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  1. That's great news, it'd suck if the Church had to undergo even more warmongering to establish it's leadership, just so that it could stabilize and grow again.
  2. BaH, disgusting! Know ye not the lore of old? (otherwise known as stuff I witnessed and influenced myself) Savelfuser, the great ghost was once a fellow alliance member, part of the first triumvirate along with me and yrthilian, who were left to rule the GG alliance when Wodin Ullr fell valiantly in battle. I relinquished my responsibility to yrthilian, so that I could focus more on being a better mp6 and RPC. Yrthilian continued to lead GG. Savelfuser left, stating that he had wished, from the start, to create his own alliance, for the greater good of Loreroot. Savelfuser cared for th
  3. To actually add in another mp level is to prolong the road to the inevitable, because everyone will once again, end up at mp6
  4. Oh for the love of Mur's unholy gimp named Grido; Boohoo, new mp5 can't do anything against veteran mp5, waah, waah, waah. This is not a real argument. If it was, you should be complaining about how new mp3 and mp4 can't compete as well. GGG is making combat boring/ grinders are becoming more than a nuisance. Yes, but it is you who must adapt, it is you who must change, [b]if[/b] you do not wish to enforce a scorched earth policy, such as No One did. Scorched earth, no matter how much you complain about how bad it is, how counter productive it is, how it is chasing away new players, i
  5. Uh, a quick reminder to Yrthilian and others. And I am pretty sure I am one of the very, very few left who did it this particular way, but: I gained my stats the hard way, by attacking other mp5 (well over a year ago now at willow's shop, when it was still a gathering place). Others did abuse certain ways, such as when there was no max heat and the skills per battle gained were tremendously high. I didn't. As for what I think ggg did to the game; well, it is a bit late and others have given similar motivations and arguments as mine, so I'll only say that it is indeed more detrimental
  6. The Mercenary part of the GG Alliance, of which I represent 50%, is in deliberation and requires more time contemplating before any other choices or deals can be made.
  7. Sweet, was I really the first one? And yes, impromptu is a real word.
  8. Metal Bunny

    A Wedding

    Wow redneck, way to show your enthusiasm and respect for the new couple to be Anyway, congrats , I'll try and be there and eat all the rice that'll be thrown..
  9. This is getting beyond ridiculous... I skipped through a few of the last posts because I got tired of reading all of this. After reading CrazyMike's reply, I hope none of you have is unwise enough to continue that debate in that topic; as for actually starting such a comment; I must say that I really, really dislike arguments ad hominem, Fenrir, but seeing as how this entire trial is already in that direction, I cannot fault you for being human. I am asking this pre-emptively; Please do not debate the war in here, create a seperate topic for that in the offtopic section, because it has ab
  10. Read the rules; conform or leave. However, there is no rule against asking people (politely), to be a bit nicer and conform to etiquette. However, there is no rule against ignoring this and being a not so subtle ogre (this is not a reference to anyone), so long as you don't actually use your club to pound in someone's brain. Heh, there isn't even a rule where it says you have to respect someone else's opinion, nor is there a constitutional law in any country in the world that protects people from getting their feelings hurt. There are however, laws about actually harming, or threatening
  11. Dude Z, that's.. while not a really diverging set of specialities, your work certainly is Business economics student, though I am planning to.. take it.. slow , student life is too nice.
  12. I remember him as the prototype of LHO, he was a good friend, and much like Grido, I tend to make fun of them, but t'is all purely in jest Either way, I refrain from saying who are actually legends, particularly because people see me as some sort of 'living legend'. Man, all I did was play. Sometimes I was good at it, sometimes I sucked at it. Does this qualify me to say who is a legend? Hardly. Let the people who actually require legends, those who crave a history to base themselves upon, let them hear the stories of players of old, and let them decide, based purely upon the merit of
  13. Oh dear gods, I must be getting old, when I see newbies like Burns being named living legends... No offense burns , but I remember your mp3 newbness quite well
  14. I am glad to announce that after several months, I think close to the amount of time a pregnancy takes, someone finally has solved enough riddles (of d00000m) to earn herself a WP. And no, it's not Dst (Muahahaha) Grats to *Indyra Sirenias* Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay She should be proud as she has the right to say that she was not just smart enough, but [i][b]persevered[/b][/i] long enough to get that first wp. Yes, perseverance, because if you hadn't read the rules quite so closely, then you should realize that if, theoretically speaking, you have an unlimited amount of guesses, it j
  15. Sah-weet, finally, someone worthy enough to help improve MD's code Don't let us down! No pressure though, heh
  16. I remember you, you were mp8 when I went to mp4.. so that's.. ages ago Basically, you were 'old' when I joined, and now I'm considered old, so you're practically ancient now Have fun re-exploring Major changes have been in new creatures, new combat abilities, alliances have been redone, heat has been nerfed, there is now max honor, you can't attack across mp levels, magic has been introduced along with illusions, new places have opened up, winning and losing from mp4 and up have changed and storylines have been introduced and continued for a long time. Oh and items
  17. [quote name='pamplemousse' date='01 April 2010 - 05:07 PM' timestamp='1270134442' post='57360'] Grr. [/quote] Aw, poor Pample, I feel your pain. Honestly, I do. On the 1st of April, 2 years ago, Mur announced that a new monster had arrived and I thought that this supposed new strong monster was just a joke by Mur. But it wasn't , it was KC. So... actually, I'm more paranoid than you are, but it's still sorta the same
  18. Amazing, within the scope of a few seemingly insignificant posts, this entire topic has debased itself. I do not care about whether or not you wish to insult someone or wish to invoke pain and suffering upon someone, the matter of fact still remains. You may not use offensive words. Decide if it is offensive to minors and if it is, remove the comment and warn the poster. Then close the topic ¬_¬ If you wish to debate the inherent value of punishments, power and even personal feelings, then do so in a new topic. You are derailing the entire purpose of this topic. And going off-topic i
  19. Given the earliest history of gg; you´re not the only who thinks like this.
  20. Heh.. Remember the 'good old days', RJ? I do, and people were gathering back then as well. The exception was that it was at willow's shop and that it was slightly harder, since rituals weren't as restricted as they are at GGG. But, I noticed that that has, if you will it to be so, has absolutely nothing to do with MD being boring. A gathering place will always exist. And there will always be loners, or explorers, wandering about. What you have to realize however, is that a gathering place, nor the opposite of a gathering place, necessarily excludes or includes fun and removal of boredo
  21. Grido, stop stalking ¬_¬ Uh.. Happy B-day Ailith
  22. Coincidentally, the number of toaster/bath suicides are slowing dropping..

  23. Hands up if you are an economics student or graduated already. *hands up* The logic used in this topic is preposterous and ridiculous. I can go on and on about why, but I just don't feel like it. However the main problem persists. The sheer amount of items is far to scarce, driving prices up, regardless of moral objections. The demand is far too high and the supply is far too low. Besides that, supply is a fixed amount, and decay isn't a factor. Solutions range from introducing decay and the ability to manufacture without restriction. Though I doubt this will happen soon. Or, flood
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