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  1. I'm currently wandering around in Tribunal. I don't have any important things to do right now and I think I could take handle about that. I will prepare special diary with exact location coordinates (?_x_?) and their names (or distinguishing characteristic which could help to describe place).  It will surely take me some time because of AP requirements. I will also ask my Protector Syrian if she could help me with some spicy pickles to "accelerate" this project. If anyone else want to participate in this, I would be grateful for any help. 
  2. Proposal for new in-game implementation.   1. There should be an orange dot which indicates player's own position on the Tribunal Map. Now it is hard      to cotton on where I'm. The Lands of the East has quite significant AP requirements to travel through          so I   think it's good add-on to help players be on the move.    2. Some of the more important locations should have their names mark on the map - it also could help to       figure out where player is currently.     If there are any reasons
  3. I like this idea. Raven could be pretty nice new creature. +1
  4. I have played recently demo version of  Beyond Good & Evil and I have to admit that this game charmed me completely. The way in which story is show, sense of humour and character creations are outstanding. I look forward to buy full version.    The second game which is surely worth to note is Grim Fandango. This game is one of my favourite. Why? Don't ask, just take a trip to Underworld (I guarantee you won't regret it and you won't forget it, either).    I also strongly recommend those of you who are not afraid to get deeply to the darkest corners of
  5. I was wondering about what kind of little improvements or add-ons could be implemented into the game.  I want to propose this new items which could be available to buy in MDShop:   1) Compendium of Beasts +5      Compendium of Beasts +10      Compendium of Beasts +15     This item allows you to extend your Bestiary to 10 (5+5), 15 (5+10) or 20 (5+15)  depends on item type.    It could be nice add-on which give you the chance to show more your beautiful creatures.     2) Mail Adress Book    This
  6. My proposal:   [hr]   I tried to paste link without video, but I had some problems. You can right click on it and copy URL. Sorry. I'm also not sure if this will fit because of length of sound.     Storm Coast                       ~ 2_-2x-1_1 ~           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyA5c-ajXyg           (Calm waves + seagulls)   [hr]     Storm Coast Ascent        &#
  7. My little idea:       Location "Storm Coast" should have sound effects in backround. E.g. sound of waves breaking on the cliffs.     (sth like  Ocean wave 2: http://www.soundjay.com/nature-sounds-3.html)  
  8. Congratulations Shemhazaj :) It's probably not as easy as it seems but you will handle it, surely.   Good luck!
  9. I throw my hat in the ring.     [hr] John Constantine
  10. Although with a heavy hurt, I agree in that case with dst. I think good idea is ... octopus, very intelligent species. Because of that player can even "satisfy" his ago and feel attachment with it.   Below you can see octopus in his natural desert environment.   http://www.fotoblur.com/images/235398
  11. Lucky? I don't know what's so funny dst.  He want to change his name (without delving in reasons- maybe he don't like it, maybe he has changed from day when he first enter this realm and he feels that it doesn't defines his character good -  don't know). I don't say he has right to change his name or his arguments are strong enough to convince Council. I just say that this kind of treatment  is misplaced.  Is that mean that if they respond to his mail he should feel honored, distinguished?    That's just ridiculous.    PS:    What do yo
  12. I don't know if I can express my opinion due to my short "probation" in MD, but I don't like this idea. I think grouping creatures in tables and selecting them by drop-down menu it's... so frequently encounter in games and programms that it in some case loses MagicDuel interface character. I think better way is to group creatures in ... I don't know ... maybe a book with pages which can be turn over (animation) or sorting cloud like in this MDShop feature to managing messages.
  13. Best wishes Mya Celestia. [i]May Flowers Always Line Your Path[/i] [color=#333333][font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif][size=3]May flowers always line your path[/size][/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif][size=3]And sunshine light your day[/size][/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif][size=3]May songbirds serenade you[/size][/font][/color] [color=#333333][font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif][size=3]Every step along the way.[/size][/font][/color] Always !
  14. [quote name='Seeker' timestamp='1356893237' post='129285'] Snowmen [/quote] Arktos
  15. I don't know dst personally, but one is obvious: that [i]little girl* [/i]has a temper (and sense of humor with cutting remark). Rarity nowdays. *don't irritate the lion, they say
  16. [img]http://www.officialpsds.com/images/thumbs/Garfield-psd31390.png[/img] I don't know what "lolcat" means, but I know that there is only one [i]real[/i][b] cat.[/b] You know it.
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