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  1. War is usually confusing, especially in the start. The fact that it only lasts 20 mins. doesn't do much to help the situation, h-uh?
  2. After careful thinking, I have decided that it's better to post the full stories, until after the deathmatch trivia. This is because of 2 reasons. 1: It's unfair to people who did go to the GoE and listen to the stories. 2: This may yet again, seem unfair to people who couldn't come because of real life issues. However, the deathmatch trivia rounds consist of 5 questions, 1 about each war and 1 about a random legend, as such, even if you only could come to 3 days, you should be able to win the trivia rounds. If you were incapable of coming to 3 seperate days of the festival, then it's o
  3. Yeah, you don't have to sign up anymore, lol
  4. Uh.. it didn't remove my old one. I was testing. This isn't spam. ¬_¬

  5. Well, we either postpone it, do it before 0:00 or.. Roleplay ftw Also, I decided that the creature reward for this day will just be part of a reward later on, so no worries. And this time I'll try and direct people more.
  6. BUMP; Rules for fights on day 1: No creatures that weren't available back then are allowed. No tokens were there back then. There was only 1 shop reset. Creatures that were available, but needed so much age that no one could use them in the war, are not allowed. (Windy and Angiens) As such; No tokens! No more than 2 imperial aramors, bloodpact archers, jokers and GG drachs. No younger creature types; Rusties, Reins, Windy, souls, priests, pimps, angiens. Please send me a screenshot of your battle log. Every 10 fights or so. It's only for 20 minutes so you can't have that many s
  7. [quote name='Lifeline' date='22 June 2010 - 02:49 AM' timestamp='1277167759' post='62452'] PS: the 1 point that goes to whoever looses the most battle...if a fight goes for 20minutes alliance member have a disadvantage there they can only be attack once whil no ally member can be attacked twice. [/quote] Yeah, but either you leave your alliance for a short while, or you attack to lose. Besides, people in alliances have an advantage, if they are fighting to get most wins.
  8. Rewards are public! Sign up for potential extra rewards :D Festival starts today at midnight :D

  9. [quote name='I am Bored' date='21 June 2010 - 05:31 PM' timestamp='1277134263' post='62427'] wait..... there was only 1 war......... and it was truely a war...... the battle at the house of liquid dust was the last and some might say only real battle in the war....and they didn't lose..... no-one lost, khal went in and never came out, that's all there was to it....... [/quote] ¬_¬ http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3681-war/ http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5142-war/ http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5216-diposing-yrthilian-as-king-of-golemus-golemicarum/ (which, in c
  10. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='20 June 2010 - 08:35 PM' timestamp='1277058941' post='62369'] Do we have to appear even if we don't "appear"? [/quote] Uh, if you mean that you have to be there, even if you can't be there, meaning that you'll be idle or even logged out, then, meh. It doesn't entirely matter, it's more of a nuisance to the other players, because they can't attack you if you are not there. But, if you want to go idle on the battlefield, then go ahead. And yes, if you can't make it, but did sign up, and you're logged out, then it won't be an enormous problem. It's a voluntar
  11. That was almost worth a point lightsage And to remind everyone, even if you don't sign up for everyday, you can theoretically, still win the big fat prize on day 6. Also, only 4 people can theoretically get 1 point per day on the first four days through fighting, so that leaves an open spot for at least 12. Though, if we get enough though fighters, I am certain that no one person goes into day 6 with 4 points. Some with 3, that's always a good possibility. So people going to school/work, don't fret so much. Just hope someone records all the info I wrote down on each day and posts it on
  12. BUMP for the reason of more clearly being able to edit this post for the sign up of each different day. The earlier post is an answer to a question, so this bump is legal! Don't touch it dst! Okay.. this is all you people's fault for being completely predictable in your 'I Dun wanna read forum' ways. Well, it's actually my fault because I should've seen it coming, but, meh, I'm awesome, ergo, it's all your fault. Anyway, people tend to not sign up and join in anyway, or they sign up and don't show up. So, we're changing the sign up rules into pick up rules. A.k.a. If you're there an
  13. I'm not Mur.. so no, it's not an official festival
  14. Tomorrow,on tuesday the 22nd midnight, or wednesday the 23rd early morning, the Festival of War and Remembrance will begin! I make confusing posts according to some ¬_¬ Hope this is more understandable [size="5"][b]What is this about?[/b][/size] [spoiler]MD is well over 5 years old. When the realm of MD had dawned, it was much like a void. It was like a void because at first it was empty, and there was nothing to give it meaning, nothing to help it retain major events as treasured memories. The world of MD was akin to a newly born infant. It was empty and it was small. But it was also
  15. Mur wants all content to be available for free, but he doesn't mind if it takes a bit longer, which why you can get credits if you vote. To need silver to get armor, shouldn't be an objection in itself, it's the fact that everyone will end up with the same armor at the end, which is the problem. It's better to create sets of armor that boost certain stuff, or certain tactics, such as; Armor that helps you freeze, or anti freeze stuff. Armor that nullifies part of the enemy's creature boost/aura boost or token power. Armor that multiplies your creatures stats (100% vit influence include
  16. Metal Bunny


    :*), after so many years, so, very, very, many years, it's finally going to be fixed. Finally, no more newbies asking why it isn't in correct english. Surely, we have been delivered from evil
  17. Remember, people with exceptional skills, always have the opportunity to get a promotion If you promote into the military branch of the alliance, you will get actual silver as a wage. Hurray for awesomeness!
  18. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='09 June 2010 - 06:06 PM' timestamp='1276099598' post='61473'] I just count your posts as annoying.You obviously know nothing about the issue, nor you read at all, and as most important, you have nothing to do with this issue. Not to mention you have don't know how to think here at all (I certainly won't explain things to you), are you overloaded with emotions over this (and why would that be?) or you are trying to provoke with that behavior, I don't know nor I care.You deserve no reply. [/quote] And yet, you replied. Let's keep it on topic shall we? I
  19. The other mercenary went AWOL, so, yeah, I'm a mercenary, and I will fight for Mya. I will pm you about payment, the awesome bunny has no need for silver.
  20. That's great news, it'd suck if the Church had to undergo even more warmongering to establish it's leadership, just so that it could stabilize and grow again.
  21. BaH, disgusting! Know ye not the lore of old? (otherwise known as stuff I witnessed and influenced myself) Savelfuser, the great ghost was once a fellow alliance member, part of the first triumvirate along with me and yrthilian, who were left to rule the GG alliance when Wodin Ullr fell valiantly in battle. I relinquished my responsibility to yrthilian, so that I could focus more on being a better mp6 and RPC. Yrthilian continued to lead GG. Savelfuser left, stating that he had wished, from the start, to create his own alliance, for the greater good of Loreroot. Savelfuser cared for th
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