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    John Constantine reacted to Muratus del Mur in Respect   
    Respect is an invisible factor that is highly important in your evolution in MD community.
    Respect is earned not asked for or given as a gift...but you can fight to keep it.
    There is no written rule to influence your evolution in md based on how you show your respect to older players, especially to those that dedicate countless hours of their lives to make things more enjoyable to all of you, however, it is obvious that if you fail to respect such people, things won't go to far or too good for you. I am talking here about many people, people that actively help extending MD, or do quests and events or earned their position if MD society over the years.
    (eg:Recently someone was rejected from md for lack of respect, while others constantly fail to achieve things they might deserve simply because they don't realize the importance of respect and gratitude towards people that are far ahead of them.)
    I am making this topic to raise some alarms about some things.
    Some of you are stupid enough to think that if they avoid curse words and find subtle ways to mock or annoy someone, "it is fine". Please remember where you are. Here in MD the majority of people present _survived_ to be where they are. They are in general highly intelligent and/or dedicated. It is very likely that your attempts to offend someone in a "sneaky" way will cause more retaliation on the long run than a plain honest offense. IF YOU TRY TO OFFEND OTHERS THINKING NOBODY CAN SAY ANYTHING AGAINST SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU USED SMART WORDING, YOU INSULT THEIR INTELLIGENCE (me included).
    You should respect other people in here regardless if you hate them or fight them. Try to understand this very well.
    Since some of you are quite young and in RL they have probably little reasons to learn respect for other reasons except fear, i will enumerate a few other reasons that should be seen as reasons to respect someone. By respecting someone i mean you should be aware and appreciate several things, a few very important that some miss are:
    - their contribution to make MD more enjoyable, even if not announcing such things
    - the time they dedicate to actively participate in all the things/events/roles that keep md alive
    - their active days compared to yours (older players are here for more time and they survived longer than you)
    - them avoiding using their earned abilities to make your life miserable
    MD is in full process of changing. With the new A25 tools many things will need to be run in fast-forward mode to compensate the lack of people. I will actively start to dismiss and avoid to include in this change people that give me a headache, fight eachother or cause other more valuable people to enjoy md less. You have plenty of time till then to adjust your behaviour and learn that you should respect other people regardless if you disagree or fight them or whatever.
    Authority is directly related to respect. People given full or partial authority over a more or less bigger or smaller part of md, earned their position, and if you fail to respect them (again, regardless if you agree to them or not), you are basically telling me, and them, you can't integrate in this community.
    I am shocked to see that some of you take so many things for granted and forget you are here on a private territory. For example, you are able to enjoy a nice quest, because someone put a lot of passion and effort in doing it nicely. You noticed the sponsorship goes to the winners not to the quest creator. You are able to play md because some are dedicating hours of their lives to do it, not for a salary, without any obligations, purely out of passion.
    Offences, REGARDLES HOW SUBTLE, have no place here. There are countless other ways to manifest your antipathy towards others, other than disrespecting them. The lack of respect leads to lack of passion for making md better and more enjoyable, therefore, i consider it a threat to md evolution, and those that do it are the source of this threat, therefore, expandable.
    Many years ago in md history i don't recall this to be a problem as it is now. Today, older players try not to react to such cases because THEY respect you those that don't respect them, but slowly everyone, including myself, realize that action needs to be take in order to impose respect and authority. It is risky to make it as a written rule, because it can be interpreted, but as i said, this factor will be taken into account when someone above you will decide if you should stagnate where you are or given some help (roles within the community, sponsorship to your quests, opportunity to make yourself more known, etc)
    Things i personally consider a lack of respect:
    - talking to someone in charge (with development, with an event, with a quest, with any form of leadership, etc) as if they are obligated to do things they do for fun or for you
    - wasting someones time intentionately or as a joke
    - spreading false rumors about someone behind their back
    - using knowledge about some character personal RL as argument against them (whats out there is separated from what is in here)
    - (please add your own things you consider disrespectful in a reply)
    I myself need to adjust my behaviour too, because a person that wants to be respected should also respect others...and as you know i am very arrogant sometimes, but i am working on it :p
    That being said, be advised that my patience and tolerance to annoyingly rude people is getting lower and even if i won't take direct actions against them imediately, they will slowly be marginalized by the community and eventually kicked out if they continue to show they don't have a clue what respect means.
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    John Constantine got a reaction from klatdees in Poetry   
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    John Constantine reacted to Chewett in About The Latest Announcement   
    To answer some of the other questions, it is important to note what Mur said:
    > In case i am no longer here, for whatever reason that might be (maybe i decide to go plant coconuts on some deserted island,    >Don't panic, i am fully functional, but..just in case. I picked the one person that has both my trust and the capability to do this difficult task...trust me it IS more difficult than it looks like.   The reasoning to announce it, is so that you guys know, Mur has handed over the spare key as it were. He is still around, but in the hopefully unlikely event he disappears from the internet, MD isnt going to disappear into an unpayed server farm.
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    John Constantine reacted to Chewett in About The Latest Announcement   
    > How are the kids?
    The family is fine thank you
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    John Constantine reacted to Eon in About The Latest Announcement   
    Whats this mean Chew? Do you get to do things at your own pace freely now instead of having to wait on confirmation from Mur? Will things actually be moving faster around here? How are the kids?
    Your closest friend,
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    John Constantine reacted to dst in Necrovion and it's alliances   
    Neno, neno, neno....so bitter...
    Can't wait to be able to make certain info public.
    Also there is no "pack". We're not like you, a brainless mind. We're highly intelligent individuals. And funny.
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    John Constantine reacted to dst in Necrovion and it's alliances   
    From here:
    I guess you just proved yourself wrong.
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    John Constantine reacted to dst in Fate of Necrovion   
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    John Constantine reacted to Eon in Necrovion and it's alliances   
    No, only once was it taken back by illusions. The very first time it was taken TTL ended up giving it back. The second time Peace was about to quit the game entirely and then someone pointed out to her that she was in an illusion and could get the alliance back by leaving it, so she did that.
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    John Constantine reacted to Azull in Necrovion and it's alliances   
    When I joined Necrovion there were two alliances in this land. The Necrovian Sentinels and The Tainted Warriors. The Sentinels were disbanded by a player during Jester's reign for much the same reasons TW are disbanded now. I never asked for the Sentinels to be returned. This alliance was the result of a covenant between humans and shades. It's destruction and subsequent lack of reactions from the shades was a symbol this covenant no longer exists. The only thing that remains is that humans are allowed to live in Necrovion. I feel the Sentinels should remain dead until such time a new covenant is made. (which seems unlikely to happen anytime soon) Of course there is a practical reason too. An alliance with that many seats is impossible to protect. And since alliance taking has become such a popular and in many cases easy to do hobby, why bother.   In August 2011 after Jester left Necrovion and joined SoS in the east, Tainted Warriors were  disbanded by a player who acted as Mur's cats-paw. A few days later the land was closed and we were left with nothing. But it didn't mean the end of Necrovian society. Quite the contrary in fact. Some time later the alliance was given back to us because of a wish rewarded in an unexpected way (ann. 2034). Over the past years it was taken from us twice more because of misplaced trust and treason. Twice we got it back by use of illusions. With Peace gone this is not an option now. But is that such a bad thing? We don't think so.    The Necrovian social and political structure we built is not defined by its alliance. In reality an alliance is a tool with a few useful features and a badge (of pride). Nothing more. I challenge anyone to prove me otherwise. Four years ago we made the foundation for this Necrovion without an alliance. Having none now doesn't affect us beyond the loss of a few gadgets. Necrovian society, or whatever colorful name one might prefer for us, still exists. Having no alliance doesn't change that.  
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    John Constantine reacted to MRAlyon in MP7 in the MP hierarchy   
    before making further changes to any part of the game, please finish the work started and never completed... there are already so many unfinished things in the game without add another thing that will finish as other things...
    I will not make a list of all unfinished work because I could stay here all day and you already should know...
    this is just my thought, that you can think doesn't fit with this post, but I don't wat see another unfished work...
    The thing I'm trying to say is that you MUR have got amazing ideas.... start to work on it... get 50% or less of the work.... after you forget about it and the it never get completed...
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    John Constantine reacted to Muratus del Mur in MP7 in the MP hierarchy   
    what you say shows you understand nothing about the mp level in general
    "please finish the unfinished" kind of ..s.thing.. is comming out like a ghost from time to time from people that never noticed how things in md "eventually connect to eachother", doing the mp hierarchy is NOT ABOUT DOING NEW STUFF, but actually completing the ancient structure started when all this started.
    Nothing in md is incomplete,..they are just paths growing in a direction, and sometimes these become completed and make more sense when connected by new roads... but very rarely is there something truly new, ...when i think of new i think new concept, mp levels are not new concept, this is about "finishing" stuff....its bothering how little care you show for how md is developed ..but pls go on complaining, about whatever whenever, thanks
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    John Constantine reacted to Muratus del Mur in MP7 in the MP hierarchy   
    What i have in mind and what will come out are two different things, ..here are some basic concepts that i wish to keep till the end..but maybe some things might change when actually implementing them.
    Chew might have his own notes and ideas, understand that these are just notes and whoever will do the coding will do as he thinks fit best at that time
    - to reach MP7 does not require to be MP6 first
    - MP7 is temporary/transient state, designed to offer total or partial high-level freedom compared to the other MP levels.
    - Wizardry level would be the best concept to describe MP7
    - MP7 main ability will be to apply spells on others, spells from the "illusions" category
    - Authority of MP7 is far less than other levels, unlike MP6 where the level itself imposes respect
    - MP3,4,5 are generally related as technical features, MP6 and MP7 are not "evolved" steps of MP5
    - I am seriously thinking to make MP7 a level with member cap per land, or even ways to help each land have his own MP7 role assigned...fixed MP7 seats...why not with individual set of tools, BUT not with fixed onwers...more lime shared items concept, but still you, not the "public character" feature
    - MP7 is the active hero mode, where one person can put in motion an entire land. therefore, several are needed at the same time to balance forces, temporary state, lots of fun, not a fixed person, reaching mp7 should be automatic, but through ways that involve somehow the community, No authority comes with this role, maybe even allow it to break rules for short time
    - MP6 is the peak of public society people combined with a lot of effort and passion, this is the covert enthusiastic Mayor position), very rare, 1-4max
    - MP5 is the most fighting active level (or its desgned to be at least, crit levels, etc) - most will get stuck here
    - MP4 is the emerging fighter, maybe more powerups here
    - MP3 is the eternal noob level, or level for the conservationists
    - MP2 is a MP7 clone with undefined use yet
    - MP1 is a god level design to stand out and not be really active in any form, but full powers
    I will not engage in discussion but i will read all your comments.
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    John Constantine reacted to dst in Stonies! - stone stories   
    Christmas is here, the goose is getting fat....errr....wait...No!
    Halloween is near, dst's brain had an idea (yes, it happens from time to time...).
    What I want you to do is tell me a Halloween related story. BUT there's a catch: you need to tell me the story using stones that you have painted (or applied stickers or other pics on).
    For example: take a flat stone on which you paint (if you have the skills) or glue an image of a spider. That will be your spider stone. On a different stone draw/paint/glue a web. Now you have 2 stones that if you put next to each other I will know that you want to say something like: A spider sat on a web.
    How to: arrange the stones in any pattern (square, dodecahedron etc etc) or order (left to right, columns etc) you like and provide us with instructions on how to read them (yes, I will be needing a picture of the stones). You also have to include in the picture a stone (similar to the ones you used for the story) with your player name and ID.
    Send the picture (or the link to it) by PM to me (I prefer forum PM since in game ones are tricky).
    Send also the story using words.
    DO NOT reveal the picture or story to anyone else (it's for your own good).
    - I will be posting the entries on the forum (thanks Aethon for the idea) once the deadline will be reached. Then I will open a poll and anyone will be able to vote their fav (it will be a multiple choice poll). Most voted submission will get the number of points equal to the total number of submissions (so for example if there are 5 submissions, top one will get 5, second will get 4 and so on). In case of a tie, both submissions will get the same number of points.
    The above points will be added to the points provided by the judges so...I NEED JUDGES please. PM me if you wish to be one. Many thanks in advance.
    The judges will score based on the below:
    - Stones Creativity: how good your stones look like (if you draw a square on a stone and call it a house you will get a low score). Same scoring scale as above.
    Extra 4 points will be awarded if the images on the stones are drawn and not glued (I am not looking for Picasso although he was good at drawing shapes :D but I do want to reward hard work). Another option would be for you to draw things on paper by yourself (I will need proof of that - scan or picture of said papers containing your playername and id) and then cut them and glue them to the stones. If you go by this, you will also get 4 points.  There is an exception and you will see it below.
    If you have a mix of stones you will only get 2 additional points (however you need to have at least 1/3 of the stones painted to qualify).
    - Story creation : the better the story is, the better your score will be (this is usually a subjective criterion so the final score for this will be halved). Same scoring method as above.
    However, you will get one additional point for each of below:
        a) It's Halloween related.
        b) Action takes place in MD.
        c) At least one of the characters is linked to MD (can be a creature or a player or any of the NPCs) - for this you CAN print the avatar or the picture of the crit or the NPC. If this (or those) is your only glued stone, the bonus for painted stones will be awarded.
    - Story/stones compatibility: this will measure how well you managed to tell the story using the pictures (this is why I requested the worded story as well).
    You will get 2 additional points if you manage to create at least 2 stones that will suggest an action (like walking, talking etc).
    Deadline: 20th of November 2015
    So you have a little over 2 months. Goal is to announce the winner(s) one week later (on the 27th because I might not be around during Halloween to post the results).
    Rewards: 1st place: 1 WP + 1 Soul weaver
                    2nd: 1 sendtogazeebo stone + 1 acoustincremains stone + 1 earfocus stone
                    3rd: 1 GC + 5 credits (1 credit code worthing 5 credits)
    If anyone wishes to sponsor the quest, please let me know. I will also contact the TKs for additional sponsorship.
    If there will be  more than 5 (worthy) submissions I will add a lockinchaos stones as well.
    If there will be  more than 7 (worthy) submissions, I will be adding a second WP and "rearrange" the prizes.
    If you think there should be other criteria for judging, please let me know. Any improvements are welcomed. Other suggestions are also welcomed.
                                                                                  Good luck and have fun!
    Thank you Sy for the awesome name for the quest (stonies was Sy's idea - for the record).
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    John Constantine reacted to dst in Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound   
    My entry:
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    John Constantine reacted to Aeoshattr in Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound   
    Don't mind me, I'll just post my drawings here ._.
    Main drawing with most detail.
    Ermagerd Pretty Flowers!
    Meat? Oh wait, my lips are sewn QQ
    Inspiration? Well, silly as it sounds, I was thinking "Hm, I wonder what the Hellhounds would look like if Aeo got bored and decided to have fun with them." So... Here you have Blackshade's hounds after Aeo had his "fun" with them.
    EDIT: It's a bit sloppier than my usual style, but I'm terrible at drawing doggies, so the details were starting to drive me mental :(
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    John Constantine reacted to Eon in Demands of a Slave   
    Careful, comments like that just might bring me back.
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    John Constantine reacted to Chewett in Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound   
    This quest works the same as Mur's create a drachorn one.
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    John Constantine reacted to Blackshade Rider in Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound   
    Thank you Chewett. I probably should had just stated that
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    John Constantine reacted to Assira the Black in Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound   
    Question... If it is a permanent quest is there a limited supply of wps?
    For example if over the course of a few months 20 different people submit entries and 12 fall into the wp range...
    (I know that it is unlikely that that many people would submit pictures within that time frame) I just want to point out that if it is player sponsored wps there might be difficulties later on keeping up with those that fall into the wp reward range.
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    John Constantine reacted to Eagle Eye in Can you see my hounds?   
    This my entry
    Giving a gift to his King
    [attachment=4577:1.jpg] [attachment=4578:2.jpg] [attachment=4579:3.jpg][attachment=4580:4.jpg]
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    John Constantine reacted to Aeoshattr in Can you see my hounds?   
    First 3 pictures, all before inking.
    Can I just somehow hide the thing's paws?!? 
    It appears I am unable to draw claws... >.<
    EDIT: Multiple edits because it seems I'm also unable to properly upload the [I HAVE A POTTY MOUTH] pictures in the right order. I give up. You guys figure it out.
    Posted final versions of pictures.
    FINAL  Pre-highlight
    FINAL Highlight/ink
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    John Constantine reacted to Assira the Black in Can you see my hounds?   
    My submissions

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    John Constantine reacted to Witty in Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound   
    --------posting on Blackshade's behalf, he has computer issues atm------
    You can see examples of the birthday quest version here..........http://magicduel.inv...ounds/?p=163879
    How To Play
    3 pictures MINIMUM.  Any mind power welcome.
    ------MUST draw your player name into the drawing---------
    You are to draw a Hell Hound and Upload at least 3 pictures to this post . Draw it how you see them in your eyes. I don't want to be asked how they look.
    Be creative in the drawing. Try to draw a background or a person riding the hound or it sleeping in some grass ect. However you see fit just make sure it stays MD related and MD Appropriate. 
    *RULE #1*******YOU MUST DRAW/SIGN YOUR NAME INTO THE PICTURE( This is for authentication purposes.)*********
    *RULE#2**********NO ALTS   (one account per player)*********
    *RULE#3********MUST HAVE ATLEAST 3 PICTURES********
    *RULE #4***** must state what inspired you otherwise inspiration points are worthless********* 
    Pencil, color pencil, ink pens, markers, paint, chalk, oil pastels
    -Judging will be done by 4 people. Judging will be done in scoring like so below,
    creativity: 1-5
    uniqueness: 1-5
    Inspiration: 1-5
    Talent: 1-5
    Confirmity: 1-5
    You can get an overall score of 100 after each judge does their scoring.
    4 judges , 1 judge can give a max score of 25
    Rewards will be given based on your score
    (100 - 76 gets a wp)
    ( 75 and below needs to try again)
    This will be a permanent quest.
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    John Constantine reacted to Change in From Change's sketchbook   
    Pepper and strawberries
    You know how to trap a soul? Pepper and strawberries.
    Strawberries to lure them in
    and pepper to make them sneeze!
    (will post more sketchbook segments 'soon')
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