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    John Constantine reacted to Burns in Second Step: Storytime!   
    Since i'm not looking for a stableboy, but for an apprentice, i have to check their mental abilities before accepting them, obviously. For an easy start, not much more than a warm-up, i'll check their creativity.
    The aspiring young drachorn girls and guys would obviously need to be able to sell their work properly, not just do it well. And in MD, that means weaving a good story.
    What makes a good story, you ask? You really only need a few little things. One of them is an enthralling main character, for example a bald man with a hat and swords instead of fingernails always makes for a great start. The setting needs to be realistic enough for people to really believe in your story, too, and then you need some sidekicks, like a dragon that wants to be a drachorn, or a cute little lorerootian elf to fall in love with the hero. And of course a plot... werewolf-hunting works really well, but we've had that already, so don't try that.
    I expect you to create a fictional piece of story of yourself in reference to drachorns. It can be about your background, an adventure you survived, something that you're still working on, or a romantic story between you and a drachorn if you like. What matters is that it needs to be tied in with MD so well that a veteran would actually buy it. It needs to sound so reasonable, and fit with existing things in MD in such a manner as if it actually happened some day. If your story is not only about yourself and the drachorns, use existing characters to fill the roles. Use actual places and let things act in a reasonable way.
    Once again, i'll rate your stories all by myself, even though i'm not very good with literature. So don't bother doing masterpieces with rhymes and allegories and stuff, that won't get your a good rating. Instead work to make it interesting and enthralling, and make me believe that this could happen exactly in the way you described.
    For example, a story about a guy who gets fired off to the moon in a rocket and found a drachorn on the dark side of the moon before landing in Albion, from where he hacked his way through Hyrule and into Necrovion... not so great.
    A story about how you hunted a drachorn across the plains of No man's land and followed it into the mountains of Golemus, where you found the tiny men who invited you for tea... better, but not very creative.
    The more impressive your story is, the higher i'll reward you. And all of them must be posted in this thread, for a very simple reason: If two stories are similar, the older one (according to the forum timestamp) gets the better rating on originality.
    Oh, and get it done by Jan 14th. Editing is not allowed, and if you make a new post here, the old one will be invalidated as submission.
    Also, this is still a quest, too, not just a selection process. You don't need to have participated in the first step so you can get rewarded in this one, neither do you need to aspire to be my apprentice.
    Happy writing!
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    John Constantine reacted to Grido in Death System   
    Could always play it out like poltergeists. New ghosts can't do much, older ghosts can interact with things and mess with non-ghosts.
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    John Constantine reacted to lashtal in Death System   
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Death System   
    -heat loss/gain reversed
    -heat required for actions and movement
    -heat shrines (clickies) at graveyard(s) where people could "donate" heat to the dead (same system as donating heat to protectors, except that the "clicky" would be the shrine instead of the compass
    -resource "offerings" to the dead, allowing them to initiate shrines (???)
    -leashes would no longer work on the dead <--- because its always seemed illogical
    -"body" would always remain at the spot where the person died
    -"spirit" (aka the player) would be ported to the shrine each time they run out of heat; they can only get heat from donations at shrines
    -revival can only take place at the location the person died, which means that considerable effort may be required to "move the spirit" from the shrine/graveyard to this location
    -dying produces blood resource at the kill-site, just like fenths!
    -dying also produces bones and skulls
    -method of regeneration designed by Molquert must be solved from the dead-person's side(???)
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Death System   
    I think the Death System needs a bit of polishing.
    Currently it is boring, purposeless and the opposite of an interesting mode people would like to see it as. No, it should not be fun, but it should have a clear purpose and greater meaning than being used as a punishment/amusement in regards to the killer. For most people, death in MD has no more meaning than a bit of extra time needed to be spent for the revival, which I think is sad because it has the potential to be much more than that.
    Anyone else thinks the same way? Please post your thoughts!
    Personally I've received a few suggestions:
    ~ possible movement via heat veins
    ~ different graveyards for each land
    ~ dead-only content
    ~ ?
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Fading   
    Also shows that they demand gratitude when they're not prepared to give **** themselves...
    But I guess that's how MD links with RL.
    And no, I didn't leave because of being voted to stay dead.
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    John Constantine reacted to Azrafar in Fading   
    What happened? This is so...sudden.  
    Your Labyrinth quest went well, you created something new, got a kingdom and now you fade away (leave). 
    I guess haters started hating even more... maybe that is why I saw your character dead.
    This. Unnecessarily rude, a low blow.
    It just shows how much you hate him and you want him out of the game.
    I actualy grew fond of him, despite his flaws (that some exaggarate).
    DD, your work should stay, you don't have to destroy it. There are still people who appreciate it.
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    John Constantine reacted to Nimrodel in Fading   
    What happened?
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    John Constantine reacted to Sasha Lilias in Fading   
    Anything that was once your work was turned into MD's once you gave it to them. They would now own the copyrights to it which in turn means you have no right, nor say, for it to be removed.
    You were not forced into anything. You have taken it upon yourself to be almighty and refuse to change anything about the way you act or are, even if it means in helping yourself.
    Good bye.
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    John Constantine reacted to Sasha Lilias in Fading   
    All this instead of facing your own demons and accepting what has been said. If you learnt to take the criticism on the chin and deal with it then this would not be at all necessary. 
    Material for a king? Well...all I can say is thankfully you are king of no one...
    It is a shame.
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    John Constantine reacted to Curiose in Fading   
    I honestly hate to say that I told you so, but I told you so.
    When you treat people lower than the dirt you stand on, then they have no choice but to split it from between your feet. You are the cause for your own fall.
    Maybe when you come back you will be more mature, you will learn your lesson, and you will take more gratuity from the things people give you. You do not know the worth of friendship, much less the worth of kindness and effort. The weight is yours to bear, and only yours. Many have washed their hands of you, and so, there is none to blame but yourself.
    I do wish you luck, however, and hope you find what lessons need learning. And that you come to accept what things many have tried to teach you.
    Until then... You are not worth the air you breathe.
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    John Constantine reacted to Rophs in HBD Czez   
    You were a pretty fun friend back when I was the terrible aaront222 :D
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    John Constantine reacted to Sasha Lilias in Sasha Lilias, the festive alcoholic ghost!   
    As some of you will know the player behind Sasha Lilias enjoys a few glasses (bottles) of wine during the festive period!
    For this quest you are to draw an avatar that falls into these criteria:
    The avatar should be wearable (able to be made into an actual avatar for me to wear during festive periods). It shouldn't be serious! The funnier the better! The drawing must have some standard of art (enough so we can see what it is!) It must be obvious that it is a ghost. Let your imagination run wild! Remember that I shall be wearing this, so keep it clean and don't make it too crowded.
    Please remember this should be funny!
    Rewards will vary depending on the quality but will be rom the following:
    Wishpoint Shop Creature (Varying) Credits Coins  
    The player behind Sasha is known to become so overwhelmed on holiday cheer that sometimes rewards are ridiculously high...so who knows what the rewards may be.
    Quest end date:
    31st December 2014
    Players should submit all drawings on this thread. Drawings will then be placed for public vote on 30th December 2014 - 31st December 00:00ST.
    Good luck and make me laugh!
    ~Sasha Lilias, Ghost of Fortune

    P.s. If you are unable to make avatars feel free to create your funniest pictures. Extra funny pictures will be given a smaller(or maybe not so small...) reward!
    [spoiler]P.p.s. Humour I like: Sarcasm and insult![/spoiler]
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    John Constantine reacted to Muratus del Mur in Why A25 gameplay changes   
    The situation is like this...
    over the years, the companies that built browser-based games invested insane amounts of money into advertising certain types of games. Also, development focused on fine-tuning those games for maximum addiction. Games are in general a money making factory, literally nobody ares about any other aspect other than the business aspect.
    I started and plan to continue MD totally disregarding the business aspect of it.
    Sadly, nowadays, players are used to think less and just fit within predefined gameplay patterns, they are all, regardless of their IQ level, unconsciously trained consumers that fit well planned behaviour patters. You don't even realize it..but nowadays it is "natural" for anyone to look for resources to build stuff, and attack other monsters for "near to lose" fights that you win anyhow, just to get a level up, that will make you do the same repetitive stuff just with an other zero added to the same stats. It is so natural that you can't even imagine it might be possible any other way...lol.
    Creativity in game play is basically extinct..or almost extinct ..you can still find it hidden in the variations..but core concepts are all the same everywhere. Just a single core concept if it changes, people need to start thinking more, and need to go outside their safety zone ..this is exciting but not relaxing. MD is BASED on entirely new concepts...so its target audience is increasingly low.
    There is no way i can change that, the world as we know it goes that direction entirely...not just games...everything tends to be trained to be a much easier to control consuming mechanism, with predictable people. Americans where at some point legendary for being the most predictable and controllable consumers in existance, but this happens now to everyone almost.
    Place a contact phone in the upper right corner of a shop, and USA sales will increase by a clear percentage, because they where trained to like that.
    Make psychological prices like 1,99 and will sell better than 2.00
    Use happy colors to mark things that cost real money
    Use more or less than 3 resource types in a RTS game, and you will lose important number of players, because they are all used to manage 3 resource types, believe it or not.
    Ask a player to be creative, and you will make his brain consume a lot more power, causing a better experience but more effort, and you will lose a significant number of less creative players..that is bad for economy but good for community.
    Money in game is best asked when you already won something single-player related, or when you lose something in multiplayer related gameplay.
    I could go on and on with examples....these things i know...they are however not applied in MD because md is my baby not my business.
    To survive, MD needs to disguise itself into a more friendly and relaxing casual game, where everything is clear and fun to do, at first. Initial addiction levels will increase, old time personality filters will vanish from sight (just from sight)..and MD will start to seem a lot more commercial to the first comers.
    Because of its current depth/size md can sacrifice a large ammount of the assets it has (locations, concepts, artworks, features) , to become friendlier ..but its current depth will ensure that it will still remain insanely deep and will respect certain concepts.
    Some marketing concepts will never be integrated, and this will deprive md of more than 50% of its potential growth. However we are not struggling here to grow, we are fighting to survive with minimum damage.
    You might wonder how i decide what concepts i change in favor of growth and what concepts i keep and why.
    Its complicated, yet simple :)
    The one thing i want to respect most is to give the chance to anyone regardless of age or financial possibilities to become part of this community with equal influence potential like anyone else. As long a 13y old can become king of a land without paying anything ever (for example), then md is in my view fine in keeping this balance between paying and non paying members.
    My target is and always was, to bring together people of various cultures, ages, talents and habbits, and to offer them a place where a well defined fragment of who they are (their player/character), can evolve and confront other real people... and through that it can learn, change and evolve. My benefit is very selfish,..i do it just for myself :P ..just so i can learn more about myself, same as you do. Learning about you helps me discover myself. I offer you something , you give me back pieces of who i am, thats my trade...
    I find joy in learning and experimenting with such things, my life has a purpose when i confront issues in md that require my skills to be solved. I learned to write and to draw, so i could be of more use in md development... i have fun doing this, same as you have playing it.
    This is something of far more value than any money or fame.
    That is why i fight to keep the playerbase of md as "honest" and clean as possible and not taint it with outside powers such as money. This doesn't mean i do not need money to survive, or that i do not enjoy it if i have it. I am actually hoping, and consider it one of the "business" targets of A25 changes, to make md profitable so i can focus my time just on it, because now i need to work for others to pay my bills, and this is a terrible waste of time, instead of finishing my second book and to make md better, i lose precious time fixing bugs and coding scripts for others..not fun...you agree with me i guess.
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    John Constantine reacted to Blackshade Rider in Hell Hounds.   
    I want to create a hell hound in md. and its exsitance is due to the unbalanced nature like the shades. this is a new idea . im open to all ideas. I want to make it into an story and spread the pages threw out md and also make it a quest where you will be rewarded with an hell hound creature that you can fight with possibly. also spells would be awarded. I have talked to mur he said i need to get the help of other players that are older than him. persay mp5 mp6 maybe some mp4s depending. the story and quest is open to all mp but if an mp3 you must be active for atleast a month.
    Some that have already givin ideas
    John Constanctine
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    John Constantine reacted to Sasha Lilias in What happened to Magicduel?   
    What happened to Magicduel?
    For the last year and a half I have been on and off Magicduel sporadically, it seems everything changes apart from one problem: the lack of players.
    Now, I know many of you will say "But MD is ticking along just fine", which I don't disagree with at all,but I call this a "problem" because, personally, I quite enjoyed having a fresh wave of beginners come through, most with their unique little roles, stories, ways of thinking and everything that creates a diverse population.
    In the last 12 (and probably more) months, we seem to have lacked a quantity of new players. With older players now becoming more and more inactive, I can't see this as a "ticking along just fine" concern.
    The effect is visible; the once most densely populated alliances now have around 4-5 members, you can pass through area after area without seeing another person, less and less role play happens and it's more common to see someone idle that it is online!
    So again I ask:
    What happened to Magicduel?
    Is BFH still the primary advertiser? If so are we getting enough traffic to the website? Is advertising being maintained? Do people just not want to play the game, if so...why not? Is it not user friendly or interesting enough if you're brand new? Or is it altogether a different reason?
    MD has been around for a very long time and a lot of us have been a part of it for just as long. I don't want to see something that has been worked on so hard and has such loyal followers to just fade out with time.
    MD may only be a "game" but it is also a legacy. Without MD some of us would have never met (be it in game or in real life) and never spoken.
    I'm sure there are many of you that have something to be thankful to MD about...
    I know I do.
    ~Sasha Lilias, Ghost of Fortune

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    John Constantine reacted to Eagle Eye in Happy Birthday Sir Blut   
    Happy Birthday Sir Blut
    My wish is your good health and a blessed year of your birthday all the time:)
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    John Constantine reacted to Jubaris in Happy Birthday Sir Blut   
    Happy birthday Polish hussar!
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in New shop branch   
    I strongly say "no".
    Those are all things you obtain with wishpoints. The things you can only earn, the hard way. Making them "pay-to-get" is just wrong imo.
    Other items you mention, like "Book of Lore"/research panel... I see this identical to K-docs. These are just easy-way-around things for those who have money and will greatly undervalue not only the only thing that you can't pay for (aka wishpoints) but also the value of research. Most of it is not supposed to be "common". I doubt any person at all in MD would "sell" a thing as research.
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    John Constantine reacted to Azrafar in New shop branch   
    I don't think anything that requires WP should be out for sale. Buying stuff to help fighting is ok. Buying stuff to unlock secrets? Not so much.
    I think research and exploration is one of the integral part of the game. People should put effort into it (that includes keeping track of things your self).
    You can always make these things your self, like the bestiary. Just copy all the text from every level of every creature into a word doc.
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    John Constantine reacted to Ary Endleg in New shop branch   
    New shop branch is needed but not with stuff you suggested. I would however say yes to new shop branch aimed at RPers and inventory, but still I think game needs to improve in that field first.
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    John Constantine reacted to Muratus del Mur in Center of the Labyrinth   
    thanks, i would want these also as research docs to place in the labyrinth,
    don't worry they are also public and also in the research section..people will forget about these posts, but in-game they will remain forever
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Center of the Labyrinth   
    The exact answer to this is... 6_0x-0.5_1.
    Many of the participants actually got this from the midpoint formula (or were close), but didn't give importance to it and never submitted it! :))
    In truth, this is a major concept about the Labyrinth: its center coordinates are broken, i.e the only one which is not a whole number. It could only exist if you imagined and believed it to exist.
    However, if you consider the Labyrinth as a rectangular mirror, and the center as the initial point where the "glass" breaks, the proof of its effect is visible and does exist physically (yes, you can see it if you come to the Labyrinth with this intention, and not the intention of "not getting lost" :P). You will get lost. You must be willing to get lost. If you draw a map, its even more so obvious, provided that you look at it from the correct perspective.
    The Labyrinth will never give you what you expect from it. And what is unique about it is that those who actually realize this will not be surprised. Even then, expecting the unexpected is not enough. To truly understand it, you must enjoy doing so, and then it becomes a really simple matter. But managing to do this is not simple at all.
    I'll be making more topics in the future, regarding the Labyrinth's association with the mind and the Void. Those may fill up more gaps as to how understand its secrets and concepts.
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    John Constantine reacted to Rophs in High Spirits and Joy! - Rophsmas2014   
    What to do: Make somebody feel bubbly and joyful this holiday season, you just might get rewarded.Go out of your way and make somebody's holidays extra funtastic!
    Bubbly(adj): (of a person) full of cheerful high spirits.
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Action Points Boosters   
    I think 1000 or 777 AP is way too huge a boost. It makes Necro or GG gates completely redundant, for example.
    I strongly suggest that they be reduced to 400 max, nothing more, if they are to remain in the first place. And, they should be spread out evenly (there are 2 in Loreroot, just 4 scenes away from each other...)
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