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  1. sooooooooooooooooo buuuuuuuussssssyyyyyy

  2. today was realy lonely.

  3. Magicduel has found a slot in my many dreams once again.

  4. Chaos... always it plagues me! At least it keeps things interesting!

  5. So now I'm King...

  6. Those who enter in my PL 'Tipu deserve a Drachorn Charm" shall be rewarded with Ann. Armor.

  7. Curi has her own internet now! yay!

  8. Look in the mirror that reveals what the eyes can not see

  9. Curi also has a Google Plus! Feel free to add if you want. https://plus.google.com/105888953321528417057/posts

  10. I'll be there soon, Thanks for all your prayers Fellow MDeyers

  11. How do we react?

    1. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      Compulsively, alas.
      (PS: Yes,I know. I promised that I will participate in one of your quests. Soon! :)

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  12. I have a new distaste for WoW. Stupid WoW. Give me back my boyfriend.

    1. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      I hope he doesn't go to Goldshire tavern to often hehe

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  13. The shadows of the dream world grow. Prepare yourself!

    1. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      My Dream Mutation Joker will "take care" about them.

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  14. FREEEEDOM!! XD off for the holiday season until 2nd Jan :)

  15. Thank you for your votes and support. A status update on TK will follow later today.

  16. 2yr old daughter writing letter to Santa... on list so far is "Dr Who box", "Sword and Sheild", teddy bear... yes my child is odd! :P lol

  17. Just got unwillingly sucked in GoE to Golemus. Now I don't know how to get out...

  18. Cloudflare is again being an

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