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    John Constantine reacted to Muratus del Mur in Pick your fights wisely, they define who you are   
    The title says it all.
    I am making here notes about possible future md concepts, but for now they are useful as they are, pure information. Who sais md is "so much different" than RL, its "so blind"
    When i say fights, I am talking about "personal" fights, fights that use ideas as weapons. Fights that use weapons as weapons, lower or raise your reputation and respect others have for you.
    If you pick an inferior target:
    - you have high chances to win, this adds up to your stregth and reputation
    - if you lose, the damage you take is a lot bigger and risk for fatality increased
    If you pick on a superior target:
    - you have low chances to win, making a potential win a great booster
    - if you lose, the act itself can be seen as disrespectful.
    - regardless if you win or lose the fight, attacking someone from a different standing/level/reputation category than you, will increase fluctuations and instability in how people see you, This might be of good strategic use if you need to get out of a stuck situation (like preconceptions)...but can be deadly.
    Note: Reply only if you understand why a reply might be needed here, this is not a discussion, feel free to complete/correct the above ideas.
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    John Constantine reacted to Chewett in quest cheating?   
    Iv always rewarded those who have reported cheating.

    And if you report someone for cheating, feel free to send me a PM to tell me and get a reward. I can do it silently so you dont even get found out that you reported someone.
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    John Constantine reacted to Nimrodel in Queen of Sheba wants!   
    Yes! YES!! Nimmy will be the Queen of Sheba for one day and demand for certain objects ranging from items to photoshop pictures to hand drawn art to poetry to haiku to a lot of things :D
    Winner of each random event will be given a small reward ranging from silver to an item from my inventory to a crit etc etc and the winner of maximum random events will get something special! ;)
    Date of the event is 15th of April Whole day excluding the time when Miq will be hosting the Combat tourney.
    Individual tasks will have individual rewards which I will be giving out from my inventory. Apart from that, here are the bonus rewards:
    Any Person Winning 3 or more than 3 events: one anni crit
    Any person winning 7 or more than 7 events: Anni Crit + Jewel of Sheba (unusable unique item.)
    Any person Winning 10 or more than 10 events (if more than ten events are held): Anni crit + Aged Rustgold + Jewel of Sheba Item.
    Any person winning all The Events: Anni crit + Aged Rustgold + Jewel of sheba Item + Wishpoint.
    I'll be giving out the wishpoint from my own stock :)
    More sponsors are also welcome. :D
    Task 1 - Recite a poem fit for royal halls - 9.30am - winner:dst (1g). Aeoshattr was given 5s.
    Task 2 - Collect exactly 5 flowers and give a bouquet to the queen. 10.38 - winner: no winners
    Task 3 - make a fresh cup of tea right in front of the queen. 11.45. winner: no winners
    Task 4 - Tell a romantic story to the Queen of Sheba. 12.50. Winners: Aeoshattr (Black Rose)
    Task 5 - Devise a way to torture Miq. 14.10 Winner: Aeoshatter (2g)
    Task 6 - Draw a Picture of what you think Queen of Sheba looks like. The most creative picture wins. 14.16 Ends at 18.16 ST Winner : Zleiphnier (3g, Nimrodel's Autograph), 2nd place - Lania (Mechanical Heart)
    Task 7 - Bake a Fresh cake right infront of the queen and serve it to the Queen. Quickest one wins. Winner : Lania (1 gold)
    Task 8 - Get 20 wins on a freshly recruited aramor. Winner: Aeoshattr. (1 Toadspeak stone)
    Task 9 - Photoshop a creature and post it in the forum. Winner: Zleiphneir (8 shaped odd rock)
    Task 10 - Recite a Haiku 5,7,5 In the praise of the Queen. Original only. Winner Aeoshattr (1g). Complimentary rewards to sasha (rose petals in a satchel), Zleiphneir (sac of drachorn dung) and Miq (Jade clover)
    Task 11 - Decipher the cipher. Winner : Clock master a(1g)
    Task 12 - Get a PL entry from one member of each active alliance. IF they have already entered it in your PL, Ask them to refresh it. Time till the quest - 12am. First one to do it wins.
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    John Constantine reacted to Blackshade Rider in Chewett Trivia!   
    Sweet we are team mates.
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    John Constantine reacted to Witty in Chewett Trivia!   
    I'll be with Sir Blut.
    If a team name is necessary, we are DUCK TRACTORS.xD
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    John Constantine reacted to Sunfire in Chewett Trivia!   
    teaming up with Lintara
    go team potato!
    (only applies if potato internet will be available at the time of the trivia)
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    John Constantine reacted to Jubaris in Chewett Trivia!   
    teaming up with Clock Master (yeah that's right! you're going down!)
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    John Constantine reacted to Fire Starter in <<<Gold Avatar Auction>>> #24   
    So... After a too long delay in some standards I am pleased to welcome you with the following:
    Greetings everyone and everybody :D
    Welcome to our 24th Gold Avatar Auction!
    The time has come for You to golden Your own Avatar the way you like it!
    So what are you waiting for?!?
    Start bidding!!!
    Maybe you have guessed already - there is a catch, and...It is called Rules...
    *Avatar Manager is waiting a little...then takes a deep breath and continues*
    Now, if you are through with all the yelling and shouting, go and read them.
    After that you can count your coins and proceed. ^_^
    1) There is no minimum bid.
    2) Post your Player's name, not ID, and don't forget your Bid.
    3) The highest bidder wins a Gold Avatar Token.
    (Please, don't bid if you're sure you will be unable to finish any token or funds transaction in the next week after the auction has ended)
    You can use it for various things, one, for example, is to make your own Avatar golden :)
    (!!!Important!!!) Choose well the Avatar you apply the token on, because you are paying for an item, not a service.
    If the artwork isn't good enough it won't get the right treatment.
    4) You can golden as many avatars, as tokens you have. :cool:
    5) If your Avatar for some reason proves to be stolen artwork from somewhere else outside MD, it might get confiscated.
    The credit you spent for it will be returned. However, you will still have the Token for further use.
    6) The funds raised are paid to Neno Veliki or Fire Starter, after that you get your Token. :excl:
    6.1) Usable for funding the bids won't be such creatures as the common one in the shop (aside the Rustgold Drachorn and the others, which appear only on special occasions), meaning no Pimps, Imps, Jokers, Sharptears or BP Archers would be taken as a serious bid.
    Everything else in this matter, that we come across in the future will be reevaluated accordingly.
    6.2) Please, be sure that you're offering something rare enough with real value, and note that it still will be reevaluated by us. If you think your item could be underrated, then don't use it as a bid or addition to the bid.
    We are making sure the funds go to the TK's (Treasure Keepers) treasury.
    Use PMs for payment if we aren't online at the current time you stumble upon us (keep some proof).
    Once payment is confirmed we will make sure you get your Token as soon as possible.
    7) Trying to artificially rise the price, and then withdraw your bid, will lead to unpleasant consequences.
    (If you REALLY need to retract your bid, approach us first, and don't forget to bring the evidences)
    This Auction will run roughly for a week starting Today (until 6-th of April),
    (Winning will be the last bid, placed 24 hours after the previous one,
    but no more than 3 days after the end of the Auction.)
    When those of you, who win, will receive a Gold Avatar Token, which will grant you the ability to golden your Avatar of choice. Keep in mind the rules when taking further actions.
    Please, take a note, that winning the Gold Avatar Token isn't directly connected with goldening the avatar, so some time delay may apply.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are doing anything and everything in our powers to shorten the current delays as much as possible and this isn't a permanent issue.
    Of course, if any questions arise, feel free to contact either of us, the Avatar managers (Neno Veliki and Fire Starter)
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    John Constantine reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in Free Credits Link Reset Time   
    Currently the links reset to be useable every 24 hours from the last time you used them. This is detrimental to the concept of getting everyone to vote daily - They may not always be online at the same time, and even if you kept a regimented watch, eventually a day will get missed.
    My suggestion is that the links reset at 00:00 ST each day so that people can vote everyday without fail should they choose to.
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    John Constantine reacted to Muratus del Mur in Story mode removal discussion   
    my eyes hurt, my brain explodes, apparently i have increasingly big issues with long texts, but i had to read this log :)
    I will speak in parallel to chew not necessarily continuing or answering to what he said. We are both planning this migration and nothing i say here should be considered in contradiction to what chew said or plans to do, as his plans are from what i understand also "under construction".
    I can't do this change myself... its some sort of blockage, poetically speaking MD doesn't let me do them, it needs a fresh mind doing them, i am way too entangled in the original plans to be able to plan their extermination. I believe my role here is much much better aimed to assist than to do the actual changes. 
    Principles will not vanish from md, they will be instead set free so that they can be introduced in a much more meaningful way. Principles remain a big part of what md represents and as they are now, in my view, they remained "under construction" since year one.
    Long ago we talked about factions..but back then it was not ready to implement such a thing. the new md beginning will be a totally different one, that will be a lot more coherent in the current md reality. The gap created by the suddenly ending story and the filters set in story mode, are killing md slowly. ANYTHING is better than the current story mode. However, the story is a big aspect of how md is seen first time you start it, and a while back, in an attempt to start md "directly" in mp2/illusions, was a total failure. Somehow this needs to be fixed in A25, and new things need to be introduced in order to make it appealing for the newcommers. I wish to keep current storymode as a side quest..but this will depend entirely on Chew if it will be possible or not. I am willing to completely sacrifice the huge work done for the story mode, the artworks, the beautiful ideas, the story itself...just to give md that bit of freedom it needs to continue to evolve.
    It is as if i am cutting a limb or two and hoping they will grow back "better".
    Technically, the changes needed to remove storymode are not THAT big, but removing them without destroying most of it is a very very hard task. Back then, i never thought that story will be removed..but i also was thinking of md as a mostly singleplayer game (lol). 
    I think the timing is perfect... its been TEN years..ten full years...afterall many things changed in ten years and many will change...but without story and without the filters forced by storymode, they will change faster and healthier. 
    Talking about how things will be after this change is useless in my opinion, because many things will become more clear only once me or chew will face them. One thing is certain, there is no turning back after this. MD will either explode or implode.
    Back in the beginning, i was just talking about principles, describing some, but most of all putting the bricks for the principle concept...unseen forces that govern the mechanics of how things work. Now after a long and meaningful learnig time in md, i also know how to use them. I am yet uncertain if this change will be good, but i know for sure its needed and md is stuck without it.
    All the awesome things chew or me do in md, are mainly aimed to the older players, people that survived the story mode. The new players are abandoned in a part of md that was done many many years ago. This kills  md because its supply of new characters is cut from the start. The world of online games changed dramatically, the mentality of people changed, we need to adapt. The creative and most intriguing part here will be to keep md values presented in a form that is easier to digest by "already trained" players, people that are used to certain gameplay and lack the patience to try something totally different. I don't plan to change md into something more similar to other games, i just plan to make it more "world" friendly at first , so that more can get closer to the personal experience md can become for them.
    Wish you luck and inspiration chewy :)
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    John Constantine reacted to Rophs in WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY   
    You might not be drunk, but you're under the influence of something for sure.
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    John Constantine reacted to Aeoshattr in WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY   
    "Ermagerddd why is my face stuck in a treeeeeeee?!? HALP!"
    Click attached picture. I'm not drunk I swear.
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    John Constantine reacted to Nimrodel in Gollum Gollum   
    So i was going through dst's blog, and saw that gollum pic with a valentine's day heart. Made me search for more gollum related funny pics and here are a bunch of them:

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    John Constantine reacted to dst in WTS - Sword Shade   
    I am willing to trade the sword shade  for coins of credits.
    I'll sell it only if I deem the price correct.
    If I find no buyers/traders, shade stays with me :D
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    John Constantine reacted to Blackshade Rider in Never have I ever   
    never have i ever been mean to new comers 
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Never have I ever   
    Never have I ever hated dst.
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    John Constantine reacted to Dark Harvester in Avatar/Artwork Ideas!   
    I love to draw, it's one of my biggest passions if not the biggest. So I wanted to shared with all of you my ideas:

    Thank you for passing by!! Feel free to share your opinion!!

    "I'm not the end of the line, just a ticket to another train"

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    John Constantine got a reaction from Blackshade Rider in Hell Hounds Runnnnn! (quest)   
    John Constantine ID:242609
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    John Constantine reacted to Dragual in Black Egg   
    As some people may have noticed, I've been working on a new item called a Black Egg. This is a consumable item that is used to blind a target. 
    The functionality would be that you would be unable to see the scene, so instead get a blank scene with only an arrow facing towards you. Since you can't see where you are going, clicking the arrow would take you to any random, scene that is possible to get to from your current scene that you have access to. Since you cannot see anyone, ALL players become a ghost to you. 
    To make it, you need a Bird Egg (Creature), 1-5 Sand, 1-5 Toxic Plants (Crushed), and possibly 1-3 Glass (Crushed). In addition, wax is required and something (Water) to clean it out. The wax is used to seal the Egg so that the content doesn't spill out. The crafting process is noted below.
    Step 1. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the Egg, and a slightly larger hole in the top.
    Step 2. Empty out the yolk and other content. (Water would be used to help the process).
    Step 3. Slice off a small sliver of Wax and place it on the smaller hole, heating it to melt it. Cut off any extra wax.
    Step 4. (Glass and Toxic Plants should be ground before hand) Funnel the Sand, Crushed Toxic Plant and Crushed Glass into the larger hole. 
    Step 5. Repeat Step 2 with the larger hole to seal it.
    It's been said that you should paint them black before hand, to avoid breaking the Egg prematurely. Possibly with Ink? 
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    John Constantine reacted to Blackshade Rider in Hell Hounds Runnnnn! (quest)   
    The hell hound Quest

    Scavenger Hunt




    Details: This quest will be like a scavenger hunt. If you have read my short story (how the hounds came about((http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16147-the-story-of-the-hell-hounds/?p=160922)) then you know of its journal pages. To start this quest off I will be scattering five (5) of the missing pages from the journal around the lands of MD. You will need an open mind along with plenty of patience for this quest. There are basically 5 stages to this quest. With each page you look for you will need a secret word that you will use at a specific location to view the page hidden at that location. I will message you the words. Then you will need to unjumbled the word, {exmpl}(apple.....plpae). Each word will be different.  Once you get to the 5th page however it will be different. for the 5th page it will be a riddle and you must solve the riddle. To view this riddle you will also need a pass. but this pass you wont need to unjumble . The answer to the riddle is the password for the 5th page.((( Sharing info about what the secret words are or what the answer to the riddle is or the locations to the pages is and will be cheating and therefor will have you banned from this quest and your prize stripped.)))
    How to start: You will need to post  Post ITT your player ID to start/ also player name.. then i will send you the first password you must unscramble along with a hint where it is and then your scavenger hunt will begin. after you found the firs page message me and ill will send the second and so on 
    Duration: Hopefully this will turn into a permanent quest but for now I will see how it goes. If enough people join I will make it a permanent quest so that all may enjoy.
    ​Requirements:  *only one account per player, All mindpower levels are welcome..
    Rewards : Shop creatures, spell stones, ect  ​A person of my choosing and I will be in charge of giveing rewards. Rewards will be given based upon your performance The first 5 people to win have set rewards.
    1st- $10 credits, and shop creature. 2cd- $10 credits ,and shop creature. 3rd- $5 credits, and shop creature. 4th and 5th and so on spell stones , silvercoins ect
    Having trouble? If you need help?: If you are stuck or you need help you may message me (blackshade rider) or Rophs. we will help you with what ever is needed.
    ******* Sponsors so far:
    Blackshade rider ( message if you need help)
    Darkraptor (spell stones)
    AmberRune (4 BMMO Bronze gifts, 1 BMMO Silver, SC )
    Rophs (message if you need help)
    Syrian ( heat stones , pickels)
    Peace????(please let me know havent heard from you)
    Participants; i will send details when atleast 5 people join. so at least the first 5 to join will have a evenly fair chance for the top prize .. no set limit to how many people can play. its for all to enjoy
    dst - 17096
    Dark Demon --- 241314
    MRAlyon - 135726
    lashtal  221376 
    Azrafar - ID:252664
    Clock Master --105889
    John Constantine ID-242609
    .Eagle eye ID 180715
    Zleiphneir -- 77300
    No one - 29704
    WittyLeWat ID:252568
    Generous MadmenID: 242096
    The winners so far....
    1.dst - 17096
    2.Dark Demon --- 241314
    3.Zleiphneir -- 77300
    5.WittyLeWat ID:252568
    6.No one - 29704
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    John Constantine reacted to DARK DEMON in Action Points Boosters   
    Time to suggest a whole load of unfair stuff to put in lands, then, including "interesting additional ways" to access underground and get past Loreroot guards, or similar OP toys to allow every single "challenge" (aka something to actually work a bit for) in MD to become a piece of cake.
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    John Constantine reacted to Dragual in Necrovian items, tools and resources.   
    [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1352805211' post='125500']
    Ah, okay...

    EDIT : Why the neg rep? What's so bad in asking stuff?

    If it bothers you, perhaps you should ask your friends a question, then if they fail to answer, thats when you ask. But many older players dislike newer players asking questions when the answer is right there...
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    John Constantine reacted to Azull in Necrovian items, tools and resources.   
    Please read the rule. Golemites are allowed to harvest memory stones after receiving permission.
    Golemus charges rent for certain tools to any non Golemite that wishes to use one. Memory stone detectors they refuse to lend out at all.
    As to relations. I suggest you study history. (ancient, and not so ancient as well)
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    John Constantine reacted to Chewett in New items facing abuse?   
    You should not be trading between your alts. There have been very few cases that have been approved, but they have been directly approved. If you see people trading between alts then please report them. And this also refers to using an intermediary.
    You can sell items on your alts, to other people. But the items gained must be given to that alt. If anyone is selling things from alts, and giving them to another account that is again abuse.
    If you are unclear, ask here, or ask privately (chewett@magicduel.com).
    We will be watching the logs, and "dealing" with people silently at first. Anyone dealing in such a trade will lose the item they gained, and the coins they paid, at least.
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    John Constantine reacted to Blackshade Rider in Hell Hounds Runnnnn! (quest)   
    Ok everyone no fighting on this page
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