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  1. I am back, and I have an immediate correction: Monday the 2nd until Sunday the 8th. Also, Saturday may be a different time, depending on how my first BBQ of freedom goes.
  2. Hello. How are you? I am fine, but excruciatingly busy. But thanks for asking. I planned on doing another festival in about.. 1 week ago. But real life makes it so that even though I am in college, I haven't had an actual vacation in approximately 25 months. But, I can do stuff in the first week of September. So I will (Festival starts on Tuesday the 3rd, ends on Sunday the 8th of September.. Because I have to train people on Monday, that's why). No manager, that will have to wait for next year. Seeing as how I am busy until end of next week (WHEN I AM FINALLY FREE ROOAAOAOAOAOAAOA
  3. Alright, I am slowly coming back to MD. Once my thesis is done, I'll definitely have some more time, as a lot of things will be ending in my real life. However, I am going to be away during the usual time for the Festival of War and Remembrance, due to a vacation in China and see some family again, a debating tournament in my own city, as well as training and preparing for, and competing in, the European University Debating Championships 2013 in Manchester, I am NOT going to be able to do a lot of MD during latter 2nd half of July and the first 3 weeks of August. This means that, seeing as
  4. So, I can't see the doom.jpg, what's it look like?
  5. Trivia contest starts at 21:00 at GoE!

  6. I return, quasi-victorious! I am in the 13th best team of university debating, in europe, for the category of english as a second language. Yay, time for MD again.

    1. Nimrodel


      debating bunny overlord! '>.> someone get us anti bunny ear muffs to save our souls! (congrats btw. :))

  7. T_T... Why... Stupid van Bommel... Stupid Coach... Stupid Germans..,

    1. Magistra
    2. Burns


      Why, you ask? Gomez > ALL Oranjes, that's why. And he's practically glued to the ground, too.

    3. Metal Bunny

      Metal Bunny

      ¬_¬, Coach only made the right choices in the 2nd half, so that half we won :P

  8. For all Game of Thrones fans: GG is wild and full of crazies. Also, please visit http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12442-constitution-opinion-poll-read-before-voting/

    1. Metal Bunny

      Metal Bunny

      If you didn't get the reference, look up: The night is dark and full of terrors.

    2. Magistra


      I think every player here is a Game of Thrones fan. I certainly am!

    3. Prince Lewas

      Prince Lewas

      League of Legends here... and not to mention Diablo :P

  9. Buuuuh, I wanna finish the constitution, but I haz examz T_T

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      The constitution of metal bunny: "Women are to wear nothing....but metal bunny ears."

  10. Go to 5) of article 2 of my attempt at a constitution. Tell me what you think.

    1. Metal Bunny

      Metal Bunny

      It's in the topic of "Legal Basis of GG"

    2. Chewett
  11. Well.. the first 3 days of 2012 were utter cr*p. How was yours?

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      2011. Don't feel bad, mine were spent worrying if I would have a job after the holidays.

    2. Sharazhad




    3. Princess Katt

      Princess Katt

      Caught a cold on the first. Hope it's not an omen.

  12. Festival of War and Remembrance 24th-29th of June

  13. Just saw Unthinkable, extended version. I recommend. (There is blood in it though) (And you may not like what you are thinking after the movie ends)

    1. Junior


      Why is it something unthinkable?

    2. Metal Bunny

      Metal Bunny

      It's not something unthinkable, just morally compromising. It'd be unthinkable for people with no imagination.

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