someone would limit their understanding and refuse to interpret further shows a lot about their intentions.
    I already told you Mur, I don't care about anything such people have to say because they think I really need their approval to use the ring the way they think its supposed to be used... (you can see already how they got their thinking somehow drastically reduced by the description, which would otherwise be much higher).
    -edited accordingly with the change below-
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    John Constantine reacted to Muratus del Mur in The Labyrinth - continued   
    wow wow wow..hold on.
    i hope you do have a ring item with such a description. and i doubt that greatly. because if you do this solves everything, but if you don't its serious to forge it.
    In a world where words are our sensors, our eyes years nose and everything else..claiming to have something you don't is like forgery and its something i dislike.
    (This is a friendly warning so you know such things are not ok, first time i explain kindly, trying to help you not to make something stupid.)
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    John Constantine reacted to Ackshan Bemunah in The Labyrinth - continued   
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in The Labyrinth - continued   
    Yes Mur, I of course had the item crafted. I really don't know why you "doubt it greatly"...
    I never posted the description... just said what it will be used for, but yes, what dst stated is correct (and needs to be changed).
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