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  1. I say put him in mp4, and let him go to mp5 voluntarily. The main reason for this is that I agree that newbies are way more important than an mp3 showing off. I have nothing against him, it's just that newbies are the fuel for awesomeness.
  2. Ending auction, because I need the space > <, winners are Chewett, Dst and Dst, for an amount of 10 sc each. I'll finish the dealings tomorrow.
  3. I'll end the auction tomorrow evening if there are no more new bids.
  4. No words? Thanks? And yes, if you check my quest page, there will be a chronological list of all the quest I have created or helped in. You can see how it evolves, simply because doing the older style isn't fun anymore and gets too easy for the participants.
  5. A week may have been a bit too long, if there are no more bids by the end of tomorrow, I'll close the auction early, by the end of tomorrow. Top bids are listed in the first post.
  6. WTS 3 tokened and aged angien for nominal price (basically, what the tokens cost) But it's an auction, so highest bidder wins. Auction lasts 1 week. Angien 1: [onyxfangs][blackdiamonds][kellethafire], 447 age now, 454 at the end of auction. Bidding starts at 3sc. [b]Top Bid: 10sc[/b] Angien 2: [claw3][blackdiamonds], 446 age now, 453 at the end of auction. Bidding starts at 2sc. [b]Top Bid: 10sc[/b] Angien 3: [darkshield][claw3][blackdiamonds], 448 age now, 455 at the end of auction. Bidding starts at 3sc. [b]Top Bid: 10sc[/b] Post bids here or pm me. I'll updat
  7. DOH Dangit, Grido is not going to let me live this one down. Over 200 in tradesense.. urgh.
  8. I am busy recruiting angiens and I noticed that my VP has stayed at its maximum for several days now. Is this an angien recruitment bug, or a general vp bug? If you were wondering, I refreshed often and I saw my ve and ap go down, but never my vp.
  9. Just ask around, I got a little help from the ´lose regen´ people and by using specific rituals, I went from exactly 1000 more losses than wins (I dislike skilldamage as well), to about 940 in one day and I wasn't even trying. It's not that hard.
  10. I can remember two other topics, one from more than 2 years ago and 1 from about a year ago.. but that doesn't mean you can't start another one I'll start: I am awesomeness
  11. Also, no max on password. Not a big deal, but 'Metalbunnyisawesomenessincarnatewoohooallhailthebunnyempire' can be a bit of a drag to type.. and yes, I changed it after 7 minutes.
  12. Back from vacation. The motherland says hi, please donate for the glorious cause of the proletariat revolution!

    1. lepus


      *waves to mr bunny* hey mr bunny - what about the fatherland? :P *giggle*

    2. Ravenstrider


      Ze Germanz disagre! :)

  13. Oeh, same birthday :D

  14. Woooooooh! Happy B-day! Just like me, it's time to feel old!
  15. Nope, I was the one who attacked, and I am pretty sure that even if I were to be dyslectic, that I can still differentiate between names starting with A, T, D, etc. So, yes, I did not make any mistakes.
  16. I attacked XXX and I lost with 100% vs. 0%. It said sheath balance, with the blue hue, so it meant that I gained a loss. When I go to my daily improvement screen-menu-thing, the golden laurel one, it said that I had gained a loss. But when I check out the battle log, the screen-menu-thing with the 2 crossed swords, it then says that I wasn't actually defeated, but that I retreated. Also, when I attack people, and I win with 100% vs. 0%. The loser doesn't get a lost fight count. So.. bug? Either the lost fight count is inappropriately given or not given, or it's not properly displayed

    1. lepus


      is that mr bunny grinning?? WOW!!! :P

    2. Grido


      yeah...he's usually really miserable....

  18. Dude, as said before, by others, it's not abuse. Not /until/ multiple people complain about it, or /until/ Yrthilian consistently and continuously harasses you. If this was an unique occurrence, you have right to complain, but no mod or admin will help you as Yrthilian broke no rule.
  19. Woops, apologizing here! I forgot to credit Indyra for the idea. She came up with the idea of a way of remembering the past and I apparently, just ran with it.
  20. LOL, hocking away your reward so soon? Tsk, tsk
  21. I'm waiting for someone to give me the WPcodes, it's easier for me to give out all the rewards in one go. Also, I have uploaded all the stories of the festival at the archives. Go to MD-archives.com to read them. Uh, admin/mod? I can't edit the additional pages, so all the paragraphs are stuck together, forming one long solid wall of text. Anyway, enjoy reading it
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