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  1. Hello.
    How are you?

    I am fine, but excruciatingly busy.

    But thanks for asking.

    I planned on doing another festival in about.. 1 week ago.
    But real life makes it so that even though I am in college, I haven't had an actual vacation in approximately 25 months.
    But, I can do stuff in the first week of September.
    So I will (Festival starts on Tuesday the 3rd, ends on Sunday the 8th of September.. Because I have to train people on Monday, that's why).
    No manager, that will have to wait for next year.

    Seeing as how I am busy until end of next week (WHEN I AM FINALLY FREE ROOAAOAOAOAOAAOARGH).
    I will do the stuff such as accepting nominations for legends, for next week.
    Also, if people want to help me update the descriptions of current legends, please do so, I'll pay you a shiny silver coin.
    If you wish to help with the trivia, I'll pay you a shiny silver coin as well.
    If you wish to donate quest rewards, yay.

    Winners of last year who didn't get their rewards yet, please tell me, I will finally do it, when I have free time again (after august 25th).

    For more information, go check the festival editions of previous years.


  2. Alright, I am slowly coming back to MD. Once my thesis is done, I'll definitely have some more time, as a lot of things will be ending in my real life.

    However, I am going to be away during the usual time for the Festival of War and Remembrance, due to a vacation in China and see some family again, a debating tournament in my own city, as well as training and preparing for, and competing in, the European University Debating Championships 2013 in Manchester, I am NOT going to be able to do a lot of MD during latter 2nd half of July and the first 3 weeks of August.

    This means that, seeing as I want to keep the festival going and make it more into a tradition, as well as making sure that other activities or quests go into it, I will open up the position for manager of the Festival.

    It will be a paid position.
    You will have some creative freedom, concerning quests and stuff.

    There will be some guidelines.

    There will be like 1 or 2 rules you can't break.

    I am mostly putting this up now, to see if people are enthusiastic about this, or not. As well as how much in compensation they expect.
    It takes at least 2 weeks.
    1 week of doing stuff, and 1 week of organizing and planning and making new quests or adding stuff to the stories.

    Let me kindly know your opinion on this.

  3. You state that writers will be compensated. With a pickle point. Care to explain how this is done exactly? (how much do you need to get an actual tangible reward? What types of reward are there?)

    Also, is it allowed to provide more questions in a topic, once it has been started, without editorial consultation?
    Besides that, is it allowed to just make small comments and remarks, which lean more closely to reminiscence, or vague rumours, rather than an actual story?

  4. Wouldn't it be a greater compromise to simply track the first character's, or in cases where it matters, to allow the oldest character have the wp accumulated to them, and allow for the option to redistribute them amongst your alts, as long as your alts comply with the conditions.

    So for instance, if your alt is 80 days, and your main is 480, you are allowed to put one of your main's wp (for active days only, not the wp from quests or such), into your alt. A second one is not allowed as long as it hasn't reached age 120.

  5. Okay.. with the new announcement, it seems to be implied that after 1200 days, you no longer get wp's. Which limits it to a maximum, while still being fair to newbies.
    I think it's a good [enough] compromise.

    Also, for the art, if anyone needs ideas, and since I can't draw... at all, I present you with some ideas.

    Start off with a newbie, bumbling and stumbling. Or something that says; learning how to breathe, or crawl
    Then go on with the next one about learning how to walk
    Then run/jump/ pre-adolescent behaviour
    Then perhaps learning how to fight?
    Get armored stuff and perhaps some people following you. With maybe a reference to being 1 year old.
    Get bigger, more minions, better armor
    Now you start to generally look awesome
    Become a metal bunny impersonator (as only the real metal bunny can be truly awesomeness itself).

    Of course, this is not the proper topic to place this in, but, meh.

  6. Ah right, wasn't thinking straight. Yes, with the AD it does indeed become sorite's paradox. But, unlike a heap, mur could superimpose an actual definition and worth of a wp, much like he did with the BP puzzle. AD's could then become worthy to a fraction of a wp, with added elements such as Dst's idea, of actually being there (I like that idea), much like the BP puzzle has several elements as well. So in that sense it isn't really like sorite's paradox, because we do have a higher authority that can define the worth of an AD and of a WP.

  7. Sorite's paradox? With what? In the measurement of the worth of the requirements of a wp? I give you, I admit, completely subjective, yet potentially objective measurement of requirement of one wp; the WP mechanism installed by Mur in the gazebo, with the patterns in the floor.

    But that aside, my sentence was a bit off anyway :excl:.

    I simply meant that, with some of the instances where I have seen, relatively, far too easy quests which rewarded wp, I did not want the 'wp for active days' 'quest', to be so relatively easy, but instead comparable to the broken pattern puzzle.

    But, yes, it's quite the difficult task to judge loyalty, in the form of active days, and its relative worth in relation to a wp, on a large scale.

  8. Freedom of speech is relatively new and tyrants are not per definition a bad thing, nor is a democracy per definition a good thing. Because it depends on the tyrant and/or the people who rule. Also quoting Voltaire like that, ouch, at least do him some real justice.
    I don't know in what kind of real world you live in, but if you tell people to go, and I quote, 'die', whether it is in written form or in speech, it is still enough to prosecute someone on the charge of the threat of bodily harm.

    Check your mouth and fingers now, before I sue you. Then brush up on your law and then your manners.

  9. That is true, reality will probably be somewhere in between, especially if you look at the average record of man's stupidity and wilfulness to grow exponentially in power at every cost.

    But what if newbies get something else, instead of wp? A scaling ladder of loyalty rewards?
    Newbies get... long time ago since I had to think in terms of mp3 and mp4, I dunno, a free item they can buy at whatever shop they can get into? Like if they can enter Loreroot, they can pick a free piece of medusa armor, with the added requirement of having at least 50 activity days.
    Sounds doable, and it promotes the intended goals to some degree and it's not exactly harmful if it does get abused.

    Whereas a wp would be somewhere way up high, with 500+ age, and perhaps linked to some sort of achievement as well?

    Of course, I am only saying this because I am slightly more pessimistic towards wp inflation, especially when it's requirements are lowered enough that it doesn't really warrant an actual wp.

  10. B and C are not necessarily an argument against A, as it depends upon implementation. It all hinges upon loyalty, and not activity days, as the main factor that should decide upon whether or not someone should be rewarded a WP or not.

    While loyalty is hard to judge on an objective basis and measurement, one 'could' use activity days for it, by assuming that if one did indeed play for so long, that one must've done at least something. Maybe get a panel and ask for 3, maybe 5 non-alts of higher age to vouch for your activity or loyalty and get a very amount of activity days as a requirement, such as.. 500? 700?

    One can (I haven't done the math, because it's not exact science, but rather a guesstimation) reasonably and arguably attest that over such a high amount and with people of higher age vouching for you, that you are loyal and that you should be rewarded with a wp for it.

    As for B and C, I can understand that you may see these as arguments against A, but you haven't exactly argued as to why these are so bad in the first place. I can see how they could be bad, but if the implementation is right and it gives an impulse to increased loyalty and activity, and not just an impulse to log in for a minute a day to get the activity days, then why would B and C be so bad?

    You speak as if alt abuse would be the biggest and most severe problem, right at its implementation. But that doesn't have to be so, not if the implementation is done correctly.

    Also, you speak about the fact that this is favoring the veterans, and I agree, however, once more, if only A is your intention, then why not implement it in such a way that it favors veterans for the right reason, which will also stimulate newbies to become such loyal veterans.

    I think I convinced myself into changing my own vote from 1 wp per year, into 1 wp per 500+ days, maybe more, with the added restriction of proven loyalty.

  11. Which is why we're having this discussion, so that reasons b and c won't be the real reason and the options players have to actually achieve these, are limited.

    And yes, activity and loyalty are not necessarily measured by activity days, no, not at all really. Which is why I voted for 1 a year. These are all still options.

  12. Bumpity, I think the idea for a jury would be a great one, if it's only duty is to judge whether one is a serious alt or not. One would only have to petition for it and then it stays a serious alt for a very long time, through this only a very few and thusly only the serious alts would get a wp.

    But, I was thinking about this, in particular in accordance with the calender. I thought that it may have been a nice idea to get a sublist in the calendar going, that logs activity days for everyone who has a veteran medal and then puts them in that sublist to celebrate their 'birthday', but then I realised that this particular idea about giving wp for activity days, is for activity days and is not about the day they joined.
    But it might still be something, heh.

    Either way, I was wondering, which coincidentally may be because I may, or may not, need wp :P, about when this was going to be implemented. I think it's a good enough idea that it's no longer a case of 'if', but 'when'.

  13. I laughed out loud at the chinese army one.

    25. Mur is in fact a wall that was imbued with magical clay, that made it sentient.
    The only reason why Md exists now and now when the wall was made in ancient times, is because only now does Mur not only have an electrical socket, but also an ether net feed.

    (doh, had to edit mine to 25 instead of 24)

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