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  1. Next time, read the warning signs and don´t enter stuff you can´t leave
  2. Hey, negotiable! I'm haggling here.
  3. WTS 1 Pimped Grasan with 51 age, no tokens. Going for 12 silver. Price negotiable. And 4 Tormented Souls with 136 age each, no tokens. Going for 12 silver. Price negotiable.
  4. The offer still stands, we are willing to buy any pass papers for a negotiable price.
  5. Metal Bunny


    Gee, I wonder who that could be?
  6. Sorry for making a new reply, but editing it defies its purpose. After simplifying the quest... twice... it turned out to be a success, sort of anyway, and I ended the quest. The answer to the quest is in the spoiler. [spoiler][attachment=1452:WMQ-R picture H-Res with answers.jpg][/spoiler] List of winners: 1: Mighty Pirate wp 2: JacoAnd wp 3: Yoshi wp 4: dst wp 5: degetzica wp 6: Jester wants nothing 7: Miq TS given 8: MRV wants nothing 9: Skie Anderson angien given 10: Cutler TS given 11: *Indyra Sirenias* pimped grasan given 12: Emerald Arcanix pimped grasan given 13:
  7. Lol; righteousness and civility mean nothing before they who behold violence and bigotry as the ultimate means to their ends. I quoted myself, stop googling. ¬_¬ Anyway, you are correct, of course. First of all, let it be obvious that this wasn't cheating. Not at all. If it was cheating, then mur would have punished you. The ones who do it for the first time, or find some gambit or tactic, with emphasis on tactic, are allowed to do it, until mur makes up a new rule, or places a new restriction in the game. He did; LR wasn't cheating. The ones who, from this point on, continue to sta
  8. Well, if case 1 is really the case, they just shouldn't count in the total count towards item owners. Primarily because it's raw frigging material. If you are shallow and you put yourself in a contest against another shallow dude, what are you more likely to count besides trophy wives and the number of hair transplsnts and (nsfw)[spoiler]penile[/spoiler] enlargements? You don't count the amount of sand you have, nor how many useless concrete blocks you have. You count the final product; houses, cars and money. While this in effect could change very little to the prices (oligopoly) it wil
  9. Alrighty then, I made the quest considerably easier. I honestly believe that if you can't solve it now, that you truly don't deserve a wp from me, for this quest. This is as low as I go. Celebrate, peasants! The Bunny Emperor has.. sadly enough, budged and sorta given into the popular demand!
  10. Lol @ grido continuously merging new topics. Anyway, lovely idea for a new function, or rather, description of an item. Cursed items Example, I have a bunny scepter. It makes a temporary, one usage, or anything with a limit on it, some form of... bunny brainwash or something. Maybe some sort of accursed bunny feet. I can give the bunny feet to whomever I want, and they would be stuck with the accursed item for a fixed amount of time, say, 1 day, or 1 regen timer. It has the opposite effect of a lucky rabbit's feet; -100 luck or something The player can give the accursed item to s
  11. Seeing as how there isn't a topic yet for the new ideas for useable items, I made one here. Please post your [i]new[/i] ideas here with additional comments about your own or others' ideas and suggestions. My own: The first one I had was more of a combination of the functions already suggested by Mur in the announcement. Basically, it's a passport for a land, combining the key triggers for access to special locations, with perhaps profile adjustment (negative or positive, who knows?), or maybe more of a log effect with restrictions, such as disallowing people of the land to pick up torche
  12. Seriously? This you regard as a reasonable topic? Self reflection doesn't ring a bell does it? Do I have to bring out that lovely wine etiquette again? Or should I just state why dst is allowed to say whatever she wants to say, just like you are allowed to write topics that are seen as nothing but proof of lack of intricate and complicated intelligent thought processes. The same reason I am allowed to get annoyed at your annoyances, is the same reasons you are allowed to get annoyed at dst's annoyances. And she is allowed to write and do whatever she wants, as long as it is within the bo
  13. Roar, thanks Busy getting ready to get.. well.. wasted really. Yaaay! W0000H!
  14. Grats Just don't raise it to eat bunnies
  15. One thing I should do, make my instructions better and force people to read it twice, not just once. Interim quest has 3 wrong answers per riddle, but you can retry again after a month. And it's an infinite amount of rewards, wp, because for now, no one has solved it yet. So the first to solve it, do not get an advantage. Actually, since I make new riddles on a fixed routine, the first and the best (since they cannot enter when they have earned 1 wp) will have no decisive advantage over the rest. Basically, it's a matter of patience, because you do have infinite tries. Seriously, it's in t
  16. Actually, and I don't intend to totally crush you or anything, but the ''black hat'' riddle is really easy. But that's an opinion and I understand what you are getting at. Also, if you lost the poem, just pm me (for the Interim that is)
  17. I sort of noticed that absolutely no one has solved a single quest of mine, for a very loooong time. Don't get me wrong, with the Interim quest, 5 people are extremely close. Though, I doubt this is the case with the woodman's quest. Though I take certain pride in the fact that notoriously good questers *coughdstcough* go nutters at the thought of my quests, it doesn't do much good for my aging wp. And since I find the ''yes or no, balloons'' on my profile inadequate, I have decided to make a poll here. So.. yeah.. kindly put your opinions here as well, if you still have them. Btw, to
  18. So.. Woodman's quest had been going on for about.. 2 months? People collected the full picture and the full riddle, but, couldn't solve the last part. This quest will end at the end of 2009, so maybe, just maybe, people can solve it in the few days left. But I sincerely doubt this. That is why, if absolutely no one has solved this by the end of 2009, I will start a new quest in 2010. Simply put, this quest will be an easier version of the current quest.
  19. Or.. do like I do, copy the pm or a description of it, into the pl and then send a pm back, with a warning. And if it happens again, squeel to uncle grido, mwahahah
  20. We need to have a separate section in the forum where these kinds of things (non-payment of items, creatures or currency and other fraudulent behaviour when it comes to trading) Because.. this kinda isn't what general topic is for? General topic means general stuff, which encompasses basically stuff that is happening in MD, not a single incident concerning 2 parties which in total consist no more than, what? 3 people? Also, I really couldn't care less what happened here, whereas I generally read and am interested in what is written in the general topic. Don't get me wrong, should I ever b
  21. To make it clear, so we can close this topic. 1.07 is smaller than 1.44 which is smaller than 1.7 If you still don't get it, then it may be because you didn't see 1.7 as 1.70 I hope you do now, please close this topic?
  22. [quote name='I am Bored' date='26 November 2009 - 05:46 AM' timestamp='1259210779' post='48507'] does you hijacking my thread mean you are lowing my warn level?[color="#0000ff"]No, because this post is also spam.So they compensate each other.DST[/color] darn [/quote] I nominate this for funniest quote Anyway, most influential isn't bad, but there are too many categories inside influential to pick from, because people will usually have completely different ideas about what influential means. I mean, just look at the times. They went for the dude who created 4chan.org. ¬_¬ And best PWR
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