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  1. These quest is close to my heart:) Count John in. [hr]   John Constantine (ID: 242609)   I have free time: Sunday: 18:00 - 23:00 and Monday: 15:00 - 23:00.   PS: I hope I will manage to find out the portal code of Pillars of Harmony first (to get out of GG...)
  2. Another idea: he killed Mur, because he made a bet with him that if he made it, he will be free (from a Prison).
  3. The person who killed Mur was Mur himself. Why? Becasue: 1. He wanted to discover if he is the Mur he thought he is. 2. He wanted to the remind himself the feeling of catharsis. 3. He wanted to see what  kind of effects will his death have on this Realm. 4. He excpected that Land itself could be altered after this act. 5. He understood that logic is such a liar.
  4. Did I miss something or it simply didn't happen?
  5. I would like to take part, but I don't have a team. If anyone want to join in, subscribe below.
  6. No. 1 The bonus could be obtained just once per location for all locations. The amount of stat should depends on place's importance. No. 2 Good idea. No. 3 I have different idea. What about creating some special locations only for dead people? It could be a second, spectral plane in MD. It is hard and time-consuming to prepare it that but it could be nice. No. 4 I've never been in nightmode so I can't give my opinion about that. No. 5 Sacrificing resources? Well, I don't buy it. No. 6 It could be abused in some situations. No. 7 I agree, but it could be hard because of communication betw
  7. At the request of the Council: I have received: 1 9th Anniversary Edition Aramor + 1 Angien egg. Quest: Meme Contest (by Tipu).
  8. All best wishes for the Achitect of this Realm.   Happy birthday
  9. Of course I won't. That's why I wrote in this topic: I want a change in gathering herbs and to stop the dealings of herbs' depletion. I was writing about "one herb" to emphasize how frustrating is to collect them now.
  10. Maybe you should think about adding some real restrictions or punishments for breaking the rules - especially for collecting herbs (it's almost impossible to collect them right now and waiting all day long in the same place just to get one herb is idiotic).   I don't know, maybe write a code which will check who collected herbs and how much.     For the moment I see that your rules are dead.
  11. Happy birthday Change*!     * this is chameleonlike type, maybe it's not subtle hint, but I tried my best
  12. It works nice (I think it's a bit faster then current one). Personally I like default type style more then this one in HTML5.
  13. I'm very sorry. It was spelling mistake. I will ask Chewett to set it right.
  14. I want to ask gently for credits.     It would be very nice gift for me, because it could help me to improve my character creation and give me more possiblities to involve deeper in MD. I'm not sure whether I deserve for them or not, but nevertheless I would like to try.
  15. Merry Christmas!   I wish you all the best, inhabitants of MagicDuel     May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.     Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness.         Dark Demon   Merry Christmas Dark, old friend J I hope you will find your place in the Forest and wish you new, great adventures In the Realm (and don’t forget to train hardcore J)   Lashtal   I wish you to lost your ego completely J   Chewett   May joy and spam happiness snow on you,
  16. Today I have sent winner's submission to the Council. After I get their response I will inform you about possibility of in-game implementation.   Further information about results will be added as soon as possible (probably next week). I'm very busy right now and because of that I have a little free time to spare in Marind Bell.
  17. Good luck! :)   But remember: Curiosity killed the cat.
  18. In next post I will give you the information about rewards:)
  19. [hr] Phase 4: ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS   [hr]     The winner  is   Nimrodel     Congratulations  :)     Winner's text:   Lands of the East   Home of the great Demon of the east, this is a land meant to contain the essences of the other four main lands. It has four levels, the lowest gradually ascending to the highest, arranged in the form of a spiral. This empty land representing nothingness has many secrets to hide and a long journey to offer. What lies at the end of the spiral is left for the mind to ponder.  
  20. Happy birthday Andur! I wish you all the best (adventures) in MagicDuel.
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