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  1. If you understand taming as I do and if I do understand it as Prince did then taming is a process of transformation of a creature into yours creature. Taming a creature reduces its freedom because it creates a connection with your persona and connection means dependance, but in the same time it enforces the responsibility for the creature on you. Taming means time. Taming means shaping the creature into your own image. Taming is changing the creature in your own likeness. You are superior to your creatures but your creatures are part of you. They are the mirrors in which you ref
  2. Very nice piece of art, dst. You have a talent.   Btw raider, you said it can be a sculpt. Does the scalp technique also qualifies?
  3. John Constantine (looking for team partner)
  4. John Constantine


      I would like to nominate you Rophs for category: "most acurate and clear thread titles".*   *no sarcasm, I swear!
  5. So it looks like this the choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.  The point is that if you want to learn something you need a teacher who know how to teach you, have a knowledge and you want this person as your mentor. But if there is no such teacher choosing first one from the list is pointless and I would even say - stupid. This quated argument is very poor argument. As Harry wisely noticed this is probably one of this features which were created and left behind.  
  6.   I have read this discussions. And there is no answer for my question, only opinions. I just need a simple answer for a simple question.
  7. I have encounter a problem.    It is impossible to change who you are the adept of if you would like to choose no one*. In that case you get reply information:   Unable to find this playername.   Which leads to the point that you have to be an adept (if you have ever been even once an adept) of someone.    The question is: what is the justification of this rule? In my point of view this obligation is completely pointless, because it forces you to become an adept  even if you don't want to do that (now or in time, no matter).    Conclusio
  8. Soulweaver (Coloured TS) ID:798521   1 gold coin
  9.   You didn't read all the story yet. The place doesn't matter in that case and this is just the prologue, not the main history. I wouldn't post story which has no connection with MD, I know the rules so don't be hot-headed Harry, please.    Golemus has nothing to do with that, Rophs.   I can't add the picture, because of restrictions of hosting programmes (and the MD Forum restriction of 1 kb which makes adding an image pointless).   I was inspired by blackrider idea of hell hound. I'm not professional writer and I don't expect it will be first class short story
  10. Hellhound[hr]   A story of (not so ordinary) salvation   in three Acts   **** Prologue   Act I: The Awakening   Act II: Meeting at the Graveyard   Act III: Crucial Duel   Epilogue   ****   Story & Graphics by J.C.   [hr]   Prologue   Excerpt from Mr. J. Diary.   12th of March   I woke up early in that morning. I opened my eyes, but grim marble light from the swinging light bulb on the cellar blinded me and I had to closed them again. When glowing points disapeard I gave them a second chance.
  11. [This is offtopic]   I heard that some of you play Hearthstone. So do I. I thought it could be a good idea to add you to my friend list and observe your progression on the ladder (and maybe even your way to the Legend!).    This is my BattleTag in all Blizzard games:   Konstantyn#2841   If you would like to add me, feel free. You can also post in this thread your BattleTag.  Currently I don't play any other B. game, but it is possible that I will join SC 2 in near future.    
  12. I recommend you Harrington, looks cool (only for titles, but nevertheless...)   MagicDuel Adventure
  13. Is that cup of tea "consant" object until it is consumed (I mean drunk of course) or it will disappear after some time like my sweet gone-with-the-wind tequllia?   The second question is: do you have a tea with stronger aroma than aromatic tea (I don't know if that exist, that's why I ask).
  14. @Rophs. No. It's a hit-and-miss delivery, you are lucky one if mr postman pull out from his bag the letter which was exactly for you.   I'm sorry, it was ironic but your post made my day:)
  15. Your nightmares are the symptoms of (stricly saying) MagicDuel Addiction Syndrome. I heard rumors that the cure exists, but as you can see we are still caught up in this dream.
  16. Life is a wave. Live is -really - flowing with unbroken continuity.
  17. No Orange? Than red for me:)
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