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  1. ._O And no, this is not an useless post....
  2. Solved it, when is the next one coming? Oh and the explanation for the fast solve is on it's way Via pm ofcourse
  3. Uh... the main point was that the vitality they healed or regenerated, (if destroyed), should also be counted towards the total amount of vitality destroyed. I now have had a lot of fights that gave me negative xp, even though I destroy 100% eventually. Just saying...
  4. Love indeed, makes one blind. Just kiddin' , you can go ahead and make fun of my avatar
  5. .... Mine is just an ugly southpark version of my glorious image...
  6. Lol... Your head tasted nice while it lasted, big meanie Eden.
  7. I could read it and I'm dutch... but then again I read a lot of Epic Donald Duck Comics and the accents used in there are easy to read and funny too... not that has anything to do with this... @ Lulu... charming? eh... 'kay... if you say so...
  8. They're americans... animecans even... don't ask, they and their 'dark and troubled, yet non-emo noble high-class family' are kinda weird But hey, they help, like most of us
  9. He, doesn't kill them, lol... He is outnumbered and they do have weapons at their 'meating' I mean, else he would've killed them when or before the king was having his 'epic speech'. A bunny wins through strategy and such , he was just tired...
  10. In bold are unsolved. 1. Example ’What am I?’ riddle –By me 2. 1st ’What am I?’ riddle – By me 3. 2nd ’What am I?’ riddle – By me 4. 3rd ’What am I?’ riddle – By me 5. 4th ’What am I?’ riddle – By me 6. The buttons and the lightbulb riddle – By me 7. The dead man in the field riddle – By me 8. The prisoners and the three crowns riddle – By 5acos(phi/2) 9. The television game show riddle – By 5acos(phi/2) 10. The 10 numbers riddle – By 5acos(phi/2) 11. The room with a door to life and death riddle – By Grido 12. The train riddle from hell – By me 13. 5th ’What am I?’ riddle – By 5a
  11. When will you be in mp5? (need meat, fresh meat
  12. Never played D&D either because this 'town' (200k inhabitants, which is like a big city for where I am from), is the capitol of hick farmers... ugh... Nobody wants to play with meeeee
  13. This was posted in 2007, things may have changed by now...
  14. ... Sun Wukong and the Journey to the West is better than all of it together , but the movie eragon was bad imo. And forbidden kingdom just messed the mythology up, but it at least had nice fighting scenes in it.
  15. Alright, today I had a fight (with the new combat system, but that doesn't matter now, I think..) with Mr.X, here after aptly named x. The thing is, well look for yourself. ~V~ ~L~ Player You lost Enemy lost Rounds Time OUT X Mr.X 6476 -10810 3 09-06-2008 17:13:42 I'm A *** Combat details (under construction). 'E' is defender, 'A' is attacker Your honor reward for this battle: 0 Your loyalty reward for this battle: 0 Enemy honor reward for this battle: 42 Enemy loyalty reward for this battle: 0 *** todo help after fight Casu
  16. Lol... there is something wrong with us in so many ways... Somehow we actually managed to get off track again and go way way offtopic... again... To compensate for that we put in those measly overused yet mandatory words that have something to do with the topic... Here are mine I like bob more...
  17. Hi there, ctrl+c everything above me and ctrl+v here
  18. Well, there are lot's of jokes with bob in it, like 'a 10 feet room, with a treasure chest and bob guarding it', or 'and bob was tehre too', Bob is just a metaphore, for the common and thus unimportant and failling man. It's a nice way of making a situation lighter and funnier, but gets slapstick stupid real soon... So bob in this game is ... my kind of humor... lol.... That doesn't sound right does it? And if you want something that is totally unarchaic, you should try using wonderfull neo and uber combinations. Like 'the mirroring tree of inadequacy' (get it? har har? ... [insert verb] y
  19. Lol... Mur did say he'd rather stop the game, then to make it pay to play. Anyway, hi there and enjoy your stay Oh and feel free to ask questions...
  20. Why are there 2 polls about the name? And I repeat, vote for bob, because everyone else is wrong...
  21. The main reason I like it is because my humongous amount of losses are giving me a bigger reward than the balance bonus , but this just counts for me, I mean, I must be without a doubt the player with the largest losses to wins ratio. So... It's nice for me, but I don't really know how others feel about it
  22. Basically just ask anyone who is on the live chat and is mp4 or higher and looks willing to explain stuff Like me and the people above me.
  23. Feel free to ask away and most of all, feel welcome
  24. Lulu tells you a lot what to do huh?
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