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  1. I just want to say that in my opinion new forum skin is PERFECT. It splendidly defines MagicDuel affiliation to Sun.    (...) The Sun shines without halt, as the Night never seems to come here. (...)     I'm also curious is there a possibility to change small Forum icon (which is added to your bookmark browser bar) to yellow/orange colour.
  2. Happy birthday Maebius! Good luck with your future quests and hidden agenda :)   Happy birthday Rikstar! 
  3. [hr] Phase 3: VOTING In progress... [hr]   Voting time changed to 17.10.2013.
  4. When I was browsing through topics in Tribunal section of the Forum, I encountered topic called "Land logo" http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10201-land-logo/ started by Mur. I noticed that there was attached Nazi symbol as a example of land logo shape connected with "noble supremacy". I will not comment that thoughts but:  there shouldn't be posted any symbols which signifies Nazism or any other ideology. I insist to remove it.   As the forum rules point:   Do not Post content or links to Pornographic, Politically extremist, Offensive, Degrading, or illegal
  5. Is there a possibility to join one of the lands without joining any Alliance?     I tried to find the answers, but I didn't succeed.
  6. PHASE 2: SUBMISSIONS   All participants should send them to me via PM.   [hr]
  7. I have the same problem as biermann. Sometimes when I try to attack another player, the red "x" close sign disappears. I have to reload website to get back to previous screen.      I noticed that long since and it still  occurs.    I use Chrome 30.0.1599.69 m   It happens when I use not only Chrom, but also on Firefox and Opera (latest versions).    I will attach screen as fast as I can.
  8. Thank you for that reflection. I didn't notice this slip. I changed the rules:   1. You can use no more than 500 characters (with spaces).
  9. I'm sorry Tom, but because of my tight schedule and not much free time, I have to resign from your Quest. 
  10. Pipstickz give me his final opinion about sponsorship after reading all the comments.  I changed the rules. First place reward is Joker + Special Reward (implementation). Second place reward is Rustgold, third 3 Gold (only aply if there will be more then 12 participants).   @Rophs and Acksham If the quest after changing rules don't suit you, contact me via PM, I will delete your registrations.
  11. I like that idea. Maybe a good way is to:   1. I will find people with higher experience in-game. I will choose them carefouly from different lands.   2. I will send to them participants submissions.    (They will not know each other and can't correspondend with others).    (Authors of submissions will be anonymous to the judges and judges will be anonymous to participants).   3. They will look at submissions and give points for every text (for example: if there will be 12 submissions, judge can give 10 points for best, 6 for second, 4 for third etc
  12. If you think public voting it's not a good idea so propose something different. I don't know people from Tribunal and also don't know who exactly could judge this. Give me names of players who you think are value-neutral. Or maybe one player should make a decision? But who? Maybe Public Council? Public voting was my proposal but I'm open for any suggestions and I can change it.     I don't see anything wrong with giving wishpoint for that.    I would also like to hear Pipstickz view about it. If he will agree with yours arguments, I will change rewards.  I didn't
  13. Every reward which is mentioned in Reward Section of this quest (except of Joker which I give to the winner from my private creature's collection) is sponsored by Treasure Keepers. I talked about it personaly with their co-leader Pipstickz and he proposed that rewards. He can confirm that. Before I started this quest I asked him about all the ins and outs of sponsorship. 
  14. You to.    You can't change the rules when the contest is in progess. Law is not retroactive. And you are not judge and jury simultaneously. It wasn't request for you. I will ask for private audience with Mur when I calm down a bit. 
  15. I don't want your apology and don't try to sell me this spoof about family.   I will demand rewards for 4 best players in this Head Contest as a remunaration for misguidng players. 
  16. I want to complain about Head Contest. The information provided in announcement is:     This is a CONTEST! First 4 of each group will get a prize consisting in a stats, skill and credits boost and a head trophy medal!     But in reality player's need minimum 2000 score to get price.   So I ask: WHERE IS THAT INFORMATION?   I and many young players fight long time just for what?   To get the news that that there won't be any rewards for second, third and fourth place, because there was announcement about rules change.      This is
  17. TRIBUNAL SIGNPOST   [hr]   Quest   Creator: [player]John Constantine[/player]     Status *   ~ Phase 1: Registration ~   ~ Phase 2: Submission ~   ~ Phase 3: Voting ~   ~ Phase 4: Announcing the winners ~   ~ Phase 5: Prize-giving ~   * [spoiler]ACTIVE NOT ACTIVE[/spoiler]       Description:     The main task of this quest is to write welcome text to Lands of the East. It will be displaced on the  clickable small information table in left down corner of gate location (coordinate
  18. Proposal for new in-game implementation.   (...)   3. Tribunal Signpost. After clicking on small information board (~ 7_gate_1 ~, Portal-Gate to Tribunal after Plains of Deceit) there could be a special "welcome text" which introduce Lands of the East to new adventurer. Something like that before Marind's Bell Main Gates or in front of Howling Gates to Necrovion. They were perfectly articulated and real good introduction to overall Land's characteristic.
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